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Jay-Jay Okocha - "So good they named him twice!!"

Started on 5 December 2013 by zAhHH
Latest Reply on 20 February 2014 by zAhHH
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Good detail on each of your matches, liking this so far! Keep it up :)
good story. unlucky against braga
Top win v Benfica
Olhanense 1-0 Benfica: Spirited underdogs grab early penalty, then defend superbly for the rest of the game

Benfica suffered defeated for the first time in the Liga Zon Sagres, losing out to this year's underdog side Olhanense.

Siqueira and Cardozo were injured, but the rest of Jorge Jesus's squad was named as expected, a flattish diamond with Andre Almeida starting out as the left shuttler rather than a trequartista where he usually plays.

Okocha named a fairly cautious side, with Coubronne giving way to Sebastian Mladen, who played very narrow, almost as a third centre back, and rarely ever went forward. Alijore was named in the squad, and so was Paulo Regula, who was picked over Rui Duarte, probably due to his willingness to defend and work rate. Balogun, returned from his brief loan spell at Rio Ave, made his Olhanense debut here, playing left winger in place of the ineligible Urreta.

The game started out quick, with Rodrigo getting behind the defense, but a slow touch belayed him and allowed Ricardo Ferreira to block his shot. From then on, Olhanense was content to drop deep.

Olhanense back four

Here, Olhanense played an odd back four system. Mladen was content to sit very narrow, almost as a third centre back, and nullified Rodrigo's runs, forcing him further left where he was unable to assert any influence at all, he regularly got the ball in the left flank but tended to unsuccessfully dribble his way into the box, and when he did cross, his crossing was poor throughout.

Okocha was content to play Cortez 1 vs 1 against Joao Ribeiro. His crossing was poor throughout and while he did get in many shots, all were from long distance. Similarly, the presence of only Ribeiro on the right flank meant that Olhanense almost always attacked down the left, with 64& of their play concentrated on the left flank where Willian and Balogun managed to overload left back Silvio and put in a few dangerous crosses, as indicated by the passing chart below:

This picture below may explain things better, all the play is concentrated on Benfica's right flank and the only players in Benfica's flank are Joao Ribeiro and Cortez, although the pressing from Olhanense's midfield prevented forward passes from being played in midfield.

On the opposite flank, Willian played a usual left-back role, helping Balogun double up Silvio with great success, his influence was limited despite Benfica's attempts to force their way down that particular flank.

Nullifying Matic

Here, Okocha chose the decision to instruct Diego Goncalves to man mark Matic tightly, while his man marking may be lacking, he indeed did much to influence the game as Matic only ever attempted 42 passes and made 38.

Matic being man marked by Diego Goncalves played a part in the build up for the first goal...Luisao ended up out of passing options, and passed it to Artur. Artur then underhit the following long ball, which ended up in Matic heading the ball into a dangerous position. Willian's long throw-in then found the feet of Diego Goncalves, who got fouled almost immediately by Garay for the penalty.

With no player pressing the center backs though, it was understandable how Luisao led Benfica in terms of passing. He regularly made runs forward, but was unable to find good passing options, and instead, most of his passing went to the midfielders.

Luisao played 117 passes, the most of any player on the pitch.

With Matic effectively marked out of the game, the most common passing combination was Luisao to Enzo Perez and Luisao to Ruben Amorim, which was not very good as Enzo Perez and Amorim tended to pick up the pass in tight areas where they did not have the space to attempt through balls. It didn't help either that Matic wasn't 100% fit, and by the 60th minute, had tired heavily, but was only substituted in the 88th minute for Djuricic, while Amorim dropped into defensive midfield. Maxi Pereira could have been the better option here, he might not be better than Matic but is defensively astute, Maxi Pereira wasn't even selected. Furthermore, his long throwing ability may have created an added level of threat to Olhanense, considering how Benfica has been very dangerous in set pieces so far.


Femi Balogun was the first player to be subbed out. With Benfica continuing to press on that flank, Okocha chose to play even cautious by subbing Balogun out for left back Massari, switching to a 4-5-1. Celestino picked up an injury in the 75th minute, and had to be stretchered off. Jander was his replacement, although he wasn't in his top form and didn't make much of an influence in his 15 minutes of play.

On Benfica's side, Jorge Jesus chose to sub off the struggling Enzo Perez with Carlos Martins on the 73rd minute, probably to add in a more direct threat to the ever resilient Olha defense. His second substitution involved subbing Lima off for Rogerio Funes Mori to add in some height into the squad. His influence though, was pretty much lacking though, with two intercepted flick-ons being his only contribution in the 12 minutes he spent on the pitch. Interestingly, Jorge Jesus stuck with the ever tiring Nemanja Matic. After 70 minutes, Matic ran very little and seemed to be depleted of stamina. He was replaced in the last minutes, which was probably too late.

