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Stigzee's Alphabet Spaghetti Challenge

my attempt at jks challenge
Started on 10 March 2014 by stigzee
Latest Reply on 17 March 2014 by stigzee
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stigzee's avatar Group stigzee
8 yearsEdited
Hi all completed two seasons in Andorra now looking to move on to pastures new so a brief summary of my achievements in Andorra

Andorran First Division 2015 Odds were 5000-1
Andorran Super Cup 2015

My first team is Football Club Ordino

The Stadium

Hopefully this will be an exciting story but will try to keep updates brief
"And the strike...OH SO CLOSE! Just over the bar..oh dear, looks like that one's ended up in the mountains." :P

Good luck! :)
stigzee's avatar Group stigzee
8 yearsEdited

Ordino have made the following three free signings from Principat and FC Santa Colmba B respectively

Cristiano Roig

FC Santa Colomba
Mariano Urbani

Renato Mota

Being committed to promoting youth means I have offered all youth players an opportunity to gain a contract

Formation 4-2-3-1
stigzee's avatar Group stigzee
8 yearsEdited
Friendly Results

Home vs Casa Benfica a crowd of 113 turned up to welcome my debut and 17 year old Thomas Pucheu has certainly proved worthy of my trust with 2 goals and given his attributes he looks a good solid Creative force with absolutely no pace whatsoever

A hard fought draw with FC Ranger's where 126 saw Pucheu score his 3rd goal of pre season

Brought back to earth with a bump

A 4-0 thrashing by Spanish Second Division B3 team U.E Llagostera has signalled theres much work to be done
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8 yearsEdited
Random news from Ordino

The odds are not in Ordino's favour Paddypower offered these odds for the apocalypse!

But that didn't happen so who knows!

Ordino also announce on 1st August a massive £6k sponsorship deal
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8 yearsEdited
Start of the Season

Pre game
Encamp Away the first game looks promising after the hosts have lost all 4 friendlies in the build up to the season.

During the game

A tense start made more tense after going 1-0 down to a tidy finish however the revival started with a penalty and ended with a second penalty

Post Game

A satisfying first win for the season hopefully this will start a decent attempt to conquer the mighty Andorran league

Encamp vs Ordino overview
stigzee's avatar Group stigzee
8 yearsEdited
So here's how we have started into 5 league games

1-0 vs Inter d'Escaldes

Good solid win

2-2 vs U.E Santa Coloma

Really good combeack from an early 2-0 blow

The team had performed well up till now

1-4 loss vs to the joint title favourites Sant Julia

A blow shows we lack a good goalkeeper which I knew before hand but still hard to take

Another 1-4 loss vs Engordany in the cup

Its a shame everyone loves a good cup run but once again we are competitive just not scoring enough chances

A shocking 7-0 loss to the joint title favourites F.C Santa Coloma

But we created more chances than them it really was a battering with Andorra's international striker Juli Sanchez grabbing a hattrick his first goals of the season. It really was just a game full of bad luck

Ignoring the battering we are still second belittling the preseason odds

League Table

Pre season odds
A good start mate...maybe see if you can include images etc rather than just links? (click on the image at your gyazo links, hit Copy Image url, then put the url inside [img][/img] tags :)

like that :)

other than that, i'm really enjoying this so far :) Keep it up
I wish you good luck and nice start !
Hey I have tried posting the links from gyazo as pictures it just didnt work will be trying to redo it in a bit thanks for the posts
Second update of the season

9 games in

To be fair we have been a mixed bag as you can see from our results its been really difficult to pick up a bunch of kids mixed with one or two experienced amateurs

Following a 7-0 league defeat the following game we capitulated in defence again! but we created a lot of chances off target

7-0 loss in Second round of the Andorran Cup against Lusitans

With a 3-1 away defeat in the league Lusitans

However we did expect to perform well against the bottom team Principat which ended up in a 4-1 humiliating defeat.

So I took the opportunity to run through some analysis it turned out that my two wingers had contributed 2 goals (one pen) but had taken 40 shots to do so! With this on board I restricted the shoot more option.

Did this work?

Renato Mota my AMR Inside Forward scored a hattrick in the first friendly

The solitary consolation in the second

This resulted in a much needed morale boost! and included two new signings

Ivan Tortosa

Who struck a hattrick against Encamp

He combined with Mota to ensure Odino built a quick 3-0 lead was taken to half time against Inter D'Escalades before the defence fell apart in the second half

Friday Goldswill on loan from Sant Julia

Who performed well in two friendlies but picked up a groin strain and will miss out his return against the parent club.

turning it around mate :) keep it up!
So here's the run in

After the 4-4 draw we welcomed Sant Julia the team that smacked us 4-1, we lost the promising Nigerian Goalkeeper we took on loan from Sant Julia. It was not a game I was looking forward to but we had them at home and had come into the game in decent form.

1-1 at home to Sant Julia
Took me by surprise but a solidity was forming and by playing partially on the slow counter which allowed us to suffocate possession even though we went a goal down. We rode our luck but were solid.

On a roll you might say but step up German Torre fans were shouting that he's the Andorran Messi!

A much maligned player first half as he had only scored 1 goal in 24 shots had the game of his life on the away day to U.E Santa Coloma. We drew at home 2-2 after falling to early goals. The last good result before the thrashings came.

4-2! Torre nicked a Hattrick and played superbly on the wing terrorising the full backs as a result.

Well as you can imaging the boys tails were up we performed miracles with an average age of 22! But this was the same team minus Goldswill and Tortosa that received a 7-0 drubbing at the hands of our next opponents who had firmly become title favourites

Well this became the shock of the season

Thats right 1-0 against top of the league and a 8 goal swing. They were partying in the mountains that night I can tell you that for certain! We had a very real chance at Europe two more wins and we would finish second easily.But the gaps between games were long and arduous and losing form was always at risk

Next up Lusitans! the pre season favourites however they became draw specialists only losing 1 game in 12 7 draws 4 wins. They were in the way of us and Europe.

Sadly a combative 2-2 draw spelt the end of European dreams, we were in front of the finalists in both cup finals and needed to win to finish second. The boys had continued their unbeaten run but could we do it for the rest of the season? We had lost to Principat.

Final Game of the season

Keen to see us remain undefeated I took a cautious approach as they had won the Andorran Super cup the previous week and just below us in the league.

Somewhat a damp squib but a result that saw us remain unbeaten in 7 games! considering we had just been promoted we had built a strong foundation for a title push!

Full List of results

End of 2013/14 Season Table

Leagues Player stats

Looking forward to winning the andorran league next year now! Well hopefully
Good effort !
Cheers it went quite quick but it was only a sixteen game season before friendlies

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