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3D Kits

3D Kits
Started on 30 April 2014 by mattfgfx
Latest Reply on 14 October 2019 by biggles19961
i will do for you this weekend mate

will tidy up the spanish triangle thing for you tomorrow mate!
JoPalma's avatar Group JoPalma
9 yearsEdited
hello iamawildman, i need something and i've been told you could do it.

So, i created some new kits for my team but when i play an actual match, the players that appear on the field still wear a shirt like the predefined kit. Would you be able to (somehow) change that?
Thank you!

here are the kits

(the first jersey doesnt have the symbol because i cant avoid it having some white parts around it, if you were gifted enough to do that, id be very thankful :) )
MintyYorkCity's avatar Group MintyYorkCity
9 yearsEdited
Could anyone make a 3D for York City? I have kind of patched one up but the only way I can describe it is abysmal...



On the back RIGHT (not left sorry) of the shorts it says Helmsley Computers in the kit colour, and on the back Synergy Cleaning in white.

Thanks to anybody who reads this, extra thanks to anybody who takes time to make it!

Also- there should be a Nike logo on the home socks at the front, but it would seem they just wore generic red footy socks...
Can you do the new Arsenal Puma home, away and third kits please? and also, Can I just replace the images in my current 3D kit pack with these? thanks :)
MintyYorkCity's avatar Group MintyYorkCity
9 yearsEdited
You can just replace them, I have been doing so with a lot, I think there is an arsenal one somewhere too... I shall try and dig up the link

Edit: Couldn't find the Arsenal one, but check out this thread, they are filled with 3d kits for this season, the Arsenal one will be coming soon probably, after about page 48 are the updated ones.

page=48Click here

To get them into the game, just save the image and overwrite the kit for whichever club it is!
Thanks. Another question: Does this affect the 2D classic camera?
2014-07-19 23:36#185222 ARSENAL_ruleZ : Thanks. Another question: Does this affect the 2D classic camera?

No, for that you would need to go into the FM Editor and change the icon colours to the desired.
MintyYorkCity's avatar Group MintyYorkCity
9 yearsEdited
Also, I have completed (somewhat) the York City 3d Kits for this season, here you go anyone that wants them!

Changing the shorts later today or tomorrow, forgot they changed to blue instead of last seasons white!

And here is the blue shorted version, either can be used
Can you make this for me please, mate?

Just a random little kit I rustled up in 5 minutes. :P
Can You make the new Home,Away and third of Real Madrid please?
Could someone be helpful and reply with a step by step guide on how to include one of these 3d kits into my fm13 save? Thanks

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