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Liverpool FC: Restoring Former Glory.

Started on 2 January 2014 by engheema
Latest Reply on 6 January 2014 by engheema
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9 yearsEdited

In a shocking turn of events at Anfield, current manager, Brendan Rodgers, was sacked this afternoon. Actual reasons for such decision is unknown at the moment, but it is thought that a bust up between Brendan and chairman Thomas Werner in a matter related to transfer targets and budgets, in addition to disappointment regarding Europa League qualification last season, have sealed his fate.

The decision have been greeted negatively among Liverpool fans, describing it as:

Speculations are rife about who is BR's successor; media reports links the post, strangely, to ex-Chelsea and Tottenham manager, Andre Villas-Boas and club icon Jamie Carragher. However, the board has announced that their new manager will be appointed in a few hours. We'll have to wait and see...

Author Notes

This is my first FM story ever and I hope to deliver a quality story worthy of your time and my beloved Liverpool! YWNA!
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9 yearsEdited

A New Year Gift

1st January 2014

Dear Sir,

Liverpool Football Club would like to officially invite you for a meeting at our headquarters in Melwood. We have received your application and plan regarding the vacant position of the first team manager position, and we are interested to discuss it further with you.

We are excited by your ambition, determination, potential and passion for the club; which are the attributes we look for in a head coach.

The appointment is scheduled on 2nd January 2014. If the time is inconvenient, please contact us.

We look forward to your response,

Kind Regards
Liverpool Football Club, Liverpool.
A great start for your first ever story. Keep it up and good luck for the upcoming campaign.
A great start, looking forward to reading this, especially since it's about Liverpool <3

2014-01-03 13:24#152672 Jamesg237 : A great start for your first ever story. Keep it up and good luck for the upcoming campaign.

Thank you! Another BIG thanks for inspiring me!!
2014-01-03 14:32#152688 Arvind : A great start, looking forward to reading this, especially since it's about Liverpool <3


Thank you! Glad you like it! YNWA mate!
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9 yearsEdited

The First Interview

I hardly slept all night; I kept thinking how the interview will go. I imagined myself along with my favourite Steven Gerrard raising the League trophy, and the champions league too. I kept thinking until out of exhaustion, I fell asleep.

I felt a lot of pride, since first timing walking into Liverpool, not as a fan, but as a potential candidate to lead the team. I was quickly introduced to the chairman's office where Mr. Thomas Werner was expecting me. After a series of formalities and pleasantries he said:

TW - Thomas Werner
AM - Ahmed Mohamed

TW: "Your application and analysis of the current situation is quite impressive, especially considering your age and experience. I believe you have been playing in Egypt's lower leagues?"
AM: "Yes, I've also been assistant manager at some clubs there too."
TW: "Good. Frankly, we wanted a lesser known ambitious manager to lead the club at this time, in order to lower the expectations of him, giving him more freedom to thrive. You fit the mould perfectly..."
AM: "It is a fantastic chance to get to manage the club close to my heart, but are you sure I'm your man? I don't want to make a decision that may let the club down."
TW: "We are aware of that issue, but gladly, the current backroom staff will gladly stay and aid you should accept the offer. You also will have the full backing of us(the board). What you say?"
He presents me a written paper, a one year contract at 1.9M p/a. I honestly didn't think about the money or even the length, I almost instantly signed the contract.
TW: "Good, we are glad you accepted our offer. Now we need to discuss your expectations for the season, and some philosophies we would like to be implemented."
AM: "I believe we can be serious title contenders this year. We've got a talented squad, and with a bit of spending we can be challenge for the title!"
TW: "Your confidence is pleasing, so we will find sufficient funding to meet your ambition. As for philosophies, do you have any thoughts about it?"
AM: "I've been a fan of Brendan and his possession attacking style of play, and I intend to build upon it. Also, we have great Youth facilities which brought up some of England's finest talents, I look to graduate our own youth players from it."
TW: "Very well, you make a strong case. Now that we have agreed upon everything, I'd like to tour you in the club and introduce you to the fans."

