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From the Job Centre to the Boardroom - Story won't continue

Started on 6 December 2013 by k1rups
Latest Reply on 15 December 2013 by k1rups
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Having lost the last game of my career to Barcelona was disappointing but we were outplayed from the first minute. However, captaining the team in my last game in the Premier League and winning the title is something I will never forget. I have played with some of the best in the world, against the best in the world and I was managed by the man I know to be the best in the world. I’d been named in the Euro 2008 team of the tournament and ensured we got to the 2010 World Cup. I was in the top 40 most capped international players of all time! What more could I ask for?

The truth was I needed some time away from football and I wanted to enjoy time with my family. After my wife scared me in 2009, I knew every moment was special and I had to show her the appreciation and support she’s shown me over my career. There was nothing else I could see in my near future. Charity work and the occasional appearance on TV were obvious but for the next two years, I didn’t know where my life would take me.

Now, in May 2013, I have begun to really miss football. I managed to get my coaching badges in case I ever decided to come back in to the game and on the 20th of May I had one of the most interesting phone calls of my life.

I was given some time to think over my decision and I took it thankfully. My family are the number 1 in my life but football will always be a part of me and I can’t end my time with the game as just a player. I’ve played some charity games and thought about getting in to coaching rather than managing but now, I have been told there are clubs interested in employing me. It’s been 2 years since I played a match of football competitively and now I have an amazing opportunity. I have idolised the last man to manage me and I believe he truly has been the greatest manager the world has ever seen. His commitment to one club is incredible, especially when opportunities to manage countries came along but I believe if I was to begin my new life, I would be unable to dedicate my life to one club. I want to prove I can manage the best of the best and be the best of the rest. I don’t care where I start, I know where I want to end up and I know I will get noticed if I believe in myself. There is nothing stopping me but do I really want to handle the crap of being a manager? Players fighting, the press being c*nts, fans doubting me?? I had no idea what to do but for now, I remain an unemployed, ex professional footballer. Will that change in the next two weeks? I certainly have no clue

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oifhkg q;oalnzlriuah z :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

And Ziechael too! :D
OK, what the hell, no one else has commented yet...
Van Der Sar??!!
Was not around for your FM13 story but have heard lots of good things about it!
Good luck, I am looking forward to this :D
Haha thanks Louis!

TK69: IT IS INDEED! haha loved him as a player!

PB: Thanks buddy! Read my Lyon one to see what I'm all about haha

The Decision

It’s been a month and 2 weeks since I had that fateful phone call in May from my agent. What surprised me was that he hadn’t called again…until today 9th July. I’ve been mulling over this decision with my wife and kids and they all know how much football means to me. Nothing can keep me away from the beautiful game and I made up my mind that this is it. The comeback is on, just not as a player. I’d played for some wonderful teams and some amazing managers and now I wanted to make sure wherever I went, players would be able to grow and develop and make themselves worldwide names, along with mine.

It dawned on me though that the greatest manager ever, Sir Alex Ferguson, spent so long at one club and I wasn’t going to be like that. He built a legacy and made the Theatre of Dreams a fortress. Another manager I admire, Jose, has done the opposite almost by moving to different teams and winning whatever he can. For me, the desire right now is to win trophies all over the world, starting wherever I can but working my way to the top and once there maybe I will settle.

The challenge now is to find a club that will hire me! My agent’s phone call today was very fruitful. He told me there are currently 14 teams without managers all around the world and the fact I am willing to move anywhere means I am a great candidate for some clubs. However, even when my agent ran through the list of teams, there were names I had never heard of despite being in football for so long. This wasn’t going to be easy but I wanted a job. I told him to send out applications to all 14 teams.

I knew I wasn’t the favourite or maybe even the best option for some of these teams but I had to do all that I could to get a job. I didn’t want to stay unemployed any longer and my heart was yearning for a return to the big stage!
Good luck. I remember reading your Lyon story when I was a non member. It was awesome.
My reaction when I realized I hadn't read/commented on this yet.
I hope you get to AZ - good team and Dutch too :)
Great start mate!Keep it up!

Really looking forward to this!!!!!! (You might be able to tell) :P
*Faints, falls to floor, dies.*

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