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Newcastle United: The Era of Vieira

Started on 4 February 2014 by Trop
Latest Reply on 19 February 2014 by PJGrieve7
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I love the quarter updates and your graphics are top quality!
Ben Arfa seems like he's doing great :D
Those graphics look amazing! And gg with Hatem aswell
Nice graphics Trop, HBA is doing well for you and you're getting the best out of the oldie but goldie Di Vaio :P keep it uppp!
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Awesome graphics!

Very inconsistent though, keep up the good work.
I apologise for the lack of updates, got exams coming up so I've been revising a lot lately. And just to clear up any confusion about this update, I didn't have time to involve everything that happened in the second quarter in my last update, I simply just displayed the results. So this is an update on everything else that happened in the 2nd quarter. Thanks for reading!

I'm not quite sure why Mourinho was awarded 'Manager of the Quarter', considering Chelsea are positioned 4th in the league, which is below where they finished at the end of the last quarter (1st). However, I completely agree with Guidetti being awarded 'Player of the Quarter', the youngster has shone brightly these past few months and has turned out to be a great move for Stoke, hopefully they'll be able to survive without him when his loan expires.

I've been very inactive this January transfer window, I decided to take a rest with the signings, to let the team gel more after the huge intake in August, September and October. I didn't bring anyone in, neither did I sell anyone. But I did loan a few of our youths out:

The 2nd quarter has been rather dreadful to be honest, getting only 4 wins from 15. The team are just beginning to gel, and I'm sure we will regain form soon. However, we are still positioned 8th in the league, which shows how successful our 1st quarter was, where we managed to get 5 wins from 9 league games.
Id say it has been an average season so far! Hopefully you can strengthen in January and make a real push for a Europa League spot! Good luck!:) I like those graphics as well mate!
pompeyblue's avatar pompeyblue
7 yearsEdited
Great updates Trop and unbelievable graphics!
Some decent results but hopefully in the next few month you can be more consistent in results and push for Europe :)

10 Game Unbeaten Streak!

After our form in the second quarter, this quarters results have been a huge boost to the morale of the team, beating Arsenal and Liverpool felt sensational. Cvitanich has proved himself to be a great signing, scoring 6 goals this season, and Hatem Ben Arfa continues his outstanding form. Benzia managed to bag himself two goals, whilst that's not too great, considering how bad his form has been, it is a major boost for the youngster.

Writer's Note

Sadly, this is the last quarterly update. It is the first time I've attempted to update in quarters, it seemed like a great idea, but I misjudged the timing, and now I only have 3 games left to play in the final quarter. I'm going to be updating with major events/key happenings, which quarterly didn't allow me to do. I will still be including graphics, don't worry. ;)
Damn, Ben Arfa is a real talent and it'd be a shame to see him leave:( I like the little bits of news on the side of the graphic tho, very nice!:P
Don't let him go! he still has so much to offer
That sucks, I've seen him being an instrumental part of some people save's, but he kind of lowers down by 2015, so you might get a good juicy fee now :P
Some really solid results there, especially against Liverpool. Shame about Ben Arfa handing in a transfer request, though. Also, United, why you gotta take Spurs' top spot?! :(

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