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The good old story, San Marino Challenge

Started on 9 February 2014 by Cameroncox96
Latest Reply on 6 March 2014 by Cameroncox96
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In the Aftermath of the Abino game I was offered a contract by the San Marino president, and of course to complete this challenge I accepted, I am delighted as I was scared that I wasn't going to get offered an extension.
In the first leg of our semi-final we were 2-0 and lost our lead, we ended up drawing the game 2-2, which almost gave Patria one hand in the final already, but this wasn't us out of the Semi-Final and I was determined to make sure we won the away leg. We missed a massive player for us in the home leg, Sensi. He came back for the away leg and we ended up winning the game 3-1, this proves how essential he has been to us this season, even though I have mainly favoured other Attacking midfielders. But the player who stole the show was Nicolo Lolli, his brace earned him a rating of 8.8 and Motm. In the final we would play FeralpiSapo, this team was another team that had beaten expectations to get here, but of course I wanted this more then anyone. This match could be expected to go either way both teams have won once this season. Nervous times in the San Marino camp.
This is it the final, is it going to be Feralpisapo or is it going to be the plucky San Marino side, well the first leg result shows a even result, which is great for us as they now have to come to our ground for the final match of this season. But the result shows a different situation to the match report, they dominated the game and probably should have won, but we put the chances away. But here is the big news who wins the final, the team that won the final are...
SAN MARINO, after 90 minutes the two teams couldn't be separated at 3-3. In the first half of extra time the away team scored twice making the game 5-3, but the heroics of Maini and Gavilian saved the team from the devastation of falling at the final hurdle. I must say I have never felt something as tense as this game, I had butterflies in my stomach all the way through. On the whole this season could have started better, but it finished so well and I hope we can continue this form going into the Serie B division, just hope that I can sign enough players to make a difference in the league. Up the Titani Army
What a game, good luck in Serie B
This season has been brilliant for the team and for, Lolli won 3 awards at the end of the season, young player of the year, young top goal scorer and top goal scorer. But Alejandro also won the Fair play award, which I pride my style of football for this award, as in most games we have rarely received yellow card, in fact we have received the lowest amount of yellow cards in the league on 19 the team below us being on 27, we also didn't actually get any red cards.
I also won manager of the season, which in all fairness, to get promoted with a team that was predicted to finish last place, I think this is justified.

Season Round Up 2013-14

Serie C1/A - 7th (Board Expects - Consolidation)
We finished 7th in the league but because we won the play -offs we got promoted, amazing season beating all the odds thrown at us
Serie C Cup - Third round group (Board Expects - Didn't care)
Another decent tournament for San Marino, we didn't win the trophy but to get this far was okay. The fact that the board never cared about this trophy took the pressure off of me.

Player Stats
Top Goalscorer - Nicolo Lolli -23
Top Assists - Davide Poletti - 10
Top Rating - Nicolo Lolli - 7.31
Appearances - Manuel Gavilan/Alejandro - 35
MotM - Nicolo Lolli - 7
Pre-Season 14-15

Club Info:
Club - San Marino
Division - Serie B
Media Prediction - 22nd (LAST)
Board Requirements - Avoid relegation
Reputation - Regional (up 1)
Training Facilities - Average
Youth Facilities - Below Average
Junior Coaching - Adequate
Youth Recruitment - Fairly Basic
Club Value - £1.5m (+£0.5m)
Stadium - 5250

Manager Info:
Reputation - Regional (up 1)
Wage - £2,400 (+£700)
Manager Points - Don't know
Hall of Fame - n/a
Major Trophies - 0
Minor Trophies - 0
Games Played - 41
Games Won - 20
Win % - 48
Goals Scored - 73
Goal Difference - +15
It's going to be a very nervous season for the supporters and the players, this season we again are expected to finish last place, but we can't less be the case because this time this will mean relegation and probably me getting the sack. To try and boost my chances this season I have signed 3 players and there are plenty more signing on their way. I have managed to keep most of the players from last year, and got them all back on loan.
The first player Cristian Baena, 23 year old midfielder, he is going to be a vital part this seasons San Marino squad, his work rate, determination and natural fitness are all big stats here, and this is vital because we need players that will be determined and who will work their socks of week in week out.

The next player is Fabian Himcinschi, To be honest he will be our best striker in a few years, but at the moment he isn't cut out for this level and will definitely be looking to loan him out. His Ariel ability is going to be a massive plus point for the team, we haven't really got anyone that challenges in the air.

The third player is Luca Angelini, he doesn't look very good and I think the scouts misjudged him, because he is a very poor player and I hope when I get some better staff they can hopefully judge him to be a better talent.
These are all the transfers that I have made so far, this season.
I would say beating Cesena was the highlight of the pre-season, they're a Serie A team, and the fact that we beat them without many of our first team players because they are loanee's from Cesena. A loss to Bari wasn't the best result but it gave the team a taste of what the Serie B will be like, we also put in a good shift but we were extremely unlucky. Bring on the start of the season.
I'm going to quit posting this challenge , due to not enough demand, I will be starting other challenges and I will also continue with this one, thank you to everyone who has read it, sorry its over so soon
continue playing this challenge but not posting it.
I only got one vote and it was for yes, so I'm going to start this up again wooo


Francesco Grandolfo(2) - Manuel Gavilan(38), Davide Poletti(72)

Edgar Cani(2) - Manuel Gavilan(5), Davide Poletti(89)

Marco Paolini(32), Davide Poletti(pen 45+1), Manuel Gavilan(82) - Jefferson(54)

Nicolao Dumitru(61,74)


Manuel Gavilan
Manuel has been in amazing form so far, with an average match rating on 7.58 which is pretty amazing, but what have impressed me the most is that he has scored 4 goals in 4 stars, last year he wasn't the striker that got all of our goals but this season he has definitely started to step up and perform as expected.


Well what can I say for our first month in the Serie B to have won 2 out of 3 league games and to have won 3 out of 4 games is absolutely amazing, and I have to say was way above what I was expecting. But these players never fail to surprise me and if we keep this up their is no reason we can't challenge at the top this season We are currently sitting in a healthy ninth place, which is far beyond the expectation of 22nd. Well Done boys.

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