The best substitution though, would go to Okocha's Olhanense. With Nemanja Matic and Silvio tiring, he bravely removed tiring left back Willian and put in striker Mirko Bigazzi, playing in tandem with Diego. This substitution provided one golden chance for them, Diego Goncalves picked up the ball in a deep position and lobbed in a wonderful pass to Mirko Bigazzi for a rare 1 vs 1 chance with Artur. The finish though, was poor as Bigazzi shot it straight into the hands of Artur, and could have made the game 2-0 in favor of Olhanense.


Olhanense got the goal they wanted, then defended superbly for the rest of the game, a typical underdog victory against a much higher side. They managed to nullify Benfica's game, then managed to make most of two consecutive opposition mistake to get the victory.

Jorge Jesus could not have taken blame for this game - his side tried their best, and it came down to costly individual mistakes.
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9 yearsEdited

February 2014

At the end of the month, I can say we did very well. Porto took a dip in league form, losing out to Nacional de Madeira, Benfica then going 0-0 against Lisbon, so they're now under me, and we're 2nd in the league right now. We once again defeated Sporting Lisbon, in a match that led to Sporting Lisbon manager Leonardo Jardim's sacking, and replacement by guess who......Mancini! A win against

Olhanense 3-2 Sporting Lisbon

Paulo Regula (1)
Jordan Veretout (14)
Diego Capel (66)
Diego Goncalves (70)
Urreta (73)
Paulo Regula (9.0)
William Carvallho (50)
Willian (88)
Paulo Regula

We started in the most ideal way possible going up straight after kickoff when Paulo Regula bungled the ball in after 38 seconds. Sporting Lisbon were undeterred though, as new signing Veretout skinned past two Olha defenders to score the equaliser. We went further down, a well-poached Diego Capel effort gave Lisbon the lead. My genius decision to drop Diego Goncalves into attacking midfield to form a 4-6-0 formation turned out to be a very shrewd one, as it meant we countered with relentless force. Diego's goal gave us momentum, then another goal from Urreta gave us the lead.

Vitoria Setubal 0-2 Olhanense (TdP)

Femi Alijore (66)
Diego Goncalves (90+3)
Javier Cohene (90+3)
Jonh Lennon (Concussion, 2 days)
Femi Alijore (7.5)

Vitoria Setubal showed that they were indeed a fairly strong team, or at least in possession. They managed to dominate possession against us and we were finding it difficult to try pryce away possession from them. We though, managed to get pounce it on the set pieces. Alijore volleyed home a rebound off a corner, while Diego secured the win with a 90th minute goal-line bungle. The win secured our path to the Taca de Portugal semi-finals, thankfully we were drawn against relegation-threatened Pacos de Ferreira

Belenenses 1-3 Olhanense

Jean-Christophe Coubronne (6)
Joao Ribeiro (48)
Deyverson (84)
Femi Balogun (90)
Miguel Rosa (74)
Eder Bonfim (90+1)
Fernando Ferreira
Jean-Christophe Coubronne (8.0)

This was a game we knew we would go away with a win. Kroldrup asked for a week vacation so new loanee Marllon played in his first league game for Olhanense, although he did start in the game vs Vitoria Setubal, where Ricardo Ferreira was banned due to yellow card accumulation. Coubronne sparked the game with a powerful strike from tight angle to make it 1-0. We made it 2-0 though thanks to this atrocity.....

A late Deyverson screamer kept the 16th placed Belenenses with some hope, but Femi Balogun manaaged to shut the game down with a goal of his own.

Academica 1-3 Olhanense

Kamel Chergui (25, 83)
Femi Alijore (45+1)
Anibal Capela (65)
Ricardo Ferreira (1)
Tommaso Rocchi (sprained ankle)
Paulo Regula (torn right hamstring
Kamel Chergui (8.9)

With the team's great form I chose to play a mostly rotated team. This match however, was notable for the large amounts of tactical changes me and Sergio Conceicao did to our respective teams. Olhanense for instance, started out with a 4-2-3-1, went to a 4-6-0, went to 5-2-1-2 followed by 5-3-2 then finished off by going to a 4-6-0. Academica had some chances and the Samuel Neva-Ricardo Ferreira duet was fairly prone to defensive mistakes, but thankfully Academica were unable to convert them.

Kamel Chergui opened the scoring with a corner kick scramble. Femi Alijore soon followed up with what might be a contender for goal of the month, tackling Marinho following a short free kick, getting the ball past sole person back Djavan then hitting the shot from a fair range away. Center back Anibal Capela scored a long shot for himself shortly after, but Kamel Chergui managed to shut it out by scoring an 83rd minute screamer from outside the penalty area.

