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The Red Journey

A story where take a club from one of Europe's lower leagues to make them a worldwide force to be reckoned with!
Started on 8 April 2014 by TVDLC123
Latest Reply on 11 July 2014 by Justice
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TVDLC123's avatar TVDLC123
10 yearsEdited

Hello, and welcome to my new FM14 story, which I hope will last a long time. I will be taking over an unknown team, with an unknown manager. Don’t worry however, both of these things will become apparent after my first few updates. As usual with my story, there will be some backstory, but I will also be heavily focussing on the footballing aspect of this story. I hope you enjoy reading!


Fantastic Start Tanay! :P
Good luck TV, looking forward to this :)
Hopefully you can stick with it!
Good luck!
Good luck man :)

Chapter One - Awakening

‘Are you okay?’

I was woken by the gentle voice which came from an unknown source. A soft breeze blew over my face, as my eyes fluttered open. I was in a small white bed next an open window with red, luscious flowers perched on the window sill. As my surroundings came into focus, I found the owner of that gentle voice, a tall woman, dressed in a blue shirt and trousers, with a stethoscope draped around her neck. I tilted my head to the side, and I saw that I was in a personal ward in a small hospital.

‘What happened?’ I muttered when I finally finishing surveying the room.

The nurse nervously shifted to the edge of her old wooden chair.

‘Don’t you remember?’ she asked quietly.

‘No, why, what happened?’ I asked hesitantly. She looked down at her feet, and it was evident to see that something was wrong from her posture. I decided to press the topic, as I couldn’t bare this uneasy tension which had covered the room like a cloak.

‘If I did something, just tell me. Please.’ I said as I looked directly into her blue eyes. She sighed and looked up to face me.

‘It wasn’t you directly. It’s just that… Well, there is no easy way to say this. You were at your office last night, and we believe that you may have been involved with an accident of some sort when you were aggravated for some reason.’

‘Ah, well apart from being a little embarrassing, that wasn’t that bad. Why were you so reluctant to tell me about it then?’ I said, as my mind was put to rest, squashing any nagging thoughts about something more serious.

‘It’s just that…never mind.’ She smiled for the first time during our encounter. ‘Anyway, seeing as you seem fine, we will just run some routine checks to make sure there isn’t any long lasting effects, and you’ll be on your way home.’

I thanked her, as she called in the rest of her staff, and before long, I was walking out of the hospital. I called a taxi and waited patiently in the bright, sunny weather, which despite the fact I had become accustomed to after my stay in Turkey, was still extremely pleasant. During my journey on the way home, I still had a little wonder about why she hadn’t told me straight away about the reason for my injury, but I assumed it was nothing and decided to forget about it.

How wrong I was.
Oooooooo , what happens next? :P
Good update!
Great update mate! :) Can't wait for the next!
Great update, I want moar.
What is going to happen??
Cliffhanger and a half!
oooh; cliffhanger! great start man!
Before we got onto the topic of football... Did the nurse give you her number :P?
Yay, a story by Tanay

... rhyming accident-alay B)

Anyway, good luck with the story. Truth be told I love unknown clubs and all that stuff, good luck :P
Hmmm I wonder what happened! Good start to the story, keep it up! :D

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