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Pep Guardiola: Proving Grounds

Started on 30 November 2013 by Jozef
Latest Reply on 25 February 2014 by Jozef
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New Beginnings

I looked up and saw the sign. I said it out loud and it gave me a surge of excitement. I followed the sign and indicated to go left. The car suddenly felt slow and heavy. I didn’t dare touch the accelerator pedal. It was at that moment that I realised, I was nervous. Suddenly I saw a parking space. I read the sign next to this space as well. It said “reserved for the manager of FC Bayern Munich”. In an instant that nervousness somehow left me completely and a new emotion came into my head and filled my car. Pride. I stepped out the door and glanced at my watch; 9:00 am. Early as usual. I stopped walking and took in my surroundings. I’d been here before but this time I felt completely different. As soon as I saw the Bayern badge, I started walking, walking towards a brand new chapter of my life.

I attempted to open the door only to realise that it said pull, I’d been pushing. A dodgy start to my career, then I remembered no one saw it and it didn’t affect anything. I shook my head as if to get rid of this thought and straight away found my office. This was the only room I hadn’t seen yet, they were keeping it a surprise from me. The Bayern badge printed on the ceiling dominated the whole room. Every single success that Bayern Munich had ever had were printed on the wall. It read out 4 Champions leagues and at that point I looked away. Right now I didn’t want to think about this side’s not too distant past, however I had a feeling this would change. My desk was planted in the far corner of the room. I walked over and sat straight in my seat. Before I looked at what was on my desk, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a packet of Revels. I threw them towards the computer and they landed just behind the keyboard. I looked up and turned on the computer, then I noticed the chair facing opposite of my chair. It made me wonder about my players. I didn’t know if there were to be many of them who sat here or hardly any. This place is completely different to Catalonia, even the way things are run.

Out of curiosity I opened one of the draws in the desk. My picture was staring straight back at me. I pulled out the picture; it was a copy of the sport Bild. I turned to the contents page but I was interrupted by the computer. I turned my attention to that. My desktop came up but I instinctively clicked on the Internet browser. The homepage was the official Bayern Munich website. I had no intention of reading it so I immediately went on to my Emails. I was surprised to have only one. It was from Karl-Heinz Rumminigge. I flicked through what he said but I only paid attention to one thing, it was he that put that magazine into my desk. I closed my Emails and went onto the Bundesliga main site. The fixtures had been announced and I wasn’t even aware. Our first game was a Bavaria derby against FC Nürnberg. I smiled to myself. Then I flicked through the rest but paid them no mind. My eyes wondered from the screen and I ripped open the revels packet. I threw a couple in my mouth and it had a strong taste of Orange. I said to myself that this is going to be a good year and I stood up. I didn’t know where I was going but I just walked and I kept walking.

A minute later I found myself outside and then I realised I had to put on a training session today. It was the players first day back from holiday and we would have to do some fitness. I started to lay down some cones when I heard this ; “ Peppy, how are you mate?” I recognised the voice Immediately, it was Domenech Torrent my Assistant manager, or as I like to call him, Dom. He walked straight over to me and I paid close to attention to his initials on his jacket and then the Bayern badge next to them. I smiled at him and he smiled back. Then we got to work on the beginning of an era.

Great Start Jozef and fantastic banner! :D
Awesome banner, good luck!
Fantastic start, and a great banner, keep it up mate!
Brilliant start :)
Great start Jozef, and really nice to see you back active on the site. Very nice banner, like TCO said, and when you said 'Dom', I thought of Fast and Furious :P
Madridista: Thanks mate and yeah it is a quality banner, great work by Nick.

TV: Again give your plaudits to Nick not me, it was his genius. I couldn't do something like that in a million years :P

TCO: lol :))

Aaron: Thanks, the story will be great fun.

Pompeyblue: Thanks mate :)

Pauker: Thanks for the welcome back and I'm glad to be back, nice to see you and everybody again and I hope you enjoy the story.

The welcome party

“Ok, you all know me and I know all of you, not because I researched the club, but because you’re all world class players and you have to be. To win the Champions League is a real achievement and you have done it. If anyone in the world doubted your ability as players, they should have no more doubts, if they do it’s because they’re ignorant. You are the best of the best and all of you have a future at this club. I do not intend to sell any of you. Of course if a fantastic offer comes in then maybe or if you want to leave then yes, but I don’t see any of you wanting to leave here. Now there will not be that much change. Of course I will want to use my own tactics and I will have my preferences in terms of picking the starting lineups, but training will be at the same time and I will try to make things as easy for you as possible. Are there any questions?”

“Yes boss”

“Ah Thomas, what’s bothering you?”

“ What will we do with the changing rooms?”

“Ah yes I’ve heard about this, you guys have had many different functions. Well what do you want to do?”

*The room flies into discussion*

“Ok, we will deal with this in a later date. Oh and before I forget, I only intend to make 1 signing this summer. He will be a striker, but Mario and Claudio there is nothing to fear. He is not a superstar that will keep the pair of you the team for good, but I do expect him to try and get ahead of you in the starting 11. Of course this will not be easy for him considering the talent you two posses. Speaking of transfers I do not intend for any of you to leave. You are all fantastic and I want to keep you all for this season at least. No matter how much they offer, you aren’t going anywhere.”

“Oh boss before we leave.”

“Yes Javi What is it?”

“Can you give us an idea of the starting 11?”

“I’m afraid this is impossible, for I am yet to decide. All of you merit a starting place, but of course some of you will miss out. Although I can promise you this, no one will go through the season without playing a single game”.

I watched as the players made their way out the door. That’s when it hit me. I had arguably the best squad in the world, and it was only going to get stronger. The only possible weak link in this side was me and I needed to work to make sure that I don’t become that weak link. I have the utmost confidence that I won’t be the weakling. I will be strong and they will be strong for me. Let’s do this.
I wonder who that striker is :O Good start too :D
Great update :)
Will be interesting to see who the striker you are bringing in is.
Good luck and will follow.
Good luck mate! Hard to control the best team in the world but that's what will make it so interesting ! Will follow this
Louis: You will find out in due time.

Pompey: Thanks mate, will reveal in a few days time.

Bayern America: thanks, this story should interest you :P

Iross: yeah it's gonna be a challenge, but it's one that I'm looking forward to.
The striker is either Ademilson, Fiero, jese Rod or Morata. :P

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