Gil Vicente 1-1 Olhanense

Daniel (10)
Diego Rosa (37)

Diego Goncalves

A bore draw. We felt we could have won it, but we couldn't take our chances. At halftime, it was found that Diego Goncalves, the man that has been taking the chances, was discovered to have a twisted knee on his right leg and severely hindering his playing ability. A Daniel Bessa cross hit Daniel for an own goal to open the scoring. Miguel Rosa equalised not soon after following a goal-line scrap that went Gil Vicente's way



Player of the Month


Has performed consistently and has proven that he really is the best player the club has

Youth Intake Day, 2014

Message from Paulo Ferreira, Olhanense U19 coach

To: Jay Jay Okocha, Olhanense head coach

Today is the day when Portuguese clubs are able to recruit young players. Maybe you want to have a look? They're all at the training ground, and I have set up a match for them against Farense's youth candidates. I don't think any of them might be world beaters, but I suggest you to take a look at Bernardo, an attacking midfielder from Faro.

It happens that today is Youth Intake day, I have been waiting for this for quite some time coming. Unfortunately, none of our youths are of exceptional quality, but I do expect them to do good for the club, perhaps when this team gets relegated in the case I do leave the club in the future. Here's Paulo Ferreira's report of this entire bunch.

Not too many good players, but I do have an interest in Bernardo, an attacking midfielder from Faro.

He has a great touch, and he seems the type of player that would develop into something good.

I decided to sign the entire bunch, as I do have a belief in them that some might be useful players one day.

March 2014, part 1

The month saw 6 games and two thrillers, so I decided it would be best to split the update into two so I could write it easier. We started off with a loss followed by a win and a draw, the other three games should not be spoiled (:D)

Olhanense 0-1 Nacional de Madeira

Mexer (86)
Mexer (8.2)
Rafa (15)
Marcal (48)
Jean-Christophe Coubronne (90)

It took an 86th minute headed goal from a corner for us to lose this game, but this game was very cagey throughout. Nacional were sloppy at the back, but had their quick defense to thank, as they blocked a large amount of our shots, mostly by chasing up to the man with the ball. It didn't help that Diego and Urreta were injured at the same time, so we were devoid of quickness on the attack. It was a sad loss especially as the team defended well against Nacional's cavalier approach to attack.

Olhanense 2-0 Rio Ave

Rui Duarte (7)
Lynneeker (25)
Willian (8.2)
Marcelo (29)
Rui Duarte (63)
Hassan (83)

We got the win we wanted and needed for that extra morale boost. The team got off to an early start which was then turned into our advantage after Lynneeker headed the ball into his own goal. We had quite a few chances after that, but their goalkeeper was on top form. The match was marred by a hamstring injury to Rui Duarte, which is unfortunate as it only leaves us with Kamel Chergui for the AMC spot.

Arouca 4-6 Olhanense

Pedro Henrique (7)
Pintassiligo (34, 45+1)
Nuno Coelho (52)
Celestino (58)
Diego (66)
Pedro Hendrique (73)
Joao Ribeiro (82)
Rui Sandro (83)
Rodriguinho (85)
Nuno Coelho, Luis Tinoco, Pedro Hendrique
Massari (25)
Pintassiligo (25)

What a thriller! The team took a head start to the game after Pedro Hendrique headed the ball into his own net on the 7th minute, but it didn't mean much as Pintassiligo scored two goals before half time to put his team up 2-1, taking advantage of a Massari playing out of his depth after being booked early.

Second half was on our side, as Nuno Coelho pulled out a ridiculous own goal to make it 2-2. A powerful effort from Celestino made it 3-2, while Diego took advantage of Luis Tinoco playing him onside to make it 4-2. We could have tried to shut up shop, but before we could do that, Pedro Hendrique took advantage of a counter following a bad corner to score a goal and give Arouca some hope. A stunning individual effort from Joao Ribeiro followed to make it 5-3, and a Rui Sandro own goal shortly after made it 6-3. Rodriguinho scored a managed to sneak a goal in, but it was too little too late.

To be continued....



Judging by the views, I know you love my story, but a comment would be well loved as I spent a lot of time writing it.
Lovin the detail, keep it up man!
We ended the month with an okay draw against Vit. Setubal, a valuable away win in the first leg of Taca de Portugal semi-finals and an entertaining match against Porto where the team with more quality shined best.

