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It's Gunter be Great

Started on 30 January 2014 by WioHideous
Latest Reply on 20 April 2014 by WioHideous
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I arrived at my destination after hours of flying.

They carried me off the plane, sack over my head, hands bound. I was forced into a seat, the coarse leather rubbing against my hands. A voice rang out "Well gentleman, it looks like we have found our new manager..."
One grabbed my hand, forced a pen into it and made writing motions, guiding my own hand. "Thank you, Mr. Gunter. We hope you find your new job..." He paused, I heard faint murmurs in the distance "...most intoxicating"
At this, a hand grabbed my nose, forcing me to open my mouth, another hand forced pills down my throat. I tried to vomit them back up, but was quickly indulged with the deep embrace of darkness.

A searing pain ran through my cheek,I opened an eye and closed it instantly from the bright sunlight. Tentatively, I opened it again. Squinting, I saw many people rushing around most in black suits. One came up to me and attached a microphone to my chest.
Another two men pushed me out of my chair and shepherded me towards a door. I couldn't muster the words to react, so was forced through the door. Inside, I was shown to a seat. A large room filled with cameras and other assorted recording equipment were
in front of me. Then came the flood of questions;

"How did you get your new job?"
"Haven't I seen you on crimewatch before?"
"Who do you plan on signing?"
"Who are you?"

The man beside me spoke, silencing the voices, he and the press droned on for an eternity. Eventually, we shook hands as the lenses of many cameras flashed at once. Then I am ushered off the stage and shown to a grubby motel room.
Tired, I fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke to find a newspaper had been slid under my door. I reached for it, picked it up and flicked to the sports pages. Then promptly through it down in horror. The back page was showered in pictures of me in a tarditional German outfit
and emblazoned with the headline:
"A tan in Wales, it's Gunter be a hot summer: Cardiff City appoint new boss Hanz Gunter" ...

After having read many stories on various forums, I thought I might have a try, on thing which will be implemented in the story will be a character trait system. For instance, Should Hanz develop a reputation for buying a certain type of player, he will continue to in the future. Also non-football related events will have consequences to the way he manages.The non-football related events will henceforth be coloured blue and the matches in black.
Wow, what a start! Good luck!
Good Luck
Good Luck
Good luck!
Thanks everyone, next part will be in about half an hour.
I was summoned to the office.

Vincente Tan sat opposite me. "So Hanz you have to settle a little bet for humiliating me years ago. You must take this club, and with 3 million pounds, avoid relegation. To make this interesting I've had a little bet. Should the fans decide to fire you, you will be brought to justice, however I have put £100,000.00 on you to be our manager by the end of the season at 1000/1. Either way, I win." (Laughs both manicaly and evily)
"To help you I have signed a player of imense quality on loan."

"who?" I asked, my nails digging into my palms.

He stood up, walked over to me and pulled a signed picture out of his pocket. The name was Billy Sharp.

Transfers & Tactics

As I am looking to avoid relegation, and not knowing the quality of my players, i shall be addopting a 5-2-2-1 formationin the hopes of hitting teams on the counter attack.

As I had not been allowed to see the team, I used my computer to find out more. With what looked to be a weak side for a good division, I knew it would need some work if I wee to avoid the axe.

A few weeks later and here are the details:


Tobias Levels-£1.2 million.

I needed a player who could fill in on the right side of the defence with relative ease, with all of the defensive side of his game already up to standard, he will hopefuly step right into the team.

Sortiris Kyrgiakos-Free Transfer

For free, how could I resist. An experienced Greek international with a low squad role, he will fill the defencive hole if injuries hit the squad and perform well.

Billy Sharp-Loan

I doesn't know how good he is, but if Vincente signed him it can only be for the purpose of humiliating me or making more money.

Tobias Sippel-£2.0 million

Another German signing comes to the club, with him being young and already as good as David Marshall, we hope to make a profit by selling the Scot and developing this protegee.


