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They Came From Cornwall

Started on 28 April 2014 by kunsalinas14
Latest Reply on 12 May 2014 by kunsalinas14
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Launceston FA Vase 2013-14

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Mexico World Cup Quals (NAM) 2014

Next Brazil World-Cup 2014....
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Launceston November 2013-14

November Table 13-14
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Launceston FA Vase 2013-14

Mexico Friendly 2014

Launceston December 2013-14

December Table 13-14

Launceston FA Vase 2013-14

World-Cup 2014 Group Draw
Nice results overall, rough result in the FA Vase but other than that and a few other losses you're doing great :)

One suggestion though: I recommend you add more text to your story, even if it's just a description of a match or your player's qualities more people will read and comment. Trust me, I know this from experience. If you don't have a lot of time on your hands, or you're not very good with writing in general, I fully understand, but it could really make your story better.

Launceston January 2013-14

it’s been difficult with out Loxton but Matt Groves has once again put on the shirt of hero and made the team stand on its two feet to keep our #1 position.

another own-goal on our favor this is thanks to the corner that Mainwaring takes so close to the post that the defenders of the other teams have complications to get out of their danger zone.

this was a very difficult game our goalkeeper got send off 4 minutes into the game. Once again Mainwaring got us through. I’m very happy that my best players are the youngest in the squad and home-grown.

again Mainwaring got the team on their shoulders. He is by far the best player of the month and best of all he is just 17 years old.

January Table 13-14

Launceston February 2013-14

another victory that puts us closer to the championship and promotion. Howell scored being the sub of injured Loxton. He is also home-grown and his also 17.

Howell makes another goal. Loxton is back from his injury and should be playing next game. Matt Groves has also been a great player for the team to bad he is on loan.

another great attacking game. Masefield has been great creating opportunities for our attackers. One other great mention was that Loxton is back to scoring after two months of being injured. Masefield I think was our best player this month.

February Table 13-14

we got 2 points ahead of Godolphin. Our next match is against them and if we get a win that could mean the championship.

Launceston March 2013-14

we missed out opportunity to secure our first position. We had the ball most of the game but missed our shots on goal.

We are back to making goals both of my best players scored again Loxton and Groves are having a great season. We are still in first place dominating.

Matt Groves is the best player of the match again wish I could keep him for next season I will try my best to keep him. We should of won this match this put us in second place. We can be wasting points.

Matt Groves scored again that’s the third game scoring. Again we should of won this match we remain in the second position. We can be wasting points, we are so close to the end of the season and now we depend on results of Godolphin to be champions.

March Table 13-14

we are 2 points behind the first place does three ties this month really put us behind. We can be loosing any more games and know we depend on result of other teams to became champions but we are close to direct promotion.

Launceston April 2013-14

We are back to winning and putting pressure on Godolphin. Again Matt Groves scores that’s 4 goals in 4 games. Loxton is closer to winning the top scorer in the league hope he can make it.

We have won automatic promotion we are very happy all we need now is to be champions. Loxton continuous scoring and is 1 goal away from the top spot of scorer.

April Table 13-14

two more points are needed to get the championship spot and only 3 games left. The promotion is ours and hope we can continue getting further in the English scale.

Launceston May 2013-14

Vale has been a great revelation in the past games and I think he can win a spot for the next season. We continue winning we are just waiting for a miracle in the last two games to be champions.

and the miracle has happened Godolphin has tied and we now depend on our selves to become champions. Matt Groves continues showing his class this season.

a really hard game our last this season a lot was on the scale here but we did it. This is a achievement for every body in the team staff and players everybody gave their everything for the team and thing happened.

May Table 13-14

We are the champions…..

Launceston Season Review 2013-14

Top Scorer

36 goals in 39 games

he went from being unknown to now being followed by teams like Reading and Sunderland to take him. He is only 17 and has become the future of the team.

Top Assister

18 assists in 46 games

he is the motor of my team and is also a young player with 17 years old and a lot of history to be written with the team. He has a great velocity and knows how to but a ball forward and a team player.

Best Player

I choose both of them because together they had 60 % of all goals and assists in the team. Hope I can keep both of them for next season. They were a great part for us to win the championship and promotion.

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