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15 new features i'd like to see in FM15

15 new features i'd like to see in FM15
Started on 4 April 2014 by koutsdimis
Latest Reply on 4 April 2014 by koutsdimis
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Ok so the last patch came out. That's it for this instalment. I know it's a little too early to be discussing FM15 but it won't hurt. I've been thinking how the game I love could be even better and i want to share my thoughts with you and I would love to hear your oppinion or even your own suggestion of improving FM.

1) Implement a value graph. Like the attribute graph so we can monitor the value of the players through the years.
2) More realistic Manager/Player interaction. E.g if a player receives the first red card of the season you just warn him and if he receives a second when you fine him he accepts it.
3) Dynamic rivalries. Rivalries between that can be created through out the years.
4) The ability to name the new stadium you build and not the board to name it what they want.
5) Dynamic favorite club and personel for manager(you) just like it is for the players. E.g when you star a new game in your profile you choose favorite club(as a supporter) but if in-game you manage a different club for 5 or more seasons then it is automatically added in your favorite club list and if you sign a player and you have him in your team for 5 or more seasons (first team or key player) then he is added in you favorite personel list.
6) More options to be added to the match training list. E.g counter like the mentality so your counter attacks are more efficient.
7) Like the favorite personel players and managers should develop non-favorite personel.
8) Richer commentary.
9) Being able to offer contract to any player that the offer has been accepted. If you have the financial capability of offering a player 10M€/month why would the player reject. We've seen in recent years that money talks and world class players joining lesser teams for bags of money. It would only add realism to the game.
10) Regens should get taller and heavier as they grow up and not be at their max height and weight when they are 15 or 16. That's very unrealistic.
11) Penalty saving attribute for goalkeepers.
12) When you already have agreed to upgrade the facilities sometimes when the season ends the board decides to upgrade them which takes more money and more time (plus 1-2 months) to be done. It's just stupid.
13) Assist bonus on the player's contract.
14) The waste time instruction shouldn't be available only when you use contain mentality but also when you use control mentality.
15) When you win a trophy you should be able if you want to see the award ceremony like in real life.

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