The rest of the day was great... until the press conference:

The first press conference

Faced by dozens of rambling journalists, whom I felt they wanted to discredit me, I decided to be assertive and stern with them:

[J]ournalist: "You stand here as the new Liverpool manager, your first managerial job. Do you think your lack of experience will affect the club's ambitions?"
AM: "Not at all. I wouldn't have taken the job and risked the club's future if I wasn't confident in my ability. Experience plays a part, but it is an indicator of the manager's success. I believe David Moyes is a thousand times more experienced than me, yet look at his team's results!"
J: "Speaking of the Northwest derby, what can you say about Manchester United?"
AM: "Well, they were on the rise the last few years, and it is up to me to push that tin-pot of a club back to it's original position, and get Liverpool back on it's perch!"
J: "Any thoughts about David Moyes?"
AM: "He is a good manager, but not enough for United. No more questions about them please!"
J: "How do you intend to get your team playing this season?"
AM: "I intend to play a free flowing style, it has always been a trademark of the Liverpool team."
J: "Would you make any changes to the staff at the moment."
AM: "No, none will be leaving, but I may get new faces in."
J: "Who do you think will when the league?"
AM: "(with a lot of confidence and challenge) Liverpool!"

That last answer caused a lot of stir, during which Colin Pascoe, along with me left the room. I was surprised how well I handled the conference, but it was no time of pride, a lot of work has to be done!
Good luck!
2014-01-03 17:18#152718 ltotheewis : Good luck!
Thank you!
Nice start to your first story :)
2014-01-03 18:41#152751 P-KIDDY : Nice start to your first story :)

Thank you! Glad you like it :)
Great start so far, you sound challeging and confident, don't forget to sign our Egyptian pride, Mohamed Salah :P
2014-01-03 20:26#152773 Mohamed : Great start so far, you sound challeging and confident, don't forget to sign our Egyptian pride, Mohamed Salah :P
hahaha you'll have to wait and see! :D
engheema's avatar Group engheema
9 yearsEdited

First Targets.

I sat there watching the lads training vigorously for the preseason match against Marseille. I can see them a bit disenchanted and demotivated. Who can blame them, I would've been the same if I was ever in their boots. I decided to have a specific set of targets to achieve and help gain my players' confidence

1. Strengthen the already small squad
2. Choose 2 tactics to use all season
3. Avoid upsetting any players at the moment
4. Win the preseason matches with a big score

These targets already topped my primary targets which are

1. Take Liverpool back to the top of the World
2. Personally, beat Fergie's numbers
3. Win a trophy in the first season

First problems.

During the preseason, Pascoe and me have developed a good relationship. He has helped me a lot to settle in. My biggest problem however reamins in my players' trust. I feel they don't trust me and seem to think I don't have enough authority over them. However, I'm blessed with captain fantastic Steven Gerrard, who shows me respect and helps overcome squad problems.

My first problem was with Jordan Henderson. As I begin strnegthing the thin midfield, Hendo came to me worried whether he will get enough playing time. I promised him that I'll be selling someone soon, since I was already with talks with Man City to sell Lucas Leiva for 30 Million. However, they could find the funds and the transfer broke down, and I find myself in dilemma with Hendo ...

Preseason and Transfers

I had several players in mind to strengthen the squad. Being a fan of a club helps. I already swooped PSG's Pastore, Roma's Michael Bradley, Basel's Mohamed Salah and Newcastle's Jak Alnwick.

We had a great preseason. Players have already started trusting me, but still they react badly to my criticism. Gerrad's told me a bit of winning and good performances will increase the mediocre morale in the dressing room, and I intend to do so!

Player and Match of the month.

Iago Aspas and Jordan Henderson had a great preseason. Aspas was scoring for fun, while Hendo played everywhere on the pitch and was quite dangerous with the ball. The best game was against Ballinamallard United, where Henderson scored 3 free kicks in our 7-1 victory. I hope they continue this scillinating form when the league kick-off.
Henderson should be key for you this season so keep him sweet. Interesting to see Aspas impress :P

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