Mark Hudson-£1 million

With the arrival of Kyrgiakos and the need for a new keeper, it made sense to sell the lad and £1 million is a great return on a 31 year old
The First Month

"On his debut as Cardiff City Manager, Hanz Gunter came out of the tunnel again dressed in his German outfit. Cardiff fans can only hope it can save them from relegation"

Cardiff City vs Newcastle United
1 : 1

Despite having less possesion, we started well with Conway scoring first from close range. Then, just after the break, Newcastle clawed their way back into the match with a wondergoal from Ben Arfa by turning and scoring high to the left side from the edge of the area, despite this we created numerous chances and would have won had Cornelius' goal not been disallowed on the 80th minute.

Arsenal vs Cardiff City
1 : 2

We went down to an early goal from Sagna with a one two play with Ozil before smashing it in off the post. After half time taking Caulker off shored up our defence and Cornelius sprung on the counter scoring a well placed shot. On the 60th Minute we won a corner and despite Arsenals initial attempts to clear Kim Bo-Kyung buried it from 25 yards. Some facts form the game: They had 29 shots to our 5 and 7 of those were on target to our 3.This proving that the new keeper Sippel is playing well as is the defence who were magnificent at blocking shots today.

Capital one cup

Cardiff City vs Stevenage
1 : 0

Basic game, we dominated, looked like it might go to a replay had Medel not struck in the 50th minute.

Cardiff City vs West Ham
1 : 0

Another good result, there were a few chances for either side however the introduction of Craig Bellamy from the bench made an impact and on the 85th minute he assisted Craif Noone from the wing


A great month for the team, we have played well defensively despite the quality of our opponents, despite this we were not as convincing as I would have hoped against Stevenage despite fielding a reserve side. At the end of the month we sit in third and look to continue our good run of form into September.
Amazing performances, mate, congrats'!
Thanks Cosmin, finally got my computer fixed so gunter try to get this started again
Southampton vs Cardiff City
1 : 1

I tried to play a 4-2-3-1 in an attempt to negate their possession and hopefully use the wide areas.
It was apparent that this didn't work as in the early stages we were dominated. With an injury to Conway leading to Southampton scoring on half time. His replacement Odemwinge took a knock.
This signaled the changes in personnel. We adopted the formation that had served us well and as ever, absorbed the pressure, countered and scored. This happened to be the last of the goals as though Southampton tried, they could not beat our defence. Conway is out for 1-2 months.

Stats: Southampton:Cardiff City
Shots 29 : 5
On target 11 : 4
Possession 66 : 34

West Bromwich Albion vs Cardiff City
Shots 29 8
5 4
Possession 61 39

Again a great defensive performance. WBA scored on the 50th minute but was offside. Around the 70th Cornelius was 1 on 1 but missed. He was replaced by Craig Bellamy who took his chance after our one attacking move not on the counter and tucked it away.

Capital One Cup
Watford vs Cardiff City
1 : 3
A good result, showing we are meant for the highest tier of English football.

The Big one: Cardiff City vs Swansea City
Shots: 11 : 28
On Target 8 : 8
Possession 32 : 68

The team went out in the successful 5-2-2-1 formation we had been playing for the rest of the season.
In the 7th minute, Cornelius charged up the pitch on the counter from the half way line, ran to the left flank, whipped in a killer cross and Kim Bo-Kyung converts from point blank range with a header.
15th minute, Wittingham whips in a corner which Naughten clears, but only as far as the edge of the area where Cornelius hits it on the volley and scores a beautiful goal.
45th minute Cardiff lead Swansea 2:0 going into half time.
65th minute, another Wittingham corner is cleared away by Michu, again to the edge of the area where Cornelius takes one touch and strikes the ball on the half-volley and nestles in the bottom left of the net.
90th Minute, Kim Yo-Beyung intercepts the ball in the middle of the park, blitzes up the right wing on the counter and plays a high ball into Cornelius who converts with the keeper in no-mans land.
90th Minute - Full time Cardiff City 4 : Swansea City 0

A great game, one of my favorites on this football manager, Cornelius had a hat trick and one assist with a 9.6 rating and we end the month of September second in the Premier League, however with three huge games in the form
of Liverpool Manchester City and Chelsea next month, we don't expect to stay there.

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