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Deported in Sassari

Started on 16 February 2014 by bebero
Latest Reply on 17 July 2014 by kFp
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Deported in Sassari

My connections with the Sicilian Mafia, I brought only suffering. After the last deal in which I was involved, the whole thing was kidnapped.
Mob entered the small, I learned to do it myself. Blows were numerous. My last choice made ??me lose everything I was involved many street fights. I wish I could turn back time and take care of my Hobie football, but now it was too late, always coming into my mind memories. I joined the mob just revenge, my family perished in a bloody battle in Sicily were innocent.
The thirst for revenge made ??me wrong, I chose to just go with two guys in an important meeting for the "new" my family. Arriving from Milan, here was to establish a new business terms and a new alliance, to appear in Italy.
But here things were different stint in Milan was not as short as it hoped. Here we were attacked all three, it was a constant struggle and a chase lasting for a week I just stayed hidden channels and caves not being killed. I got the money and was able to buy 3 tickets for a train to Sicily. I cried with all this is "our salvation"
The day came when the train was to leave studded mobs, and it was very hard to leave, but this was the last chance to get "home". So I attacked and managed to catch the train, but unfortunately only two of us sacrificed and died.
We arrived in Sicily, my family knew nothing of the attack in Milan, I tried to explain it all started with them, but I could not convince. Astelf "my father", decided to deport me in Sassari.
It was a shock to hear that, after what I tried to do in Milan, but the decision was already made??, I was beaten and deported in Sassari, not to give the suspect.

After three months

I finally left the hospital, I put money into an account and I managed to rent a room in Sassari, life here seemed luxurious and I love it, but I was alone .. and everything seemed harder.
It was a place that comforted me and made ??me go over everything in my Sassari can fulfill my hobby. I wanted to intervene in world football there, but did not know anyone yet .

Sassari new hope!

I began to know the world of Sassari. And go out to parties here, however for many was a nobody. But now I was happy I had time for my hobby.
We arrived at a party where uni decided to drink more than they can. I went outside the local dawn. Here I saw 4 guys attacking a man, I decided to rush to his aid. We again had a street fight, I hope will be the last .
We both managed to escape safely. We decided to go to my room at the hotel, and here to talk. After long talk I learned that he is Antonio Martino. I talked to him, told me he is Director of a football team Sassari .

Already we hope to have a chance to work and I to fits team and it seems that the chance came.

Antonio : Team is a job coach, if you're interested.

Bebe : That would be a huge achievement for me, but unfortunately I have no experience at all.

Antonio : The experience you will gain, are a young, new, and maybe this will be your chance.

Bebe : I do not know how I can thank you for this opportunity.

Antonio : You have already done much for me, saved me.

After 2 days

I went to the stadium to discuss with team president, Antonio managed to convince him to take me. Antonio got there it was already there and talk to team president.
When we got there, the president said, "You're the new coach." Then I incremedint and I looked at Antonio who was smiling. I did not know what to say, all I did was to say thank you for the opportunity.

S.E.F. Torres 1903

S.E.F. 1903 Torres is my new family .
I talked to personnel, and players who have trusted me, and make me feel better. In my mind I say this is my chance and I will miss.

So after my installation team, everything starts.

That was fantastic, Hoping for more as the build-up was good and It would be good to see how he settles in at S.E.F Torres. Keep up the good work!

And it all started

We arrived at the stadium, I talked to the team and the ghost. We decided that our goal is to promote. We studied the team and I had a meeting with them. We designed tactic that will build the game.

The tactic will be modified over now depends on how players will adapt this system.
Players are excited me and the target .

David Botone is the most experienced player on the team, I hope to help promote. It's like the leader of the team. It adds the player experience.

Marco Cabeccia is also as an experienced player is captain. I hope to help me and be a plus for the team.

This is short presentation of team work begins now. We start the season.
your captain looks good and nice formation its different and teams wont have come across it before. Fantastic update
very unique story and I like the writing style!

And my dream has begun!

The first thing I did was to get some more team members in personnel, I hope to continue to work well. After that I got the squad, no one left but came four new players. I hope to help the team and adjust quickly.

Players transfer
David is a young player, not a great experience, but I hope to help. It's best young team and I hope to grow well.

Nicola is a very experienced player has played most of his time in Serie B at Triestina. He played in all 332 games and scored 20 goals. I hope his experience to help me.

Vincenzo Sarno Sarno is a player who I personally really like, is junior to Rome, but not great debut for the team, played a long time to Reggina.

Gustavo Capellino

Gustavo is a young player but has good qualities, hopes to score for the team.

And so it all began. I started the first official matches.
In Serie C Cup, where we all started. There were two very good matches, the 2nd game was superb.

And its official debut in the league

I am very happy with how the team played, and I am proud of the results.
Good luck with the upcoming season.
This is shaping up to be an excellent story.


I managed to get three players on the team hope to help. Experience and hope to merit the effort to bring to the team.

Players transfer

Alessandro Armenia has a good and experienced player. He played only in Italy until now. Hope this help me, and I hope to succeed better cross.

Emile is a very good player and very experienced. He played a huge number of matches and the major teams. He played in Standard, but Schalke Man City. In total he played 349 games, and managed to score 125 goals.

Ridny Cairo is a young player not very experienced, but I hope to work hard. Junior made ??from PSV, and you may be able to grow well, has great determination.

And these are my transfers so far, Sarno is perhaps the best transfer my accest until now.

Results from September

Player of the month

Sarno is a very good player, amazes me the way he cares, finds many productions spa, and manages to score with strong shot.

I'm glad I managed to win two games, and the more I'm glad I was not defeated.
Nice transfers.


It was a very good month for the team results, but unfortunately the moon was obscured by Marco's injury, which will be injured for three months.

Marco : It was a very tough injury for me, when I learned that I will be three months on the bar was a shock, I hope to return as soon as possible and I can play my best level.

Month was very good for the team we managed very good matches and I scored many goals.


Gustavo started playing very well and has adapted very quickly managed to score more goals and managed a few assists.

It was a very good month for the team, I got home and decided to rest, but suddenly hear the phone.

Beeeep Beeeep

Unknown : Ciao, complimenti per tutto quello che fate a Sassari, ma qui non avete dimenticato quello che hai fatto! ( Hello, congratulations for all you do in Sassari, but here you have not forgotten what you did! )

Bebe : Chi è questo? ( Who is this? )

Unknown : Un vecchio amico della Sicilia, ti ha tradito la famiglia mafiosa di Milano. ( An old friend of Sicily, you betrayed the Mafia family in Milan. )

Bebe : Non ho amici in Sicilia, forse i nemici! Non ho mai venduto nulla! ( I have no friends in Sicily, maybe enemies! I have never sold anything! )

Unknown : Hai tradito la tua famiglia! ( You betrayed your family! )


Call has ended!
But who was I and what message he wants to convey.
A nice story with a twist! Your players have started off well keep it up
You should respect the Sicilian Mafia's authoritah!!!
2014-02-19 10:18#162113 Tellak : You should respect the Sicilian Mafia's authoritah!!!

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