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i am bored with FM....

Started on 2 March 2009 by sun_becali
Latest Reply on 16 June 2009 by RedArmy20
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sun_chris's avatar Group sun_chris
15 yearsEdited
.........and i was thinking of building a FMSCOUT.COM team.if you want to enter my team than i would require some of your personal data(DOB, height, weight, city of birth and so on; general stuff, not so personal).but for now i would want to hear some team name options from you and after 5-6 options i'll make a poll to vote the best.

every decision that has to do with all of us i'll post and make a poll(the league in witch the team plays, the city it resides and stuff like that)
i am intresting in this, but how would you create your own team do u have to have a certain modifier or something?????
sounds a great idea tho!
no mate...very simple.i'll use the editor from the game to add a new team in a certain league,to add a new player, to add a new statium and so on.
its going to be a lot of work....and by the time i'll finish the fmscout team....its going to be summer i think because there will be many desisions that has to be taken by all of the team.the only think that i hope is that we can find at least 15 players that are above 25yo.because i dont know you i'll put in 170-180 at PA for everyone and, depending on the age the CA will differ.
anyway ,i have to talk to stam and red about it to know their opinion as well
Sounds good, I'm in!
Just let me know when you want the details!
sun_chris's avatar Group sun_chris
15 yearsEdited
after we establish the team name......we are not a team until we will have a name.

the usual users like stam, red, dusan, me and the others who acces the site frequently(not my case lately but i am the initiator of the project) are automaticaly in the first team and the others who want to particiapte will be chosen based on the necesity of the positions in the field.i'll try to buid a team on the 4-4-2 tactic.hopefully we will have a youth team because we have a lot of under 17 users.if we will have 23-25 senior players and at least 10 youth players.....than i'll begin the work.
FC Scout ?
FC Scout is one.........and most likely the winner.we have to wait for more opinions.tbh i was thinking of the same one
i think FC Scout has to be the decision, starting in the lower english leagues, playing at home in "The Playstation".
maybe is not on playstation
haha yeah but x-box doesn't have the same ring to it.
haha damn.

hopefully in fm 2010 you guys dont have to make me in the game. i will most probably be in the database. hopefully anyways.
and how much do you think you will be worth?:))
sun_becali : and how much do you think you will be worth?:))
FREE hahaha =P
Great thinking Sun...well it's not tat much of problem making it, of course you just have to put polls and to gather information about us, but just the process of typing won't take more than few days... FC Scout is good, and The Playstation is great name for stadium, great thinking red devil...and of course you must put it here for download...

One more think, although I appreciate the gesture of me being first team player and all, what manager is his right mind will put a 16 year old boy to play regularly in first team...

Anyways, looking forward to it...I wish I could contribute something to FM Scout...
dont worry about the age mate........we will most probably have a youth academy since there are lot of under 18 users on the site.

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