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FM 2010 Expectations

Started on 18 March 2009 by raydenvm
Latest Reply on 27 August 2009 by Niknar
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Having the option to request more coaches with your board. It's happens too much I'd like to have an extra coach and have my offers rejected due to the board setting a limit to the number of coaches.

And I want the 3D to be removed, useless feature.
Fmpanda : and if your not doing well they could offer you reduced budgets if you want to keep your job or even better offer you 10 match deal to turn the club round or be sacked???? tht be awesome

other thing i would like which is realistic is to complain about an oppisite manager for repeated bids...or tryin to unsettle a player

not to the media but to the FA

I think those choices u have picked there would go well down in fm2010, so yea think ill back them up and say a brilliant idea for an addition to the game
I would like the tactics to be a bit more flexible.
For example, if I have say three players who can play AMR, e.g. Kuyt, Gerrard or someone, is it possible to expand the tactics so that it doesn't only give one the generic AMR Personal Instruction setting, regardless of who's selected as AMR. What I want is the ability to personalise the AMR position, depending on who's selected there.

The same obviously goes for all the other positions in your team also.

I hope you guys understand what I mean.
Combining the training sschedules of senior and youth players. Once you set the senior coaches e.g Coach 1 to do Set Pieces, Coach 2 to do Shooting, etc for these settings to be transferred automatically onto the Youth Training Program.
I'd like more options in the team talk, sometimes angry doesn't describe how i'd respond to throwing away a 4-0 lead. Disembowel a youth teamer as an example perhaps?
I'd like the press conferences to be a bit more varied and sensible, I can count on one hand the times a manager has come out after a penalty was given against him and not slated the ref. It takes something on the John "I'd like to strap electrodes to his testicles" Gregory level of desent to the ref to get a fine in the real world, so how come if i even suggest i might be a little miffed that the penalty was given, i get dragged over the coals?
Maybe electrodes to the testes could be the angrier than angry option...

Oh, and can people stop appealing for penalties all the time in the new version please? I'm sick of people crying for penalties over fouls in the centre circle. I know footballers aren't known for their intelligence, but i fancy even they know what a penalty is. Sometimes its feels like players learnt the rules of football from my mum.

Do you reckon there is any chance we'll not all be punished by the horrific and distressing copy protection on this one or are we in for some even more draconian measures a la anno 1404? Stamping down on the law abiders with copy protection that makes playing the game harder will just make me find a lovely pirate on the internet who has made the copy protection problem go away. And doesn't want any money. And sometimes will even put pictures of ladies wearing very little in with the torrent...
thing is though with team talks.

every person has different styles etc, and different things to say. i agree their should be a few more options rather than these same things again and again.

so i really hope they add a few more options there and some options that change according to the match etc.
i am a horrible guy with teamtalks haha, think roy keane would be, so more teamtalk options would be very welcome
Also I hope they have fixed that commentary where it says everyone is surrounding the ref, and everyone is just playing as normal and going nowhere near the ref.
I thnk they should add a story mode. Start off controlling your local sunday league teams and build from there. Becomming assistant manager of other teams and going up until you become a manager learning your trade. Or maybe use it as an introduction and show new players how to use all the services they have at their hands.

Also bring back the old arrows
they will not bring back the arrows!
it is such a shame, they were incredibly useful in my experience
The !RedDevil! : they will not bring back the arrows!
it is such a shame, they were incredibly useful in my experience

very useful indeed, gave a you a much wider tactical freedom.

the arrows they have now are useless anyways, its just to do with forward runs. in the old version the arrows meant that when the team has the ball the player moves upto the position the arrow is pointed towards. also giving better running off the ball for some players which created another dimension to the tactic. something everyone uses in real life.

you just dont say to your player, run forward often, mixed and rarely. you tell that.

but also you would like to say to lets say ribery to cut inside from the lm position to the AMCL position when the team has the ball and such.
Ahh. I have never been so excited about a gaming year for a while. I have never wanted FM this bad. I am so excited all the game released kick off soon! I am so excited. But also this year, FIfa, Halo ODST, COD, Creed. I am so excited!!! I think the fact that SI never made this one for the 360 has made me play it more so made me more excited, because I play other games on live and play FM on my macbook so I multitask.

I agree with the arrows and the training. Friendlies should be improved, testimonials and stuff. You have never really been able to give someone a real bollocking over performances or tell them to buck up in training. Should improve AI managers, they are not their realistic selves of the pitch. Board meetings are a must, should be able to give suggestions to the board, like suggest a ticket rise or fall. Also I think Directors of Football should be added to clubs who have them and that out of work managers can be suggested to the board to take over. You could say for example to the director, "Find me a defender who is available for around £5m" the director then goes out, finds a player comes back and says so and so, you can go and tell him to go get him, and he does. It would add some more realism in. It would be a pain for people who like to buy their own players but you could ask the board to sack him or something.

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