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The New Barcelona King

Started on 18 April 2014 by kunsalinas14
Latest Reply on 27 April 2014 by kunsalinas14
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What's The Goal??

FC Barcelona and Espanyol have been the ruling teams in the city of Barcelona throughout the spaniard football history. What i will try to do is bring Sant Andreu into La Liga and make it the best team in Spain. The process will not be easy because Sant Andreu is a team from the Second Division B. They have never been to the First Division and I think that Barcelona needs a different kind of team. So what does Mexico has to do with all of this, well as of 2014 Sant Andreu's chairman Manuel Camino has associated with Mexican Football Federation to make an impact in the higher levels of football. The Femexfut will send their National team manager to manage Sant Andreu too.

Who's The Coach??

The Coach will be me of course i will play a sunday league coach that was granted the opportunity to manage the Mexican national team and Sant Andreu. He is a sunday league experience manager with no previous experience, with nothing to lose but everything to win.
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Club Info:
Season - 13/14
Club - U.E. Sant Andreu
Division - Spanish Second Division B
Media Prediction - 17th
Board Requirements - Consolidation
Reputation - Regional
Training Facilities - Adequate
Youth Facilities - Below Average
Junior Coaching - Basic
Youth Recruitment - Average
Club Value - $2.32M

Stadium :
Stadium - Narcis Sala
Sitting - 6557
Season Ticket Holders - 1178
Field Condition - Perfect

National Team :
Team - Mexico
Ranking - 20th

Manager Info:
Reputation - Local
Wage - $2200 p/w
Total Career Earnings - 0
Manager Points - 0
Hall of Fame - n/a
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Mexico Squad

  • Jose De Jesus Corona
  • Moises Muñoz
  • Guillermo Ochoa

  • Defenders
  • Hector Moreno
  • Ricardo Osorio
  • Enrique Perez
  • Carlos Salcido
  • Jorge Torres Nilo
  • Juan Carlos Valenzuela

  • Midfielders
  • Edgar Andrade
  • Jesus Corona
  • Jonathan Dos Santos
  • Andres Guardado
  • Hector Herrera
  • Miguel Layun
  • Luis Montes
  • Carlos Alberto Peña
  • Diego Reyes
  • Rodolfo Salinas
  • Jose Juan Vazquez

  • Forwards
  • Javier Hernandez
  • Raul Alonso Jimenez
  • Carlos Vela
  • Good luck mate!
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    Sant Andreu Pre Season

    A Very Good Pre-season we can all expect a good season....

    Mexico National Team

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    Sant Andreu Squad


  • Jose Miguel Morales - Esp
  • Eric - Esp
  • Jordi Palencia - Esp

  • Defenders

  • Chapi - Esp
  • Sergio - Esp
  • Mikel Azparren - Esp
  • Didac - Esp
  • Sergio Roca - Esp
  • Fran Erencia - Esp
  • Melo - Esp
  • Carlos Albarran - Esp
  • Ruben Canelada - Esp
  • Cristian Riera - Esp

  • Midfielders

  • Aitor - Esp
  • Ibon Gutierrez - Esp
  • Ton Alcover - Esp
  • Josu - Esp
  • Alberto Carroza - Esp
  • Adrian Mouriño - Esp
  • Xavi Jimenez - Esp
  • Ivan Guzman - Esp
  • Quim - Esp
  • Jordi Bosch - Esp

  • Attackers

  • Ander Vitoria - Esp
  • Francis Ferron - Esp
  • Boris - Esp
  • Quim Araujo - Esp
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    10 yearsEdited

    Sant Andreu September Results


    We are doing well. we need to stop letting scores escape from us in the last minute. our best match was the tie with Gimnastic the table leader.

    Sant Andreu Spanish Cup

    we were unlucky in our cup match the goal came at 120+1 the game was already over and we thought we were on our way to penalties but that happens when we get over confident.

    Mexico National Team

    We finally got our first win and our ticket to Brazil 2014. On the match agaist Honduras we were really unlucky we dominated the match but they scored. On the Jamaica match we scored when we had to and won.

    Sant Andreu October Results

    We had another decent month. We still have problems with late goals and we have problems with corners.

    Mexico National Team

    We are in the world cup and we are now waiting to see what the world cup draw brings.

    Sant Andreu November Results

    We are getting closer to playoff positions. We also have to start winning the games against lower teams.

    Federation Cup

    Mexico National Team

    We are in the world cup and we are now waiting to see what the world cup draw brings.

    World Cup Brazil 2014 Draw

    we drew a good group we have good chances to advance to the second round.

    Sant Andreu December Results

    We had a complicated month we had not a single win. And we are falling behind.

    Federation Cup

    We are off to the next round of the Federation Cup.
    I wish you good luck and catch the play-offs! And then a qualification. And as luck and Mexico. Sant Andreu of matches quite beautiful enough goals mark.

    Good Luck!

    Winter Transfer Market

    Yerey Sanchez come to us as the only transfer we made all year. He is a loan from Mensajero of Spain. he is a striker and i think he can help us in getting a little more punch in the attack.

    Sant Andreu January Results


    Sant Andreu Federation Cup

    I played this tournament with all my sub so that I could see which players to keep and in a great surprise I came up with Ivan Guzman in the Right Midfield.
    Sant Andreu must be the most managed team in FM from the lower leagues in Spain. I have seen a lot of stories with them before but never one with a Mexican twist.

    I will read.

    You are reading "The New Barcelona King".

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