Vitoria Setubal 2-2 Olhanense

Ricardo Ferreira (10)
Pedro Coronas (33)
Tiago Terroso (49)
Urreta (88)
Willian (66)
Pedro Coronas (8.2)

Fitness issues and the need to preserve the first team for the prime game against Pacos de Ferreira meant that we started with a rag-tag lineup with the inexperienced CB duo of Marllon and Ricardo Ferreira and Urreta at striker. We got it early when Ricardo Ferreira headed in a goal from a corner, but we were undone by a superb piece of skill by Pedro Coronas, who dribbled it past two then scored a screamer from 25 meters. Tiago Terroro took advantage of a loss in concentration for our defense as he slipped in behind the defense to make it 2-1. We weren't done though, and Urreta scrapped in a late equaliser to get us the crucial point if we are to have a chance to qualify for Champions League football.

P. Ferreira 0-1 Olhanense (TdP Semi-Finals)

Joao Ribeiro (5)
Willian (38)
Diego Augusto (90)
Kamel Chergui (7.3)

A win I was very pleased to be getting as we got the crucial win in the away fixture of the semi-final. Joao Ribeiro took it early after a magnificent pass from Kamel Chergui found him facing up a very empty goal. Otherwise, we were unable to take the chances presented to us; the highlight of the game could have went to Urreta shockingly missing a sitter.

Olhanense 3-5 FCP

Manoel (31)
Josue (43)
Diego Goncalvez (47)
Jackson Martinez (69)
Jander (71)
Varela (77)
Lucho Gonzales (81)
Wellington Aparicedo
Jackson Martinez (9.1)

Player of the Month

Did really well to impress me in the absence of Rui Duarte and Paulo Regula, but hoping he doesn't get injured.
Enjoying the depth of this story, keep writing

April 2014

A month of sighs and also relief, as we managed to get into the Taca de Portugal Finals, but the loss at home to Estoril was slightly concerning, even if the match was very experimental in nature.

Vit Guimaraes 2-4 Olha

Yannick Djalo (6)
Kamel Chergui (42, 85)
Leo Bonatini (53)
Massari (55)
Daniel Bessa (73)
Jean Kleber (23)
Samuel Neva (14, 47)
Jander (32)
Pedro Correira
Kamel Chergui (9.1)

An early Djalo goal bought a seemingly grim start to the game, but an excellent cross by Urreta found the feet of Chergui, equalising the game 3 minutes before half time. We were unlucky to have Neva sent off in the early minutes of the 2nd half by 2 yellows. However, the 1-1 was undone by a defensive mismash that ended up with Leo Bonatini bungling the ball to make it 2-1 for Vit. Guimaraes. We didn't give up though, and Massari equalised with a thunderbolt from the corner of the penalty box. An injury to Pedro Correia bought some relief to 10 men us as they too ended up playing with just 10 men, due to their manager electing to do three substitutions at half time. Hernani got injured shortly after and made them have to play with 9. This opened up the game for us. Bessa got the go ahead goal, and Chergui finished the rout with a superb piece of individual brilliance.

Olha 1-2 Estoril

Joao Coimbra (8)
Diego Goncalves (47)
Filipe Goncalves (63)
Bruno Miguel (70)
Diego Goncalves (8.3)

I experimented with pressing high against an Estoril team that was vulnerable to pressing, but
results have shown otherwise. We left too much space between the lines and that was not acceptable. Joao Coimbra tappen in the first goal on 8 minutes from a corner. Estoril had some good chances, but were unable to capitalise on it. Diego though, was there to capitalise on a hilarious mistake from Estoril 'keeper Vagner. We were unable to secure the win though, as Filipe Goncalves dropped in a stunning effort from range for the winner.

Olha 2-2 P.Ferreira (YAY WE'RE GOING TO THE FINALS!)

Rodrigo Antonio (13)
Diego (20)
Paulo Hurtado (pen 23)
Joao Ribeiro (27)
Ricardo Ferreira (46)
Willian (58)

We had an away goal advantage so a draw(any draw) was enough, so I decided to play cautiously. We though, went down quick after a long shot by Rodrigo Antonio deflected off the boot of Joao Ribeiro. It didn't take us long to get the equaliser, as Diego tapped in a sitter. Jander though, conceded a fairly controversial penalty which Paulo Hurtado scored with ease. A Joao Ribeiro tap in shorty after that sealed the "victory" for us, as Pacos never looked like scoring.

Player of the Month

Was on his top form, but it was sad that Neva got a red card and I had to sub him out for a defender, his shot on target ratio has been unreal so far.

Transfers in

Bought these two kids on a free following recommendations from Dario Simic. Both have 4 star potential during their trial period so they add valuable quality to the u19 set up which has a fairly limited recruitment range.

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