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Poll: The Real White and Reds

Started on 2 February 2014 by aaronsinteur
Latest Reply on 27 February 2014 by aaronsinteur
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Who will be the new manager of Olympiacos? (31 votes)
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We have some news from Greece today:
Today a shocking announcement was made by Evangelos Marinakis, the chairman of Olympiacos F.C. he stated that Manager Michel has resigned for the club after a argument with a member of the direction. Marinakis rejected to tell who the direction member was. Michel had a good period at Olympiacos winning the League and the Cup but now its all over. We wish Michel good luck with a new club. But now the question is who will manage Olympiacos? The favourite for the job is Víctor who was the assistant of Michel but also Predrag ?or?evi? who played 334 games for the Greek giants. We asked some fans of Olympiacos about the sacking of Michel. Vladimer Gyranopolis a fan since his birth told us that he was surprised about the sacking of Michel because the fans loved him and the results where great. Markalos Beponal told us that the direction member who had an argument with Michel should have been fired and not Michel. One thing is for sure the replacement of Michel must work hard to win the support of the fans we wish him good luck doing that. Whenever there is news on the situation at Olympiacos we will inform you right here on our site so keep an eye out for more news.

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Who will be the next Manager of Olympiacos?
- Predrag ?or?evi?
- Víctor
- Zico


Today another shocking announcement was made by Evangelos Marinakis during a press conference it was announced that is would not be favourite Zico that would get the Olympiacos job but Dutch guy named Aaron Sinteur we don't know who he is we don't know what he looks like but he can't be better than Zico. Evangelos Marinakis told us that the choose for Sinteur was not taken by him but by his son who met him at a beach in Italy they started talking and he told Aaron Sinteur that his father was looking for a new head coach for Olympiacos. Sinteur told Marinakis Jr that he would love to be a manager of a football club. Sinteur was invited to come to Athens with Marinakis Jr where he had a talk with Evangelos Marinakis. Marinakis was impressed by the perseverance of the Young Dutch guy. And so thing here we are the new manager of Olympiacos is Aaron Sinteur we will have an interview with him in a while.

Interview with Sinteur

Journalist: Hello Mister Sinteur so you’re the new manager of Olympiacos what are your plans with the club?

Aaron Sinteur: Hello call me Aaron, mister Sinteur is my father. Well my plans are to make Olympiacos one of the best clubs in Europe and of course continue winning the League.

Journalist: My next question is about Transfers are you going to buy new players?

Aaron Sinteur: Before i came here i did some work so new players will come to the club

Journalist: What are you going to do with the Staff are they staying?

Aaron Sinteur: I think the Staff that’s here at the moment is of a high level so there staying

Journalist: Do you think that the supporters will accept you because i think they would have liked Zico more as manager

Aaron Sinteur: Well it’s clear that in the beginning it will be hard but I’m sure me and the fans will build up a great relation i know Zico is a big person in the world of Football but sometimes things don't go the way people want

Journalist: Thank you for your time i wish you good luck as manager of Olympiacos

Aaron Sinteur: It was a pleasure and thank you i hope we meet a lot in the future
Nice, keep it up, I've never followed a Greek story really


Its finnaly time for the friendlies! Olympiakos travelled to Germany for friendlies against: Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Trier, Motherwell and Leverkusen. Víctor managed the friendlies because i wanted to focus on the transers so lets see how it went.

Nurnberg - Olympiakos

Its the first match so no problem i guess

Vfb Stuttgart - Olympiakos
Well a 2-0 loss against Stuttgart this is not the pre season start that i hoped for lets just hope the next game goes better.

Trier - Olympiakos
Finally a win but Trier isn't really a top team so the last 2 matches have to go better than this because im not verry happy with the pre season so far

Motherwell - Olympiakos
A lot of goals but still no win so not im not really happy but atleast we scored 3 times the last game against Leverkusen will be our game im sure

Olympiakos - Leverkusen
Finally a win so its a good end to a not so good pre season but im sure when the competition starts we will be ready!

Well it was a bumby ride that pre season ill get some new players and then everything will be alright im sure about that


This is the time of the year i love the transfer market time! i have some players that i singed lets go to the first one.

Anthony Réveillère
This guy is one of the best free agents in the game and i wanted a good right back and i've got one now!

Ola John
This guy is young and got the pace that i expect from a winger he will develop in to a good player for Olympiakos

André Martins
This guy is my favourite signing because he has some good stats for a young central midfielder.

Loukas Vyntra
This guy was i signed because i lost some centre backs and he was a replacement that i could afford and hes from Greece to thats a bonus.

Ricardo Costa
This guy has the same reason as Vyntra i lost some cente backs and i needed a new one.

Transfers out
The players that i lost where good players but i replaced them with better players so its no problem that they left i hope they have succes at there new clubs

It was a good transfer period i got the players that i wanted and im 100% ready for the new season by now.

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