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Reaching Potential

How long does it take.....
Started on 12 January 2014 by mbennison85
Latest Reply on 28 September 2018 by ssafaergun
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I've spent literally hours trying to figure this out. How long does it take for a player to reach their potential?

With the factors of the multitude of variables (Training, facilities, coaching staff and their own willingness) I can't seem to figure out if i'm going to wasting them loaned out for 2-3 seasons before they hit the magic number to make the first team leap!

Anyone else shed some 'potential' light on the subject?

If you go to the specific players profile tab > Development > Training. It should give you advice on the best way to train that player e.g. Individual role training, tutoring and so on. The player also needs as much first team football as possible.
This is generally 'No advice' or 'Needs more playing time' I'm looking more for examples of how long other people have spent developing youngsters before they've become first team worthy.

Probably should have said that in the original post!
They are first team worthy when they are first team worthy. If a 18 years old is good enough, why wouldn't you use him? And if he's not good enough, he is not ready for first team. Start by giving them chances as substitutes and then progress into the first 11 if they are comparable with other players, or start with them in easier games and friendlies. If you're managing really good team, it's better to loan youngsters out until they reach acceptable level for occasional match time in your team.

If they're not good enough for starting 11, you're not wasting anything by loaning them, even though they don't develop any more. To see more precisely, how good can a player get, you can use the Genie.
For any youngster a season or 2 out on loan at the right club playing regularly in his preferred position will do wonders ,after loan he should be able to slot into first team straight away ,will need a few games but once bedded in player should be fine .

What I find is young goalkeepers or defenders if you use them in big matches they tend to make a mistake which can cost you a goal but other than that against lesser opposition they do well when they start game ,in the big matches and in Europe its best to introduce them as subs.

In terms of potential regardless of what you do not all will reach full potential ,I've seen on genie scout players whose current potential is 110 and full potential is 177 but they never reach this for some reasons ,it could be injuries, lack of playing time ,the club they at or just the way the game plays out and they stagnate and remain at that level or reach like potential 125 but age is 24+ already so not much improvement expected ,at the end of the day depending on the level of the player ,it may take 1-3 seasons of being loaned out or be given large amounts of playing experience with the first team before they reach potential ,when loaning out young players if you want them to improve its best if you a first division club you ensure you loan out the young player to a first division club ,sending to a lower division club could have no impact for him whatsoever .
The best way is to giving them playing time.

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