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The Red Journey

A story where take a club from one of Europe's lower leagues to make them a worldwide force to be reckoned with!
Started on 8 April 2014 by TVDLC123
Latest Reply on 11 July 2014 by Justice
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Thanks for all the early support guys, and ofc Jeremy :P
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10 yearsEdited

Chapter Two – Realisation

I got out of the small cab, and thanked the driver with my wallet, as I made my way over to my apartment. When I first moved to Turkey, they had offered me luxurious villa’s, with 10 car garages, and a swimming pool the size of a football pitch, but I had chosen a much smaller apartment, situated close enough to the training ground so that I could walk there every morning, and not big enough that I would get lonely.

As I took out my keys, I pondered over how I was going to spend my weekend. I was so consumed by work sometimes, that I forgot I had a life outside of it. Part of it I suppose had to do with the fact that I had no-one to share my life with, after my parents passed away, and my brother moved to Canada, I had been very lonely. I always wanted to marry, but I never found the perfect woman until now, especially as I had been locked away in my office for such a long time, without paying any attention to my quickly degrading social life. I knew that it was not healthy for me to be spending my time like this, especially considering my age, but I always made an excuse to myself of why it wasn’t possible.

My thoughts were interrupted by the ring of my cell phone in my pocket. I picked up and was met with the familiar voice.

‘Good afternoon sir, how are you feeling?’ my agent asked.

‘I am ok, thanks Dimitri. ’I replied casually. Dimitri was not only my assistant, but a close friends of mine. We had been working together for several years now.

‘So, I will call a plane for tomorrow?’

‘Plane? Are we going somewhere?’ I asked, wondering what I had forgotten now.

‘Umm, sir, do you not remember?’ He said tensely.

‘No, why, are we meeting someone? A transfer deal?’ I asked, noting the change of dynamics and tone in his voice.

‘No… you were going to meet the lawyer, no?’

‘Lawyer? For what?’ I said with a bit of worry seeping into my mind. Why would I need a lawyer?

‘For the compensation fee dispute? You know, after your sacking?’ he said in a matter of fact kind of way.

‘WHAT!’ Sacking?!!’ I yelled as my heart beat raced up. I was praying that this was some cruel joke.

‘Sir!’ he said stuttering, ‘Do you not remember anything?’

‘No! Tell me now!’ I screamed so load my throat started aching.

‘Well sir, I don’t know much about it, but I know that you have been relieved from your duties by the board after they found a better replacement. I’m so sorry sir, I though you knew!’

I grabbed the phone and threw in on the floor, as I dropped to my knees in disbelief. How could this happen to me? Why?
Because you were a crap manager, obviously :P
@Louis I'm an awesome manager, I can tactic, and ball foot! :P
Really nice update again TV, can't wait to find out who the manager is!

Chapter 3 – Uncertainty

I clambered into the car, bemused and dazed by the recent revelations unearthed during that phone call. How could Kayserispor sack me!? After I had done for them, taking them from the foot of the table to finishing 5th with a pretty poor squad in truth. Sure, I did fall out with the chairman after he refused to even touch his wallet in order to help the club. Sure, I did punched his brother after he laughed at one of my transfers. Sure, I applied for a couple of jobs here and there, but still despite all of that, I was still the best manager they ever had, or will ever have. I clenched my fiat, and vowed to myself to take vengeance on this horrible excuse for a club, and that treacherous swine of an owner. They will pay.

But first, I needed a job. I’m not going to take my revenge while I’m living on the streets, so the quicker I get myself a club to work at, the quicker those fools would pay. This thought drove me, and lit a flame inside of me which would never be extinguished until I achieved my goal. As much as my determination drove me forward, seeps of doubt crawled into my mind. What if no club wanted me as their manager? Why would anyone want a manager who can’t even keep their job at a club like Kayserispor? If I didn’t get a job, where would I live? I wasn’t receiving much wage at all since the club were paying for all allowances, so I didn’t have a reserve of money.

My stream of though was broken by the loud voice of my driver, who told me that we had reached the airport. I shook my head and told myself to deal with one issue at a time, and to focus on meeting this lawyer. I had to get some money from somewhere, so this would be an ideal place to start, especially if, in the process, I was leeching off my enemies. He could get me started, but from there I would be on my own. My life was being twisted about every which way, but one thing remained constant. I loved football, and I could not go into a career anywhere else, even if I had to endure lower roles, such as assistant management, I had to stay in this beautiful game. For not only my bank account, but for my sanity. My future lied in football, that was for sure, but everything else was shrouded in uncertainty. Then again, they say uncertainty is the refuge of hope.
Michael Laudrup style!
Top quality start!
@Pompey Thanks, there is another massive clue in the next update!
@Pauker But I presume he would get more from Swansea than I'll get from Kayserispor :P
@SyrupWalter Thanks :P
This is brilliant
@tallery Thanks mate :)

Chapter 4- Reflection

As the meeting finished, I clambered out of my seat, thanking the lawyer for his help. This had proved to be a far more strenuous task than I imagined, but if the end result was satisfactory, I didn’t care how I got there. I would be filing a law case soon enough, but first of all I needed to get myself in a stable position financially, and to do that I needed to get myself a job. As I made my way to the airport, I was searching on my phone for any available managerial posts. My email was spammed with the obligatory media requests, but no real job offers. Even before that however, I needed to find housing for the time being, and the only other house I owned was in Serbia from my last job, which I had rented out for the time being in case the unspeakable happened and a situation like this arose. I booked a flight for Belgrade, where I would stay until this was resolved, but in the meantime, I could at least look for some local employment in the area, acting as a football coach of some sorts.

Just before boarding, I received a text which particularly intrigued me. It came from an unknown number, and simply read, ‘There is a chance for you, keep your eyes out.’ The message itself was weird, but normal enough for me; I would regularly receive random messages and calls from people I had never met before, just due to my profession. What really intrigued me about this message was that I recalled receiving a similar one a long time ago. A few days after that text arrived, I was offered my dream job to kick-start my coaching career at not only a great club, but a club which was very close to my heart. That moment changed my life forever, and to receive the same text as I was about to enter the very same city in which that club was located, the nostalgic value was almost too much for me, as I swelled up with tears. The decision to leave the club at the end of last season was one which I took which great regret and sadness, but at that time I knew, I wasn’t ready for all the trials and tribulations that being the manager of the biggest club in Serbia offered. I just wished I could be there now, where I not only had memories of both my playing days and my short coaching spell, but I also had friends.

Right now, there wasn’t anything I needed more. In this dark, chaotic world, where every move you make could end your career, all I wanted, all I ever needed, was friends.
Is the team Red Star? :P
Nice update again!
Got to be Red Star :P
Very nice few updates, I love reading your style :)
@Pompey Maybe... :P
@Alex Thanks, are you certain? :P

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