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i am bored with FM....

Started on 2 March 2009 by sun_becali
Latest Reply on 16 June 2009 by RedArmy20
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sun_becali : well, amsterdam and conference ...........??not exactly the best combination.this is why we need those polls

we need to choose a city that really represents the site........

Then I'll have to say Manchester... When are you gonna put these polls???
Sounds good I recomend

Team Name: F.C scout
Stadium: Sony Arena
Stadium size: 3k
Kits: Home: Roma kit cept Blue and white, Away: don't mind
Rivals: unsure, Hartlepool?
sun_chris's avatar Group sun_chris
13 yearsEdited
i had talk with stam and i cannot put a poll in an already started topic.....tmrw night after i'll arrive from work and after i'll read all youre posts , i'll make several topics with the posts and lock them(i really dont want to have 5-6 topics about the same thing).all of the discussins will take place here

i have made some voting options in forums->fm09->general fm09
more will follow
OK, so my opinion...

Name - fine, stadium name - great...should we use real or site names, I voted yes but there will be a problem because someone, like me, has one worded (don't know if this word exists but you get my point) name...

Kits, I'll go for red and white, and white and blue...Normal and most usual, and probably the best combination imo...
I still think the stadium should not be 'The playstation stadium', but 'Playstation arena'. What do you think about it?
monkeyme's avatar Group monkeyme
13 yearsEdited
nah not dirty manchester- go for somewhere nice like pompey.

kits- can our third kit please be pink? Dont care a bout thirst or second.

names- ye i would say real names but no-one would know whos who.

Stadium- i agree with red- something realistic. How about we dedicate it to onje of our legends ie sun, red army, barmy or eugene

league- BSP is fine for me, i manage there a lot anyway cos of my local team woking.

Money- high wage low transfer

Rep- high

Rivalries- evil teams like chelsea, man city, spuds

did i miss anything out?
really cool idea man. make the stadium like 400,000+ and call it something epic like Tower of Babylon...
tower of babylon haha or the colissium or however you spell it (roman gladiator building)

town: BLACKPOOL!!, las vegas of europe.

put full names, but known as.. site name. e.g. karl halstead known as "the reddevil"

rivals: the big 4

kits: dark blue and white, like the new skin

sort team by number of posts

and when it will be finished?
hey bole have you been gone or summat? not seen you around much recently
well I'm back:)
that is important.
had some obligations in last few weeks,or even months:)
i dont know,at the beggining of this forum i was motivated to post all the time,but now my help is not needed because there is some other guys that are very active,so i can sit back and enjoy :)
haha and go to the bar, have a pint.
The Colosseum is a great name for the stadium!!!
I think the name of the team has to be something in the lines of FC Scout, or Scout's XI
But the idea of playing in the BS is great the team can be an up and coming unbeatble team lol.
great idea sun!!!!! hope more of it comes soon!
I agree with Red the team should be called FMScout FC and i think we should use real names and have our site names as our nicknames. As for the stadium name... i'm not really sure. I'll have a think :con
sun_chris's avatar Group sun_chris
13 yearsEdited
1. name of the team.....FM Scout FC sounds personal favorite is just FC Scout but i dont have a problem with FMSFC

2.stad name......The Colisseum.....hmm....maybe....Sony Arena sounds good to...i think i'll make a poll with the two.i noticed monkey me said that
the stad name should be dedicated to one of the mods/admins......imo its a bad ideea....who should we choose??should we call it The stamsunredarmyeugene arena?sounds awful

3.stad capacity must be large i agree with you here....

4.the city.....again a grat deal of argument

5.the name issue ....i think that in the editor of the game i'll use the real name of everyone(first and last) and at the nicknames i'll put the ones from the site
ex:first name:cristiano ronaldo
last name:dos santos aveira
nickname:cristiano ronaldo
6.the numer issue:i was thinking that i'll leave a blank so everyone can choose the squad numbers


and when it will be finished? "

after i will have the profiles of everyone of you......i'll post a form for you to complete so i can have your personal data and some other will be like the personal page in the game editor + some other stuff like your weaknesses and you strong points.i'll get back to you with this issue in 2-3 days.tmrw i have lots of things to do, thursday i'll go to work(hopefully at work if i have some spare time i can do the form) and if everything goes well....on friday you will have the forms ready.but, i repeat, first we have to know the basic stuff like the team name, stad name and so on and afterwords we can complete the forms.

BRYN "great idea sun!!!!! hope more of it comes soon"-thank you.due to lack of time i was unable to visit the site for very much time since the years some point in the end of january i wanted to return but i wanted to return with an ideea and i was forced to postpone until i had it(the ideea) and after some long sessions of brainstorming(with myself) i came up with this one

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