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bbcode tags and reusable icons for your posts

A brief explanation on all available bbcode codes and icons you may use in your forum posts on our Football Manager Forums

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bbcode tags

Basic Formatting

  • Bullet Point
  • [li]Bullet Point[/li]


    Headings & Size

    [h2]Heading 2[/h2]

    [h3]Heading 3[/h3]

    [h4]Heading 4[/h4]

    [h5]Heading 5[/h5]

    [h6]Heading 6[/h6]

    Size 11
    [size=11]Size 11[/size]

    You may use any color you like, all you need to know is the color's hex code. For example, the code of basic red color is #CC0000 and as a result our bbcode will be like this:

    This is a button-like feature, which can be used to make your posts shorter by making certain content hidden. To view this content, you simply click on the button and the content becomes visible.

    Video Embedding
    You can easily embed a YouTube or a Vimeo video here. This will allow viewers to remain on the FM Scout page, while still being able to view the video.

    The videoid can be found at the end of the video's URL. It is the part after "v=" in the URL. An example is underlined below:

    You can create links using page URLs by clicking the "Link" icon above the reply box, or by pressing Ctrl+L. You can re-name these links to whatever you want by entering the name you want to change it to in the highlighted field. Example:
    Home Page
    [url=]Home Page[/url]


    It's important to use the direct path to the picture, and not a link to the page it was uploaded.
    If the pic is wider than the container box, it will automatically scaled down to fit that box and linked to open full scale in lightbox mode when clicked.
    This will work well with a few pictures per page. However, popular topics with intensive use of pictures like that, will become quite heavy to load and will decrease user experience as a result. That is why we recommend the advanced use as outlined below.

    ADVANCED USE (recommended):

    The best free image hosting site you can use is I'll explain the path to automatic thumbnails that site generates.

    Add 'th' or 'md' before file extension (2 sizes).
    fullsizepic (original size)
    thumbnailpic (medium size 320 pixels)
    thumbnailpic (large size 650 pixels)

    Reusable icons




    Man Of The Match

    Missed Penalty

    Own Goal

    Red Card

    Slightly Injured

    Sub Off

    Sub On

    Two Yellows

    Yellow Card


    Competition Draw

    Players In

    Players Out

    Transfer Window Start

    Transfer Window End

    Star Reports

    1/2 Star

    1 Star

    1 1/2 Stars

    2 Stars

    2 1/2 Stars

    3 Stars

    3 1/2 Stars

    4 Stars

    4 1/2 Stars

    5 Stars





    On TV

    Nation Flags

    Use a nation's ISO code to summon the corresponding flag for it. For example, Germany's code is 'de'.

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