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Leeds United-The sleeping giant

This is going to be and fm13 career mode, and my job is to get leeds back where they belong, in the Champions League.
Started on 12 December 2013 by LiverpoolMalta
Latest Reply on 12 December 2013 by LiverpoolMalta
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My name is Mark Viduka. I recently got my coaching badges, and I was looking for a new club. I was sending CV's left right and centre to try and find a new job even sending one out to my beloved Leeds United, even though I knew I wouldn't get any response from such a high profile club. But that all changed. On the 12th of July, I received an E-Mail.

12th July

Mark Viduka, this is David Haigh, owner of the GFH company and Managing Director of Leeds United. I had a look at your CV, and it's not that impressive I have to say. BUT, you have been around at the for quite a while, the fans love you, so we have nothing to lose really. I would like to meet up with you and have an interview to see what ideas you have and what you can do to make Leeds a better football club.

Cheers, Mark Haigh

I couldn't beleive my eyes. An interview with Leeds? I didn't expect to get an interview from an Npower League 2 team let alone the 2nd tier of English football. I quickly replied that I was elated and that I'd meet up with him for the interview.

I couldn't think straight. An interview to become the manager of Leeds United? That's mental, this must be a dream. I was scratching my head and thinking of clever responses that i could give to Mr.Haigh. But i couldn't think of anything. I was so busy having daydreams about what it's like to be manager, and dreaming about taking Leeds back to the Premier League, that i didn't realise it was time for the interview.

The interview went by like a flash. I thought it went well, but you never know. I didn't get any response for 2 days, and I was starting to lose hope. I got up one morning and I found another E-Mail.

15th July

Mark, I've got some good news. You're the manager of Leeds United.Congratulations. Come down to Elland Road so we can unveil you and make it official that you're our new manager.

At first, I thought i wasn't reading properly. But after staring at the E-Mail for 5 minutes, trying to sink it in, I finally said " I've done it. I'm the new manager of Leeds". I started screaming and running around the house, my neighbours thought I'd gone crazy.

I showered, put on my finest suit, and went to Elland Road. I was ready.

I was waiting eagerly, until I saw David coming towards me.

"The press are ready Mark. This is it"

I followed David into the room, and I sat down for my first ever press conference as a manager. I was very nervous, but I looked forward to this challenge ahead of me.


"David Steele, Skysports news. It's been a while Mark, what's it like to be back?"
" I'm absoloutly thrilled to be back. It's an amazing feeling knowing that I'm the new manager of Leeds and I will devote my life to getting Leeds back where they really belong."
" There were rumours that some high profile managers applied for this job so it's a bit of a surprise that you got chosen to manage Leeds. Did you expect to get the job at such a high profile club?"
" To be honest, I didn't. But I thank Mark for this brilliant opportunity to give my managerial career a kickstart."
"Craig Stevens for the Lancashire Daily. Are there any transfer targets in mind?"
"To be honest I haven't had the time to assess the squad and to see which areas I need to strengthen, so for now there isn't anyone particular in mind.
"Then will you keep the staff or are you going to bring in your own working team?"
" I will most likely keep working with this staff but i might bring one or more new people that I know can help the club. That's all for now folks, my schedule is busy, thankyou all for coming"

BREAKING NEWS: In a surprising turn of events, ex Leeds, Middlesborough and Newcastle striker Mark Viduka has been announced as the new Leeds United manager. There were several high profile candidates that have been linked wit Leeds in the past few weeks, but they opted to go for the inexperienced Australian gaffer. Stay tuned, more to follow.

Exclusive pictures of Mark Viduka being unveiled as the new Leeds manager!.

Viduka held a press conference earlier today and said that he didn't expect to be given the opportunity to manage such a high profile club, and that he will most likely make a few additions in the staff departement. No news on any transfers yet, but we will see in the coming days if Mr.Viduka has any transfers in mind.

What a wicked day, I woke up as Mark Viduka, just a retired Australian forward, and now i'm Mr.Mark Viduka, the new manager of Leeds United.
Tomorrow I will be meeting the team, evaluating the squad, and have a chat with our director of football and with David about the transfer budget, wage budget, and transfer targets.
Really like your banner! for your first story this is good, maybe try centring the images and adding some extra detail with BBCodes : :)
@Team Lift thank you very much mate, I appreaciate it. yeah i only just created the account and this is my story so i'm trying to make it realistic as much as possible.


"Hello Mark, welcome to Leeds, again. Haha, it's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Mick Jones and I will be your assistant manager. I will help making your job easier. To start with, I assessed the squad, and we're basically covered in all areas of the pitch, except for the centre back and the centre midfield area. I think we have a bit of strengthening to do there, but I will ultimately leave it up to you. Now, are there any tasks you'd like me to do?"

"Hey Mick, pleasure to be working with you. Thankyou for the squad report but I will still give all the players here a chance to show me what they can do, so I won't be selling players instantly unless I see them performing badly in training. Regarding tasks, I want you to arrange friendly matches, take control of training, and give our players pre-match instructions on our opposition. That will be all for now, let's go inside, the boss is waiting."


DH: Come on in, it's good to see you Mark. Take a seat and let's discuss the budgets.
MV: Good to see you too boss.
DH: So, I was thinking that the expectation is to atleast finish in the top half of the league, and I'm prepared to give you a 3 million budget and 8,000 wage budget. How does that sound?
MV: I was thinking maybe 5 million and 18,000 wage budget?[/color]
DH: That's a bit out of our financial capability. The maximum budget I can offer is 4 million and 15,000 wage budget, same expectations.
MV: I think I can work with that boss, that's a decent amount of money.
DH: Well i'm glad you agreed. Don't waste any money, our financial status is not at best.
MV: Allright, thanks boss, see you later.


To be honest i'm pretty happy with the transfer budget that have been handed to me. With the squad report and budgets settled I can now sit down and work on bringing players to the club.


There could be movement at Elland Road. Guy Moussi along with his representatives were seen in a local restaurant chatting with Leeds manager Mark Viduka and Assistant manager Mick Jones. There are no official reports yet if the transfer is finalised but it certainly seems that it's at advanced stages.

Richard Kingson's agent revealed that his client was close to finalising the move to Leeds. He said that he will sign on a one year contract with an option to extend the deal at the end of the season. This could well be Viduka's first signing since taking over .


Leeds manager Mark Viduka has made his first signing since taking over in the shape of 27 year old French midfielder Guy Moussi from Nottingham Forest for 2.5 million pounds. Guy Moussi was unveiled to the press and said that he was delighted that Viduka had shown interest in him, and that playing for a big club like Leeds is a dream come true. Viduka told the press that since taking over, Moussi was always going to be his number one target, and when he heard that he was availible, he didn't think twice about putting an offer. He also described signing Moussi for 2.5 million is a bargain.

Meanwhile, the deal for Richard Kingson has hit a stalemate, as an unnamed Turkish club has also put in a bid for him, more to follow on this story.


Leeds have completed 2 signing in a matter of days by signing Alexey Eremenko

Alexey Eremenko was bought for a fee of 1.9 million from Rubin Kazan. The 29 year old Finnish midfielder can operate anywhere in midfield and is equally capable of playing as centre forward. Alexey stated that he was delighted to get the chance to play in England, and thanked Mark Viduka for the opportunity.
Woaah, good start to the story mate, but slow down, like a lot. I wondered why I hadn't seen this story when there were so many updates, but I realized you started it today! Honestly if you go to fast people will lose interest as it is a lot to read if people don't read for a day or so. But keep the quality of the updates mate, and good luck with Leeds.

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