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Stockport County - A New Era

Started on 8 December 2013 by Josh_MU
Latest Reply on 28 December 2013 by Josh_MU
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Name: Stockport County
Nickname: The Hatters
Formed in 1883, originally known as Heaton Norris Rovers.
Chairman: Peter Snape
Capacity: 10,900


Why did I choose Stockport County?

I chose Stockport County as they are my local team and they have been relegated in back to back seasons. I plan to bring back the glory days and make Stockport County known around the world.

This is my first ever story and I will take any criticism to improve my writing skills.

After Ian Bogie left Stockport County at the start of this season, Stockport County have been searching for candidates to be their new manager. Reports suggest that early this morning an unknown man was seen entering the chairman's office and later it was confirmed that a 26 year old man with no managerial experience has become the new manager of Stockport County.

The fans of The Hatters have gave mixed reactions to the appointment of the new manager, with some saying that his ambition and determination will lead the club forward, whereas others have said that it is a huge gamble appointing a manager without any experience and they will be surprised if he is able to keep his job before January.

The new manager will have a press conference in the next few days to revealed his plans for the club.
Ian Bogie, 46, admitted that he wasn't the right man for County and hopes the new manager can help take the club forward.

Stockport County have revealed their new manager, 26 year old Josh Slater.
Stockport County is Slater's first club to manage and hopes the fans back him for his first season in charge.
Stockport are predicted to finish in a play off space however it will be no easy task due to the lack of experience Slater brings to the team, however players such as Phil Jevons and Ian Craney give Slater experienced options in the fight to get promoted.
Phil Jevons(right) is a new signing at Edgeley Park, scoring 130 goals in 415 appearances in his career.
A good start! Good luck mate!
2013-12-08 14:07#148344 AAN : A good start! Good luck mate!
Thank you very much! :)
What a tremendous start, I look forward to following you on this 'story'! ;)
good start!.. always helps if its the team you support.. I've done my 1st story also on my local team
*beep* *beep*
I slowly lifted my head to look my alarm clock, it said 7:30am.
"Urgh, just a few more minutes" I muttered to myself half asleep.
My head hit the pillow hard and I was straight off to sleep.

I woke up again, and as before, I lifted up my head to look at my alarm clock, it said 8:30am.
"It's only 8:30am.." I said to myself... "Hold on.. 8:30am?!" I jumped out of bed and ran towards my wardrobe. "I forgot, today's my first press conference!" I threw on my nicest suit and grabbed my car keys and ran towards my front door. "I'm gonna be late! I'm gonna be late!" I kept saying to myself. I hopped in my 2008 ford focus and drove towards the stadium, luckily, my apartment wasn't too far from Edgeley, but still I was against the time.

I pulled up to the stadium at 8:53am and ran towards the main doors, I checked the time on the clock inside the stadium and saw it was 8:55am. "Phew, made it in time!" I murmured to myself. I walked towards the press area and sat down next to Peter Snape. "Sorry I'm late sir, traffic." I said quietly. Snape looked disappointed when he looked at me. "Don't let it happen again." he said briefly.

The room started to fill with the press, here goes nothing:

"Mr Slater! Liam O'Neill here from BBC sport, how do you feel about being appointed as the new Stockport County manager?"

"I feel very happy to be a part of Stockport County's set up."

"Mr Slater! David Smith, Stockport Times! Don't you think it's a risk that you have no managerial experience?

"Not at all. I understand what you mean as I have had no experience in this type of business but I will learn from the staff around me, from my chairman and from my players."

"Mr Slater, will you be adding to your squad this summer?"

"Possibly, you'll have to wait and see!

"Thank you for answering our questions Mr Slater!"

"No problem. Thanks.
2013-12-08 14:52#148360 The-forgotten-one : good start!.. always helps if its the team you support.. I've done my 1st story also on my local team
Thank you very much! I've been following your story too, it's really interesting to read.
I like this story mate, will be following! Keep up the good work!
After the conference had finished, I went to my assistant manager Alan Lord. As I've been a life long county fan I was excited to meet him.

"Hello Alan!" I said cheerfully.

"Morning Boss, how'd he conference go?"

"Great thanks! Now Alan, as you know I'm new to this business, would you mind helping me with our tactics?" I replied.

"Sure thing boss."

We walked into a small room and worked on formations. Alan showed me his favourite side to play, and I liked it. We were using a traditional 4-4-2 which our squad would be able to adapt to very well.

"Alan, could you file me a report on our best players?" I asked politely.

"Okay boss. Give me a moment."

Alan looked around his desk and got together some of our best players files.

Phil Jevons

Ian Craney

James Tunnicliffe

"Thanks Alan, I'll speak to you later." I said, shaking his hand.

"Alright boss, speak soon." He replied, waving at me.

"Oh my god, I just met Alan Lord!" I thought to myself, walking towards my scouts office.

New man Slater looks to improve his squad with a wealth of targets in mind.

New Stockport County manager Josh Slater has only been in charge a few days and is already looking into the transfer market to strengthen his squad.

Slater, 26 has declared that he is looking for a new right winger and a new centre half in order to push for a play off spot.
17 year old Liam MacDevitt is on the top of Slater's shopping list, he is known well for his shooting and would fit the role of a winger well for Slater's side.

Also Lewis Hunt is on Slater's list to be his new centre half who's contract at Wycombe had expired this season.
Liam MacDevitt(right) is a free agent who's contract ran out at Championship side Yeovil last season.
Lewis Hunt has played 229 times in his career at clubs such as Derby and Southend.

Stockport County FC are delighted to announce two new additions to the squad.
Jan Llado, age 21 has joined Stockport County on a non-contract basis for this season, Llado, whose contract expired from Tamworth, was delighted to have joined The Hatters and is looking forward to working with manager Josh Slater.

Luke Ifil, age 18 has also joined Stockport County on a non-contract basis for this season, Stockport County will be the first club Ifil has played for as he didn't get a single appearance in his last two seasons at Wolves and manager Josh Slater has already made it known that Ifil will be starting the first game of the season.

"I am delighted to have signed these two players, I am sure that they will come up good when the team needs them and the talent they show is absolutely amazing." Josh Slater told Stockport Times when they asked him about the two new signings.

Both Llado and Ifil are the first two signings the club has made this summer but Josh Slater has hinted that the club won't stop there.
Llado, 21 excites Josh Slater with talent he has.
Ifil(right) hopes to impress Josh Slater in the opening game of the season.

End of Pre-Season

Not been the best pre-season ever, but the team has learnt from its mistakes. We showed a great performance against Burnley Under 21's, but a disappointing defeat against Cardiff Under 21's.

Best player in Pre-season
Phil Jevons had the best pre-season out of the whole team, scoring two goals in 4 appearances.

Transfers IN

Transfers OUT

Lets hope that we have a good start in the league!
Good luck and great start :)

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