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Deported in Sassari

Started on 16 February 2014 by bebero
Latest Reply on 17 July 2014 by kFp
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great results, especially the 2 cup wins
Nice start mate! Good start in the season and good luck for the rest:)

November and December

Two months very good team, unfortunately injuries are held incontinuare for me and my players. The team plays well enough and we can mark the goals. We arrived in Semifinal Cup Series C.
Unfortunately David Bottone was injured for 3-4 months at the most beautiful game of my team 5-1 against the team after the 2nd.

David : When I learned that I miss so much, I had a shock, I want to play as much, but now you have to take a break, I hope the team do without me.


The best player

Gustavo amazes me! It has a very good and I hope to do this every game.

We decided that the holidays to be with the team, so I went on a vacation with all. For me it was not what happiest holiday.

Unknown Questo sarà l'ultimo Natale con i vostri cari. ( This will be your last Christmas with your loved ones. )


Call end !

Who could threaten me? Does the mafia still looking for me?

Team will transfer period, I hope to bring a midfielder, and I hope to play good team.
unlucky on injuries but good results though :)


A good month for us, and we managed to get 2-3 players. We did good matches, but unfortunately there are many players who are injured.

Antonio is a young striker, and quite good. He came on loan, as there are many injuries.

Leca is a very good player, the debut managed to score. It's very young, and is a player for the future.

Vincenzo Italiano

Vincenzo is a very experienced player, came free agent, hopes to help the middle and send assists.

Andrea is a young player, and the next, I signed a contract with him, but the next season. I hope not to get injured.

I hope that transfers to help the team.


It was a very good team, and I see things in the past and were still. I hope that the past not to follow me and threatening me.
it is always good to see a undefeated month :) great update and nice signings

February and March

Football full moons in Sassari, I managed to play increasingly better, more goals. I managed to win most games. Unfortunately Mihai Leca can not adapt to the team, and wanted a vacation, he left early and still not returned. He said it's hard to believe that will play here in return.
I managed to get in Serie C Cup semifinal .
Here I met Pro Vercelli, I had high hopes for a team from a higher league, and I was a little afraid of them.

I am very satisfied, how did they play in the semifinals, and I hope to continue the same in the final.


Follow finals, you need to prepare very well, I hope I do not lose, Ascoli is a good team.
I noticed a very promising young U19 team, I will try to try it the end of the season.
Great start of story mate.. i am amazing by writing story. Also cool tranfers, nice results... respect.

April and May

Month started very sad for me, Mpenza was injured for one month, and missed important games of the season. I change all the strikers that I can do without him Mpenza unseen, but it was pretty hard. The team played more relaxed, and it shows in the results, but I can not be mad at them. They did a superb season.

The first big event of the month

First leg

Second leg

The second event of the month

First leg

Second leg

I managed to win two cups in the last two months. The team deserves my congratulations.

The League

The best players of the season.

Sarno, Gustavo and Mpenza were the best players this season.
Gustavo received and award the best player and scorer of the season.

Beeep beeeep

Lorenzo : Salve, non mi ricordo, ma siamo rimasti buoni amici prima. (Hi, may not remember me, but we were good friends before.)

Bebe : Lorenzo a Milano? Sei? Anche tu? (Lorenzo in Milan? You are? Even you?)

Lorenzo : Ho chiamato per congratularmi con lei e ad avvertire tutti voi ancora una volta, complimenti per quello che fai con il calcio a Sassari. Ma attenzione la mafia in Sicilia si prepara qualcosa, non so se è buono, ma attenzione. (I called to congratulate you and to warn you all again, congratulations for what you do with football in Sassari. But beware the Mafia in Sicily prepares you something, do not know if it's good, but beware.)

Bebe : Ma mi sbagliavo e non ho tradito la mafia. Come hai fatto a fuggire da Milano !? (But I was wrong and I have not betrayed the Mafia. How did you escape from Milan!?)

Lorenzo : Sono stato torturato e permesso minuscola, ho perso una mano in questo attacco, e fu abbandonata. Dopo qualche tempo ho trovato un vecchio uomo che si prese cura di me. E 'stato molto difficile per me. Sono contento che sei riuscito a sbarazzarsi di Milano. (I was tortured and allowed tiny, I lost a hand in that attack, and was abandoned. After some time I found an old man who took care of me. It was very hard for me. Glad you managed to get rid of Milan.)

Bebe : E 'terribile, mi dispiace sentire che! Pensavo fossi morto in attacco di accelerazione altrimenti non lasciare Milano senza di te. (It's awful, I'm sorry to hear that! I thought you were dead in attack accel otherwise not leave Milan without you.)

Lorenzo : Avresti successo a me! Ora posso parlare, ti chiamo! Non utilizzare questo numero, bye! (You would have happened to me! Now I can talk, I'll call you! Do not use this number, bye!)

awesome update and awesome graphics :) i love this story!
Trophy winner! Yeah, that's really cool. What a season you had, unfortunatelly for your rivals. Good story bro, will be following this for sure. Gustavo is a great player.


It was a difficult time because about 20 players have left the team. Failed to establish a new contract with them, and remained a free agent. I hope I managed to get to help.

Andrea Dossena

Andrea D. is a very experienced player, and did not expect me to agree to play on the team. He played very well known teams such as Liverpool and Napoli and Udinese but, I'm glad I signed, and I hope to help the team as much as he can.

Alberto is an experienced player comes on loan at Parma, I hope to help the team in the moments when you enter the match .

Cristian an exciting striker played a period in Romania, and the rest in Argentina, does not have many successes. Hope came to us to give him extra impetus and give everything better.

Federico is a player of the future for the team will be more book but I hope to stay on the team, and play increasingly more better.

Cassetti player older but very experienced playing at the highest level. He played six seasons in Rome that says a lot, I hope to confirm the transfer of and help me.

Matteo made ??a decent quarterback loan from Atalanta, but is doing pretty well, I hope to play well and make good team on defense the rest.

Maxime player experienced enough, young enough and good qualities. I hope to help and to enroll and give assists .

Ouasim a very interesting player has exceptional qualities. It's a very young player brought from Juventu , it would be great if I could buy it.

Dossena R is a pretty good GK, has the experience and I hope I do not get many goals.

Steven Creac'h

Steve is a pretty good midfield and young. I hope to gain experience and play well for the team.

They are all those who came to the team, and I hope to help.


I did 3 matches fantastic in the cup, but Catania was very hard to defeat. One very good friendly Gent. New league debut in Serie C1 . The team plays pretty well, and I hope to play as and beyond.
Nice transfers, they are really promissing players. What a friendly against Genk, Catania is a hard team to defeat for sure. Nice win against Taranto. Keep it up!
Some good transfers! Unlucky against Catania, but other than that, good results! :D
some really nice signings there and unlucky in the cup. keep up the good updates!

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