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FM Challenges (09)

Started on 26 February 2009 by RedArmy20
Latest Reply on 14 July 2009 by RedArmy20
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thought of a new challenge- having seen stams blog about being luton (i think it was stam, correct me if im wrong) has anyone tried being weymouth in the BSP- a couple of months ago all of the players walked out and now they are just playing youth team and are losing every game about 7-0. Anyway, you could tr and get weymouth to be like a league 1/ championship team with a good finance. I dunno- in the 9.30 patch it may even have all of the players walking out to make it even harder and more fun.
nice challenge this, I'll give it a shot when I reach the first summer transfer window with Luton :yes
cool good luck.
ouch. surely that is impossible
It's probably reasonably simple until you get to the Premiership; decent players from smaller countries would be very good in the lower leagues but when you're challenging for the Champions League you're going to have to be very specific with who you buy. One for good scouts.
when i saw "Little guy" i thought you wer gonna say something about height.
Thats A good Idea Height You Team Can Only Be 5"11 or smaller lol the dwarf challenge
I found a scottish keeper who was 5' 6" with aerial ability 20!!! Not a regen either!
who was it can you remember???
No, ill look for him soon and post the name

My next challange - to only sign players that have successfully made the crossbar challange on soccer saturday!
my challenge, i try to get a club from the lowest league into EPL
toonarmy_3388 : my challenge, i try to get a club from the lowest league into EPL

well tbh that isnt much of a challenge now is it. i mean its not a challenge for the game.

that is a overall challenge everyone has in real and fake world.

the Challenge on FM would be that you would rely on only the current squad members and youth's for future player. now thats a challenge.


M1D : Hi guys.
I have decided that I am goin to make a team entirely of old players only such as:

Ryan Giggs
Paul Scholes
Hernan Crespo
Patrick Viera
P.Juninho (lyon)

Those are jst some of the ideas I have getting in the sqaud. They dont need far past it but I am looking to make a succes of the older player.
The real question is though, do you guys have any suggestions on players I should sign to make this team work with the age in mind, they dont need to be ex-superstars bt still good players... Hope you can help and looking forward to see what people can come up with.
Thnks M1D :wink

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