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From the Job Centre to the Boardroom - Story won't continue

Started on 6 December 2013 by k1rups
Latest Reply on 15 December 2013 by k1rups
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Palermo! Abel Hernandez and Paulo Dybala!
Looking at all the comments, I guess I have to go and read your Lyon story :P
Great update :)
Will be interesting to see which team you join!
I never commented on it, but I read your Lyon story from when it first came out until the end, so of course I have to change it this time and comment! Good luck, great start and go to Internacional ;)
Bayern: Thanks buddy appreciate the words! Got a lot to live up to



Arvind: Well now you have i expect them to continue :P

Louis: They'd probably be the ones I want to join most but there are loads available so I'm not fussed

AAN: Thanks mate :D

TVDLC: Haha thank you very much for the comment I appreciate it :D

Aaron: Don't worry VDS WILL SAVE YOU

TK69: Haha I feel Palermo would be too easy a place to start :P I hope you enjoy the read of that story ;)

Pompey: Cheers mate

Walter: Haha I appreciate the comment and that you're reading this as well!
I agree with Louis, we want AZ. This is gonna be a great story mate, no pressure :P

Interviews Galore!

Wow. Having sent out 14 applications I knew it was likely I would get a few interviews but to get this many was an amazing surprise. Unfortunately, Internacional, Palermo, Valenciennes and Flamengo ruled me out as their manager as they just weren’t interested. However, instead of worrying about nobody wanting me, I was asked to attend interviews all around the world for teams of all stature. The first up was Red Star Football Club in the Championnat National in France. A low league and not very exciting but it was an option and I couldn’t rule it out!

I accepted and flew over from Holland that evening. The interview was scheduled for the next morning so I found a fantastic little hotel in Paris and made sure I researched the club and was rested for the first ever job interview I was about to have.

Tuesday Morning 9am
Patrice Haddad: Good morning Edwin. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you and I am very honoured you accepted this meeting. I know you are now a man in demand and we will look to make this rather quick. I just have a few questions for you to work out if you would fit in well for the club.

Edwin van der Sar: First off, let me thank you for giving me this opportunity and I hope we can work together in the future.

PH: If hired, we would expect you to finish mid-table in your first season. Do you think you can do better than that?

EvdS: I think if I am given the job I may be able to get a top half finish as I believe I will be able to give the squad extra belief.

PH: Are there any job aspects that you would like us to judge you on?

EvdS: I would like to be allowed to develop younger players and bring them through to become first team regulars, definitely.

PH: Any others?

EvdS: I think that is it to be honest. With a club that is of this current size, I believe any other factors wouldn’t be fair.

PH: That is fair enough. Now your turn. Are there any requests that you would like us to consider if we should hire you?

EvdS: Well the training facilities at the club are well below average and I would request an upgrade to them because we will only then really be allowed to develop excellent talent.

PH: Unfortunately we disagree and believe the facilities are of a good enough standard. Therefore we are unwilling to grant this request.

EvdS: I’m sorry if that commitment can not be made I do not believe you will ever allow me to fulfil the club’s potential and gain promotion. You have shown no flexibility and I have no interest in filling the managerial position any longer for the club. Thank you for your time but I must leave it at that.

PH: Well as we are unable to improve the facilities, we have no option but to rule you out of the job. Good luck Edwin and thank you for coming in.

So my first job interview has just finished and the opportunity has gone! The fact that the club and chairman are so unwilling to make important and vital changes to the facilities show they have no real ambition. Going forward I am more aware of what I want from the club I want to start working for and hopefully this will make the process much easier.

I left the chairman’s office and drove back to my hotel. I ran through my emails and saw I had interview requests from Stockport County, AZ Alkmaar, Olhanense, Sportkring Sint-Niklaas, Rupel Boom FC, C.D. Puerta Bonita, FC Djursland and Salamanca Athletic Club S.A.D. The obvious name to stand out is AZ Alkmaar but I feel as though that would be too easy to get to the top but then I cant turn down any opportunity I get. The following 5 days were full of interviews and I was running around crazily all over Europe trying to prove I have the ability to these clubs. I realised quickly that I also had to be flexible in my demands and that I may have to wait some time before making any crazy requests for a club that can’t afford them or might be unwilling.
AZ Is a good team. You should try them. :) Aron Johannson
Great update! I loved your Lyon story so I hope this will be just as good, if not better (if that is possible :))
Excellent update :)
AZ is definitely the best option in my opinion but you could always build your way up with a much smaller team.
C.D. Puerta Bonita sounds creepy sick man! Good luck pal
AZ! Pls go to AZ :'(
As everyone else has stated, I read your other story and really liked it... plus I think you've selected a true leg-end at this moment in time! :) he was an amazing goalkeeper for united.
Courage: They are the best ones availabe

LFC: Thanks buddy :)

pompey: Cheers mate I agree a smaller team may be the way forward

Lucas: Haha not that creepy :P

Louis: I WANT TO :(

TFO: Wow thanks mate haha he really was amazing - the best since Schmeichel

Offers Galore!

A mad couple of weeks had passed and I was back home with my wife and kids, something I was looking forward to. Having spent time with clubs during these last two weeks, I realised there are some incredibly idiotic people owning clubs and if I had it my way there would be no way they would be allowed to own a club.

I had just sat down for a roast chicken dinner with the family when my phone rang. I wanted to ignore it because the food smelt incredible but it wouldn’t stop ringing and then my house phone rang. Annoyed, I got up and answered. It was my agent and I felt like having a go at him but before I could even open my mouth he was off on one telling me how there are already so many clubs who want to offer me a job. But he also had some bad news. Some clubs had rejected me already and I felt like the dream of going to AZ Alkmaar was slipping away.

I asked him first to run through the list of clubs that had found other managers.
• C.D. Puerta Bonita
• FC Djursland
• Olhanese
• AZ Alkmaar

He waited for me to respond and I slowly said okay, carry on. AZ Alkmaar was gone. They hired Gertajn Verbeek because I had reportedly asked them to increase the transfer budget a little bit. That sucked and I didn’t know whether I wanted to bother hearing the clubs with offers for me but I told him to go ahead.

He began and went through the list
• Stockport County
• Salamanca AC
• Sportkring Sint-Niklaas
• Rupel Boom FC

Unfortunately all clubs wanted an immediate answer with the only delay option 1 week. I didn’t want to rush this and told my agent to delay all offers. Family comes first and I can’t go somewhere that my family don’t want to be in.
You're such a great writer K1rups

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