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Who Dares Wins - The Story

Started on 28 December 2013 by TylerK
Latest Reply on 7 January 2014 by k1rups
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English Football will never be the same again

The Barclays Premier League has undergone a massive transformation. English Football will never be the same again as all teams in the Premier League have been given a fresh start, a clean slate. Now, everybody who plays for a Premier League club has been released, and is now a free agent

As the clubs have no players, they have all been given mass amounts of money to buy players and build their team again. The fans have also been given the opportunity to pick the teams new boss. Managers like, Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp are the obvious choices but there were also more lesser-known managers.

One more thing was added. All of the managers could pick three players to put into their team. Any three players from anywhere in the world. This was probably bad news for foreign clubs as they have been stripped of some of their best players.

Luckily for, PSG, Real Madrid and Barcelona, three of the best players in the world have refused to fall in line. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have all refused to be moved from their clubs. They were all fined but allowed to stay at their clubs.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter had one thing to say;

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10 yearsEdited

Scoring System!

Arsenal - DialSquare_1886 - Jose Mourinho

Aston Villa - Jasonvilla4ever - Poulo Fonseca (replaced David Moyes replaced Marcello Lippi)

Cardiff - captainbrickhams - Eddie Howe (replaced Harry Redknapp replaced Slaven Billic replaced Oscar Garcia)
Points - -5

Chelsea - The Madridista - Luis Enrique (replaced Marcelo Lippi replaced Jurgen Klopp)
Points - -5

Crystal Palace - K1rups - Martin O'Neill (replaced Carlo Ancelotti replaced Arsene Wenger)

Everton - Hotensius - Carlo Ancelotti (replaced Jason Wilcox replaced Semen Altman replaced Carlo Ancelotti)
Points - -5

Fulham - TheFMProject - Uwe Rosler

Hull City - NVDTahir - Gianfranco Zola (replaced Manuel Pellegrini)

Liverpool - LFC - Ernnesto Valverde (replaced Pep Guardiola)

Manchester City - TVDLC123 - Manuel Pellegrini (replaced Arsene Wenger replaced Vicente Del Bosque)
Points - -1

Manchester United - Kaneykins - Roberto Mancini (replaced Diego Simeone replaced Claudio Ranieri replaced Gus Hiddink)
Points - -5

Newcastle United - Arvind - Antonio Conte

Norwich City - LeedsUnitedForLife - Bert Van MarWijk (replaced Ange Postercogolu)

Southampton - Inquisition - Javier Aguirre (replaces Roberto Mancini replaced Rudi Garcia)
Points - 1

Stoke City - AlexTHFC - Alan Pardew (replaced Diego Simeone)

Sunderland - Couragesand - Owen Coyle (replaced Jurgen Klinnsman)

Swansea - Storrie - Jason Wilcox (replaced Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Tottenham - TK69 - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (replaced Jason Wilcox replaced Josep Guardiola replaced Marcelo Bielsa)

West Brom - Taurul - Mircea Lucescu

West Ham - LiverpoolMalta - Marco Van Basten (replaced Rafa Benitez)

Points will be awarded as follows.
Premier League Positions
1st - 40
2nd - 32
3rd - 26
4th - 22
5th - 20
6th - 18
7th - 16
8th - 14
9th - 12
10th - 10
11th - 9
12th - 8
13th - 7
14th - 6
15th - 5
16th - 4
17th - 3
18th - 2
19th - 1
20th - 0
Capital One Cup - 4 points for win and 1 point for runners up
F.A Cup - 8 points for win and 3 points for runners up
Cummunity Shield - 2 points for winners
Euro Cup - 9 for winners and 4 for runners up
Champions Cup - 12 for winners and 7 for runners up
Club World Championship - 6 for winners and 3 for runners up.
European Super Cup - 4 points for winners
Signing Of The Season - 6 points for winner and 3 points for second
Worse Signing of the Season - -7 for worse signing and -4 for second worse
If manager gets fired - -5 points(If manager leaves for a different club then no points deducted)
If your national team win any international competition you get a Bonus

National competitions that count.
World Cup - 25 points
European Championship - 15 points
African Cup Of Nations - 15 points
Asian Cup - 15 points
North American Gold Cup - 15 points
Copa America - 15 points
very interesting ay
Indeed.. really looking forward to this aha, UTA!
WBA <3
So when is this properly starting?
liking the revamped points system. blooming excited for this. toffees for top spot
It has already started simming

Loads Spent As The Transfer Window Closed

There have been a lot of transfers this window but it wont all kick off until January and next summer.

Arsenal - DialSquare_1986 - Jose Mourinho

Aston Villa - Jasonvilla4ever - Marcello Lippi

Cardiff - captainbrickhams - Oscar Garcia

Chelsea - The Madridista - Jurgen Klopp

Crystal Palace - K1rups - Arsene Wenger

Everton - Hotensius - Carlo Ancelotti

Fulham - TheFMProject - Uwe Rosler

Hull City - NVDTahir - Manuel Pellegrini

Liverpool - LFC - Pep Guardiola

Manchester City - TVDLC123 - Vicente Del Bosque

Manchester United - Kaneykins - Jason Wilcox

Newcastle United - Arvind - Antonio Conte

Norwich City - LeedsUnitedForLife - Ange Postercogolu

Southampton - Inquisition - Rudi Garcia

Stoke City - AlexTHFC - Diego Simeone

Sunderland - Couragesand - Jurgen Klinnsman

Swansea - Storrie - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Tottenham - TK69 - Marcelo Bielsa

West Brom - Taurul - Mircea Lucescu

West Ham - LiverpoolMalta - Rafa Benitez

League Table

Come on Spurs, lets build a Manchester army! We already have Kagawa, De Gea, Evans and Zaha!
The Diary of the Special One

This month we have recruited well.. Toure, Hazard and Cavani are excellent players and we have them! We have also brought Vidic who will lead our defence superbly with Neven Subotic. Our start in the league has been good; hopefully against Liverpool we will win.. they have a good squad and an excellent manager.

The Special One, out.
MEHHHH Apart from the players we picked, Palace have nobody! Rubbish transfer window

Bielsa lashes out

Marcelo Bielsa, new manager of Tottenham Hotspur, lashed out on the Crystal Palace manager, Arsene Wenger. He criticised his transfers during the summer window, stating that he needed to do much, much better if we wanted to stay in the premier league.

"He may have picked some world-class players to bring with him, but the transfers he made were not good enough! Crystal Palace have no chance of surviving this season without some drastic changes, either in management or in the transfers Arsene makes. He may have been a great manager for years, but he's loosing his touch, and if he carries on like this, he'll lose his job!"

Bielsa received no criticism from Wenger, so some would call his rant, un-called for, but one things for sure. This will not be the end between Bielsa and Wenger.

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