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Lets Boas It: The Catalans

Started on 18 February 2014 by Switch
Latest Reply on 20 February 2014 by Jonte-23
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''Best moment of my life''

Barcelona have confirmed that they have been able to obtain the services of Andre Villas Boas as their new manager following the resignation of Tito Villanova.
The former Spurs manager, had a very successful season, even though missing out on the champions league spot for Spurs, was able to maintain a very consistent form for the team and made them a very strong force within England and Europe.

Andre has been linked with many clubs including PSG and Monaco, but he admitted he denied both because he has been dreaming for the Barcelona job.

''I have liked Barcelona from the start, I love their style of football and I am hoping to implement my own style to only enhance it, Barcelona have the best team in the world and with the best Youth, I am sure I will be able to maintain the success that they have had over the years, I would like to thank Spurs for the past seasons, and wish them the best of luck''

''I was offered jobs from teams all around the Europe, even including PSG, Monaco and even some Premier League sides, but I went with my heart, I feel that spanish football is the best place for me to be, it suits my play style, and I just prefer to live here rather than England'

Neymar signing on the dotted line

Sky Sports can now confirm, that Barcelona have confirmed the capture of Brazilian superstar Neymar Santos Junior from Santos on a fee to believed around 31 million euros, on a five year contract.

Neymar has been a rising talent for many years, and has really captured the attention of all europen clubs and websites, a lot of videos of Neymars tricks posted on websites like Youtube and Facebook, has broken records for his club at the age of 20.
Neymar holding his dream shirt

Neymar just featured in the Confederations Cup with Brazil and was able to put out top draw performances. Already made 33 appearances for the national team and bagging 20 goals is not bad for his age, And have a goal every two game ratio at club Santos, Neymar is not shy of bagging in goals.

'Its a dream to play for Barcelona, its the club I have supported since I was a kid, and know I have actually signed for them, makes me feel over the world. I would like to thank Santos and everyone who has supported me throughout the years and making me the player I am together'

Andre Villas Boas also made a comment on his first signing, but the deal has been confirmed for months. 'Neymar is a great young talent who has the poeintal to be among the best players in the world, he has a lot in his locker, and I look forward to managing him, hopefully he can fulfil his time at the club and be able to bring his skills to the table'
Neymar showing appreciation to the fans

Neymar just finished his ceromany as the Camp Nou, where he was able to show off to the very excited fans, what they have just spent their money on, 'the fans are very excited about the transfer and know he will be the best in a few years'
Wow good start!
Really nice start to a new story again :)
You seem to have caught the ropes of story writing very quickly which is good! :)

Just remember not every save has to be a story, as too many stories can end prematurely and clog up the forums.

Anyway, I love the start and wish you good luck!
Lift: Thank you
Kiddy: I hope the board wont be selling any of my players!
Walter: I know, I was just struggling on what team I wanted to do, but I am sticking with this and have locked all other stories.

''Barcelona new kit''

Barcelona have confirmed and revealed their new kits for the 2013 and 2014 season, they are sticking with Qatar as their main shirt sponsorship, but are now using their Airways side fot the company on the shirt. They are going with blue, kinda purplish stripes mixed with a burgundy red, and their away kit is a combination of red and yellow stripes, while they're third kit is a black kit with gold trim.
''Perdo, Pique, Messi, Iniesta, Xavi and Puyol reveal the kits''

Andre Villas Boas had a few comments to make on the new kits ''I think they look very nice, some people think that the look of the kits are not important when really it defines and show what kind of club you are, so yeah, I think it looks great''

Some of the fans also had their vote on the kit:
''I love it, very clean and slick''
''The colour combination goes very well''
''On my way to get one now!''
''I preferred the older one''

Overall, a I think a great success for the launch of Barcelona's new kits, but are Barcelona ready for the upcoming season?

Thiago Alcântara

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of rumours regarding the future of spanish youngster Thiago, he has been linked with several clubs over the past few weeks, one being Bayern Munich, where Pepe Guardiola has taken over, where a possible reunion with his old manager. But recently Andre Villas Boas has came and revealed the future of the player.
Andre talking to the press

''Thiago is a great player with a lot of poeintal, only being at the age of 21 and already playing for Spain and being a constant first team player for Barcelona, why on earth would I sell him, he matches the way we play, all intrest for him will be snubbed, he is a Barcelona player, and thats a end of it''

''I dont feel there is any need to sell a player unless you need to, or he is not required by the club anymore, I mean you're just giving poeintal world class talent to another a club, I dont get it''

Good start!

Alex Sandro

Barcelona have confirmed the capture of two Brazilian full backs, one being the signing of Alex Sandro and the other being Danilo from the same club of FC Porto for a combined fee of 25 million euros.
At the age of 22, Sandro has a lot of startups for his club of porto and already made a total of 4 call ups for his national team, where he competes against the likes of Marcelo. He has been known for his pace and his passing, and been tipped to be a future super star, he should suit Barcelona's play style.

Danilo Luiz Da Silva

Another player being Danilo, who is also the same of 22 and also who has a had a very bright career for Porto and Brazil, already making the same amount of appearances as Sandro, they are very comparable people, and should be able to mould into the side very quickly as much of the Barcelona side is Brazilian like Dani Alves and new signing Neymar.

'' I am very excited to be apart of the best biggest team in europe, I have a lot of good friends here and wish Porto the best of luck and thank you for the past seasons''

Looking good so far! Hoping Danilo grows into a quality player, bought him for Monaco.
Good luck with this!

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