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A.E.K. Athens - Rising from ashes!

My fm 14 story!
Started on 13 December 2013 by Slid3Tackle / First Post
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Greek Cup 2014-2015 winners: AEK!

What an icredible performance!! We have eliminated Panathinaikos and Paok from this competition and in the final we met Atromitos. They started the match as favourites, but we showed them who we are and what we can do! Winning the cup means that we have qualified in Europa League for the next season...just incredible!! Now we only have to win promotion to the first league.

Month review

We won our last match in the second league with 1-0 and now we will play in the playoff for promotion. The playoff is a league formed by the top four teams from the two series of the second league, so there are 8 teams. The first three win promotion, so I think we can be to 3 whithout any problem.

After we won the first leg 2-1, we managed to win the second leg with 1-0 after a total domination by PAOK. Despite having a red card, we have qualified for the final where we will meet Atromitos.

A very tough match, dominated by Atromitos...but at the end we are the winners of the Cup and that is all that matters!

The debut in the playoff league was succesful, winning 2-1 against Giannina.

League Table

Play-off League Table

My Player of The Month - Labros Thanailakis

Another great month made by Labros! I bet that won't be long until he will get his first call to help the country and win his first national cap!

Some excellent results, keep it up and you'll be Champions League winners ;)
platanias's avatar Group platanias
5 yearsEdited
Some icredible results, especially those in greek cup, where you managed to win 3 superleague teams! Personally, i do not think that vouras' departure is a big issue, as he is only a decent goalkeeper. Now that you will be promoted to superleague, you will surely be able to find a much better one (preferably a hot prospect).
@Jack Thank you and until Champions League, we have to win promotion!

@platanias Thank you mate! About Vouras, I know that his stats aren't incredible, bu he played very well, much better then a lot of keepers with very good stats.

May - First half!

This month is a very long and tough one, that's why I will presentet it in two different updates. We have to play 9 matches this month and the players are very tired and the injuries are starting to appear. But, despite that, the thing are going very well and we have the maximum number of points until now.

We dominated this match, but we really had a hard time finding the goal and we missed a lot. The class and experience of Pantelis said it's word and he made a the winner by scoring a beautiful header.

Anothe rtough match and we have a couple of suspended players and also some injuried...things are getting worser so I have to promote more players from the youth team.

This time we won in the last seconds of the game thanks to Partouche who scored with a very nice placed shot from 18 meters.

Despite recieving a red card in minute 53, we controlled the match all the time and won with a 3 goals difference.

Doxa Dramas didn't manage to hit the target even once in this match, so this explains perfectly how it was.

League Table

New youth player promoted

All the injuries and suspensions made me to promote a youngster, Cabeçăo, to the first team. He has some talent, he is young and he wants to improve! He can play as a central defender, defensive midfielder and central midfielder.

AEK > Barcelona & Real Madrid

Hopefully, that will happen!
Nice youngsters that you have :). Have you got no debt now?
@The 510 Series I hope too!

@Pauker We are in a very healty financial position now! :)

May - The second half!

In the second half of the month we had some problems, but we managed to win all our matches.Giannina and Panaitolikos lead us, but we turned the score and defeated them.Just 4 matches to go and we will be back in the first league!

In the match against Lamia we played very well, and they had no chance.Bell won the man of the match award and he deserved it, with the two goals he scored for us.

Giannina take the led in 7th minute but we came back and equalized in the 11 minute. Minute 45, Giannina scores again ad we go in break with a 1 goal disadvantage. After the break, everything changed, we came back again ad after that we scored the winner goal, Pantelis saved us!

Against Kerkyra we didn't had any problem...we played our usual football and won whithout a problem.

Another match full of goals.Panaitolikos took an early lead in minute 13, and in minute 37 it was already 2-0 for them. I thought that this is it and this will be our first defeat of the season...but no! A beautiful comeback and we won the match 3-2!

Play-off League Table

My Player of The Month - Mimis Chortsas

Back to the top!

I am so happy that we won the play-off league and added the fourth trophy to our list after winning the third league, the second league and the Greek Cup! The players, the supporters and the board, all were united this season and together we managed to bring AEK where it belongs!
Now, together with my staff, we have to buil a squad that can fight in the first league for a place in an European competiotion and this means that we will sell a lot of players and we'll bring in better players.This transfer window will be very active for us!

June review

Anthor perfect month in which we established two new records: we finished a season unbeaten and we have now 30 wins in a row!

Panachaiki took the lead in minute 7 but we, one again, managed to come back. Bell and Pantelis scored our goals and we got the win!

Another natch in which we came back from 1 goal behind.It clear that our players are very tired, but still they can concentrate and proove that they are very good.

Sadly, in this match, our keeper fot injuried. I hope that won't be out for a long time so we can sell him this summer for a good amount of money.

The last match of the season we played home and a huge amount of fans, 39.000, came to the stadium to salute our perfect season!

Play-off League Table

My Player of The Month - Martin Bell

Preparing the new season - Transfers!


I wanted to start with players which left because some very important ones are gone we have to find better ones.
The most important losses are:

Vouras (Gk) - from the last season he told me that he wants to leave the club so I accepted his request. Bari came with a very good offer of 1.1m euros and we acceptetd it.

Chorstas (CD) - he was one of our best players last season, really being a rock in the back but also he scored a lot of goals. He choosed to join Metz and the 625k euros convinced me to let him go.

Mantolas(AM) - He is a very good player, maybe one of the best from Greece,but he is an attacking midfielder so he just can't fit into my strategy. Last season he was loaned out and now Dundee came with a very good offer to buy him(3m euro).

Platellas - Our right midfielder in the last two seasons, a player which helped us very much in the attacking area, has left us for a better offer. The worst par is that he left us for one of our rivals, Aris. (550k euros)


If a lot of players lest, a lot of players joined.I am very happy with our signings, we have a lot of quallity and very young team.I will present you just the players which weren't loaned out or sent to the youth team:

Hi guys. I want to anonce you that probably will end the story here with no other reason than the lack of support and attention.I enjoyed the save and will probably continue it, but it's hard to keep writing here for no reason, with no feedback.
Thank you!
2013-12-14 18:17#149295 Stivo12 : I Love AEK Athens how do you become them on the game?
press greece on starting menu to start new game c division!
Just caught up on extremely interesting concept! I absolutely love this story :)

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