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Started on 5 March 2009 by Bole_
Latest Reply on 2 May 2009 by ArxaioS
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Back in black
I hit the sack
It's been too long I'm glad to be back
Yes, I'm let loose
From the noose
That's kept me hanging around
I've been looking at the sky
and it's gettin' me high
Forget the hearse 'cause I never die
I got nine lives
Cats eyes
Cruisin' every woman, never wonderin' why

god i love this song:)


Hi to all.
Many days have passed since I was active on FM Scout.I’ve always been here,but not posting.
Yesterday I decided to use this free time I have at the moment to play FM.As some of you know I play FM09 with Union Berlin.As said in the blog,I’ve won promotion to Bundesliga 2,but then stopped playing.I loaded the game and started to play,and couldn’t win a single game.I will probably continue writing my blog for more info on the game,but this post is made for tactic reasons.I realized that I can forget to play this game,after trying to make changes that didnt helped me at all.

Usually I play 4-4-2,but when I loaded the game,I saw 4-3-2-1.I thought “I played with this formation,I will continue with it”.And I lost 6 games in a row.Not that we were worse team ,but we lost all games.
At that point I got real nervous,but after few minutes,started to think ”I played this game before,why couldn’t I play it again,and play it good”.

Few months ago I writed in one topic that if you can not find good tactic,you should create BLANK formation.So I created it ,of course classic 4-4-2.

I played against Nurnberg.Usually I watch just key moments,but this time I watched all 90minutes.
In first half they were much better,and quickly scored 3 goals.I watched the players,and manage to score 2 goals,but not more until the end of the match.In next game I played 0:0.
I notices this in that two games:
1.Players passing the ball forward too early.
Result= strikers alone with the ball,in most cases loses the ball.
Solution:Moved slider for Tempo 3-4 pieces to the left.So not quite slow game,but slower.
2.Players holding the ball too long.
Result= midfielders with the ball often gets marked by two opp players,and eventualy loses the ball.
Notice that I lost first problem,but I got this problem with my midfielders.
Solution:Moled slider for Time Wasting by 6-7 pieces to the left,so rarely wasting time.
3.Defenders not marking succesfully.
Solution:increased closing down.side backs to Own Half and central defenders to Whole Pitch.
4.Now I had defenders marking a little better,but new problem were fast players,for that purpose I put Defense line to Deep.
5.By solving 3rd and 4th problem,I got new one:Long Shots.
My defenders are too deep,controling their 16m.
6.In attack,I noticed that my MC’s doesn’t work well,it looked like they are bothering one another.
In attack they were too clone one to another,and in defence I had a problem that one of that CM’s was offensive player(AM) .Problem was because they two gets more defensive,but this AM doesn’t have good marking and tackling.
Solution for both 5th and 6th problem was simple: 4-4-2 Diamond.
That way DM doesn’t have disturbing in defense by his mate.
And AMC doesn’t have disturbing in attack.
The best thing is that now they have great direct connection and connection over wings,so passing got better.
7.Despite nice progress,players still play too simple,without any nice moves.
So I modified creativity for all players like this:
Side Back: 11-13
Center Back:5-7
Defensive Midfielder: 7-9
Side Midfielders:12-14
Attacking Midfielder:12-14
Strikers- one to 14 and another to 10.
So every player beside CB’s have at least 10 creativity,which allows him to play nice,or to try to play nice :)
I think that giving to side players (RB,LB,RM,LM) had great impact,because these players,despite not having high Creativity attribute, started to play better,more dribbling,more nice passes,so it helped.
Also Through Balls,I put them on high to RB,LB,DM,AM,ST.and players started to get into space.That way my fast striker started to get in positions to take the ball behind enemy defence,and without offside.I gave that to RB,LB,DM too and now my wingers have more job on the side of the pitch.
About Crossing, RM,LM often, DC,DM,AM is set to rarely,and all the others to mixed.

After that I scored 4 wins and one draw.
Hope that this will help someone who had similar problems.
I probably forgot something,I am in a hurry,must attend class on Faculty.Will do it later.
omg welcome back i guess =P

yeh i do the same as you when it starts going badly.

btw i think its something with fm 09. because i have noticed a lot that the run making of players and their decision making is really different and weird.

maybe its just the 3d engine. but i really hope fm 2010 has better and more realistic gameplay.
ye i hate it when they pass like way to early. It is well annoying. I did the same thing as you but it barely changed.
i am giving it a bash now with boca
let you know how i do
Graeat educational post Bole_ :ave
every beginner should read this...Tnx again!
can u upload your tactic somewhere?
Nice acvice bro :D

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