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A new chance !

Started on 18 April 2014 by bebero
Latest Reply on 29 April 2014 by bebero
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About Me

After many failures, I tried to become a professional player .. but my health does not allow me that.
I often accidentally, and I was always out of the lot because of this. I did not know what to do, I thought all the time I left a dozen player. But still hope to keep the football.
But unfortunately training was fatal. I was struck by a colleague, and my piricorul was almost broken. I had a very bad sprain and could not walk on foot for 3 months was an ordeal. Many hospital visits, and more recovery.
I decided to give up my dream of becoming a great player, but I gave up and football. We decided to leave Romania, to attend coaching classes.
I hope to come back here, and I have a new chance.

My change!

Back in Romania, we hope to find a job here. I learned that a new team is struggling to keep in Ligue 1.
It was the future lies, a team founded by Gheorghe Hagi, a great player . It was a new team with young players. I managed to find out more about the team, and I know I was looking for a new coach. We decided to go there and try my chance.

Once there, I was called into the office of Hagi. There was a temple, trophies and medals, T-shirt signed by players emblematic, and numerous paintings.


Hagi : Hello, and welcome to us! First I want to hear what you think you recommend?

Bebe : Hello, Mr. Hagi. I just finished school coaches in Germany, and I decided to go back to Romania, to practice.
I love the game of attack, and I like the team to attack and score more.

Hagi : Our goal is to remain in Liga 1. Do you think you can accomplish?

Bebe : I think I can accomplish, and if I am elected I will do everything for that.

Hagi : Very well, let your CV on the desk, and we revert us with a phone.

I went pretty skeptical, because a struggle with more experienced coaches.
It's been a week and the phone did not ring, my hopes were lost.

But suddenly the phone rings.

Hagi : Hi Bebe, I called to tell you that tomorrow you are called in Constanta, here you will stay from now on. You coach now. This is your chance! I wish you good luck, I hope I do not disappoint.

Bebe : Thank you very much Mr. Hagi, I promise I will not disappoint!

Hagi : See you tomorrow at the stadium.

Quickly began to pack up and go to my new home, to Constanta.

Great start! Good luck.

Viitorul Constanta

We arrived at the stadium and started to talk to players. I tried to listen to everyone, and then I told him about my vision of the game.

The most important and popular players in the team, is Dica.

Nicolae Dica

It is the team captain, and I hope to motivate the team properly.

Romario Benzar

Benzar is a very promising young team, I hope to evoluze well.

All Team

I hope I can bring something to the team players.
Good luck mate! In few years you'll have some amazing regens at youth team!



Is an experienced player and I hope to help.


A player quite old, but has good qualities. I hope to help me in the championship.


Jumisse is a player with great experience, who has pretty good quality.


A young player who will try to make it Forward. I hope to succeed and make him play at the highest level.
Good start and some good signings :)
Jumisse is a very good player!!
Good luck mate!
A nice start to the story! :)
Doing well..keep it up!
good results and nice updates, keep it up :)
Nice update there! Good win.
Good luck mate !
I made a mistake above was June, not August.

This August !

You are reading "A new chance !".

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