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San Marino - Massimo Cristante

Started on 13 January 2014 by HamoudiLFC
Latest Reply on 14 January 2014 by TylerK
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Massimo Cristante: Domagnano

Domagnano, San Marino – July 7th, 2013

MC – Massimo Cristante
LM – Luca Mancini (San Marino Calcio Chairman)
GC – Giorgio Crescentini (San Marino FA President)
SS – Secretary of Luca Mancini

MC - Ciao, è il signor Luca qui? (Hello, is Mr. Luca here?)
SS – Si, prega di attendere qualche minuto. (Yes, Please wait a minute.)

MC – (daydreaming) “I, am Massimo Cristante of Domagnano. I come from the piccolo (small) town in San Marino and I have recently finished my coaching qualifications at the late age of 40. I made a promessa (promise) to mio nonno (my grandfather) when I was a young ragazzo (boy), and that was to take San Marino to the top of the world as a player, manager, or a supporter. Now, I will be talking to the Chairman of San Marino Calcio, a football club in the Lega Pro Divisione of Italia. They are the only Sammarinese club here in Italia, and Luca – one of my greateast friends, a brother to me – has offered me to come to his office and have a chat about football, and he claimed he had grande (great) news. This will be the start of my career. San Marino, il tuo salvatore è arrivato (your saviour has come)!

LM – Massimo? You are awake!? Mio Amico I miss you!
MC – Ah Si! Luca Mio Amico, how have you been? It has been a long time hasn’t it?

LM – Of course, of course… how is the coaching going with you?
MC – Great, I finished my qualificationes and… I did very well Luca! I can officially be a manager in football now! I was having a chat with the President of my local club Domagnano FC yesterday, and he wanted me to manage…-

LM – No Massimo! No. Per Favore. I have been watching you manage the youth kids before, and you have very well knowledge of football. Here is the deal Massimo…
GC – Buongiorno!
LM – Just in time Giorgio, I was just explaining to Massimo here on the situation!

MC – What is going on guys? And Buongiorno Mr. Crescentini.
LM – Uno Anno Massimo. I have fired Fernando De Argila and I am willing to offer you €2,500 per week for a one year… consolidate this club and take it to the top one day like you told your nonno. Good enough, mio amico?

MC – No No No Luca… (tears up)… I am flattered. I will accept definitely. Although reduce my wages. I cannot take that much from you. €2,000 per week is fine.
LM - €2,100 Massimo. Offerta Finale. (Final Offer)

MC – Si Luca! (we hug, and I am crying. I am so proud of myself.)
GC – and Massimo… Tre Anni (three years), €1,400 per week… to manage the San Marino National Team… how does that sound?

MC - …this cannot be serious. Of course I accept Mr. Crescentini, this is my dream. Mark my words, hopefully I will be here for 20 years or more and I will make San Marino a whole different story. Grazie! Thank you so very much mio amico!

LM – Si Massimo, you better go get going!! Training starts in 30 minutes and I want you to see the players. Luckily for you, our training ground is in Domagnano! It is just around the corner here, so you should easily find it. Here is a special shirt for you. Good luck Mio Amico.

MC – I could not thank you any better, grazie. Grazie! I will go now, to later!



- LLM Treble: win Serie C1, Serie C Cup and Serie C Super Cup in one season
- Giant Killer: beat a Serie A team in the Italian Cup while playing in a lower division
- Straight A's: back to back promotions to Serie A
- Lower Leagues Legend/Enzo Scorza Award: win Top Scorer of Serie C1 and Serie B with the same player
- Goal Machine: win Top Scorer of Serie C1, Serie B and Serie A with the same player
- Local Hero: have a Sammarinese player winning Fans Player Of The Year
- Local Superhero: have a Sammarinese player winning an international award (Golden Ball or World POY)
- Local Legend: have a Sammarinese player becoming a Legend for the club
- Cantera Policy: avoid relegation from Serie A playing only Sammarinese players (dual nationality allowed)
- Cantera Supremacy: win Serie A or a continental competition playing only Sammarinese players


- First Time Ever: win a competitive match for the first time in San Marino history (EURO or World Cup qualifier)
- The Big Upset: win a match against a Top 50 national team within 5 years (competitive or friendly)
- Beat The King: beat Andy Selva's AMAZING record of 8 international goals
- Top 100: climb FIFA rankings to become a top 100 NT within 10 years
- Major Honour: qualify for a major international tournament (EURO or World Cup)
- Titanic Effort: win a major international tournament (EURO or World Cup)
- World Domination: win EURO, World Cup and Confederations Cup
- Youth Challenge:
take over the youth teams and win EURO U19, World Cup U20, EURO U21, Toulon Youth Festival and the Olympics

and of course

The Great San Marino Double: win FIFA Club World Cup with the club and World Cup with the national team

#1: Talking with an Old Friend
#2: Club Overview

San Marino Rankings

CE - Sammarinese League CoEfficient in Europe to determine how many teams qualify for Europe
NTR - National Team Ranking
CR - San Marino Club Ranking

2013/14 -
CE: 52/54 - 1.166 Points
NTR: 209/209 - 0 Points
CR: Ineligible, not in top division.
Good luck Hamoudi, after Armenia I know this is not out of the question :P
Awesome start! What a monumental challenge you have here! I'm really looking forward for this :)
Good Luck :)

San Marino Calcio: An Overview

Founded: 1959
Nation: San Marino
Division: Serie C1/A (3rd Tier), Italy
Nickname: Titani
Rivals: Bellaria, Forli, Gubbio

Season Ticket Holders: 120 (€172 per Season Ticket)
Estimated Value: €1.2M
Media Prediction: 16th



Italian Eccellenza Emilia-Romagna x2 – 1993, 1997
Italian Serie D Grp. F – 2000


Highest League Position: 10th in Serie C1/A (2012/13)
Lowest League Position: 17th in Serie C2/C (1988/89)

Highest Attendance: 4512 out of 5250 vs. Genoa, 2005

Biggest Win: vs. Gubbio, 5-1 – 2001
Biggest Loss: vs. Cremonese, 6-1 – 2013

Most League Goals for the Club: 28 – Cristian Longobardi
Most League Apps for the Club: 300 – Mario Pelliccioni


Our finances are very good but I have a very bad feeling that money is going to run out easily.
Good luck mate!
Your finances and sponsorships are actually pretty good for what is a Serie C1/A team, my Olhanense started out with less money than your San Marino team as well as only one euro 45k a year sponsorship. It's no wonder the team ended up 1.2 million in debt after just one half season, although the team has started to make profit after a slashing of expensive paid loan players.
Good Luck and loving the banner :P I wonder who made it

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