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From the Job Centre to the Boardroom - Story won't continue

Started on 6 December 2013 by k1rups
Latest Reply on 15 December 2013 by k1rups
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Welcome back Krups, can't wait for this! :D Should've gone to Rupel Boom just for the name ;)
I second that TK69! Great update mate!
TK69: Thanks that's very kind of you!

Rabs: Haha I was thinking that myself what a great name :P

Aaron: Thanks mate keep reading :)

Shock Decision!

A week has passed and the clubs have come knocking again. I was able to have some great chats with my wife and kids and figure out what would be best for us right now. They all knew AZ Alkmaar was available and were just as disappointed as me when I didn’t get it but the fact I had four offers was still great for them.

We’d spoken about each country, city and it’s merits and what we would enjoy and hate about each area. Out of the four options, Stockport County really ruled itself out of the question very quickly. There is nothing attractive about the area and none of us found any real positives after our time in Holland.

Researching Salamanca and talking about Spain threw up loads of great positives and we decided to look more in to the club and whether it would be a great place to start but as we dug deeper, there were many things that were off-putting and we slowly realised that I would not end up at Salamanca.

The final two clubs we had to look in to were in Belgium. I have always loved Belgium and playing there but also holidaying there occasionally. Both teams were in Derde Klasse A, the third tier of Belgian football and presented great opportunities but looking back on my conversations with the chairman, I found there was nothing exciting about Rupel Boom or Sint-Niklaas.

The decision had been made. I was going to reject them all and wait it out until something else comes along.

Just as I told my agent to reject the offers, he told me Barcelona ‘B’ had sacked their manager and wanted to interview me. Whilst it isn’t the main Barcelona team, it was a great stepping stone and I suddenly felt excited about the opportunity. I told him to tell them I would be there in two days and we will sit down and talk about the options. After thinking I had nothing left, another opportunity jumped out of the water and now I feel as though I won’t be able to reject this chance.
Barcelona B would be great to manage!
KRUPS IS BACK! :D I used to read your story here before, loved it mate! :) Good luck!
TK69: Im not so sure loll

NVD: Thanks mate! Hope you enjoy this!
k1rups's avatar Group k1rups
10 yearsEdited

Barcelona ‘B’

I had just finished my interview with the chairman Sandro Rosell and had wandered the city with my family and children. It was strange being back here and potentially working for the club whose senior team beat Manchester United whilst I was there but it was a job opportunity nonetheless and I was beginning to get frustrated at the lack of opportunities. It’s already October and I haven’t got work. Clubs have made transfers and settled in to a rhythm and I want to get work! This is the best opportunity I have.

Barcelona ‘B’ have turned out some wonderful players, the most notable is perhaps the young Gerard Deuloeu who is shining at Everton. I began to do some deeper research in to the club and found the current squad is so minimal I would barely get a full team out every game! What kind of manager is supposed to make this work? I suddenly realised I have begun to be very picky and stubborn with what I will have at my disposal and I began to find myself very disenchanted with the opportunity at Barcelona ‘B’ and slowly felt myself pulling away from another job yet again.

This was beginning to really anger me but I realised it is more my own doing. I could have already been in a job, managing and building my team and my reputation but I have been holding out too long. What is one more rejection?? My time in the “Job Centre” will carry on it seems.

I headed back to my hotel and told my agent that this wasn’t for me and to reject any offer that comes out of Barcelona. Boy oh boy he wasn’t happy but he had to do what I told him. He then said that there are 4 more clubs wanting to interview me. AFC Telford in England, Beira Mar in Portugal, Colorado in the USA and Boldklubben af 1893 in Denmark. Looks like I was about to get on a place and jet off once again to more interviews. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I just take what I get??

Interesting decision as I would have thought you would have accepted an offer from Barcelona B.
Nonetheless, great update :)
No Barcelona B :O
That's 4 clubs you listed, not 3 :))
pompey: I thought I would have and then I saw the squad and ran away from it

TK69: LOL sorry :(

Neal: IT SAYS 4 :P
Great updates Krupesh! Anyways, maybe you can pull a Guardiola (Work in the 'B' and get promoted to the senior team)
Barcelona B nice choice! Good luck, maybe you will reach big team there :)
Pauker: Thanks mate :) I actually rejected Barcelona B haha

Bebero: ^^ haha but you will see who I joined in the next update

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