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4-2-3-1 Perfect tactic for FC Porto

i win all the possible titles with fc porto in the first two season playing with this tactic i created
Started on 12 January 2014 by diogofcunha
Latest Reply on 7 February 2014 by Cheesey1975
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i am open to any suggestion or critic.
for every position i will give the example of a fc porto player or a cheap one.

4-2-3-1 explanation

Wing back
i know that almost every fm players choose the Full Back role but having great LB like Alex Sandro and Danilo you must go for Wing back role. If you have 2 strong LB with great pace , stamina , and a great balance between attack / defense attributes you must choose this role , in the end you will notice that your LB can really make the difference not just in defense but also in the attacking maneuver.

Ball winning midfielder
this player will bring a lot more security to your defensive process , if you have defensive midfielder/midfielder with strenght, stamina, position and tackling you must choose this role. For porto the best player for this position is Fernando but in 2 years the Wonderkid Reyes will easily be the best. For this zone of the field you also sign Franco Zuculini in a free transfer.

Depp lying playmaker (DEFEND)
The deep lying playmaker is one of the most roles in this system of game, he is the player that starts the offensive maneuver and also the player who can destroy the offensive maneuver from the offensive team. The explanation for the defend role is very simple , this player will compensate for rise in the field by the two WB giving you a strong and solid defense even against fast attacks. For this zone you must have a balanced player like Herrera or Defour , later or for other teams rather than porto you can sign Honda in the start of the game because his contract ends in December.

Advanced playmaker
now you must be asking "why not WINGER?" if you have a great left footed playmaker that can play in the middle of the field and also in a wing this is the best you can do. This player will try to push from left to middle all the time and will create great chances for you team and also score a great amount of goals. On the other hand he will open a great space in the right wing for your WRB and all your team will benefit from that. This playmaker must have a great technical ability. FC Porto have 2 great players for this position Quintero and Josue. If you don't have that kind of player you can choose the Inside forward role.

for this position choose any role you want for the best player you have. IF you still think that your team isn't sufficiently cohesive choose Support instead of attack.

this is a classical position for this i will just recommend Rodrigo Gomez , a great young talent

Don't forget that a great training quality is the base for all success, make sure that you have at least 4 stars in every category

thank you
link ???

i forgot to post a image with my instructions for the team so i will post it now because it doesn't save with the tactic

thanks was looking for a 433 tactic

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