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Arsenal - The Forgotten Redknapp

My Arsenal Story
Started on 15 May 2014 by Arvind
Latest Reply on 16 May 2014 by Jamesg237
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Arvind's avatar Group Arvind
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Hello again folks!

Like a few others, I've been struggling to get a story running for more than a short period of time, but I'm back now with another (hopefully successful) attempt.

The team I will be using in this one is rather obvious if you look at the title - Arsenal.

Why Arsenal? In short, they are a very well run club and I personally agree with most of their philosophies. They stick to playing attractive football and like I do in FM, they put a lot of emphasis in developing youth players. And like they do in real life, I always try to churn out a profit at the end of the season.

The only thing missing are the trophies, which I hope I can win plenty of during the course of this save.

I hope that I will enjoy writing this story and also that you will enjoy reading it. :)


  • Make a profit at the end of each season
  • Win at least one trophy each season(Community Shields and Super Cups count)
  • Become the English club with the greatest reputation
  • Have a greater reputation than Barcelona
  • Pay no more than £125k per week as weekly wage to any player
Good luck mate, will follow :)
Good luck :)
Good luck Arvind :)
Awesome a Arvind Story! I am following!
Good luck
Goodluck Arv! 125k/week is a nice planning. Keep the team balance!
good luck mate!

In the last few days, things have been moving too fast, and this morning over coffee, I realized it was moving even faster than I thought.

I'm Jamie Redknapp. Yes, yes, I'm 'Arry's kid. And Frank Lampard's cousin. But I want to be my own man. Not just this guy's kid or that guy's cousin. When I was a player, I had that recognition. Even though people knew me only for what I did off the pitch rather than on it. Former Captain of Liverpool and Spurs, capped by England 17 times - no one remembers that. Some may recognize me as a pundit on Sky Sports or maybe a columnist on the Daily Mail, but those jobs don't make me happy. I need to get back into football. Not just be a journalist.

So, that's why three days ago, I sent my agent to go look for a managerial post for me. League 1 or League 2 would be a great place to start, I thought. And yesterday, he rang me up and told me Arsenal want me. I told him I didn't want to be a coach. "No, Jamie. Arsenal want you as their Manager. Arsené Wenger had a heart attack. He's alive and will recover, but he's retired from management on doctor's orders. The strain from management is too much for him."

"Naw." I thought to myself. "It can't be."

I switched on the T.V and changed the channel to Sky Sports, and the headline read - "Arsene Wenger retires from football management."

So my agent - still on the line - tells me to get dressed and to come downstairs because he's got a limo to take me to the Emirates.

Still in disbelief, I got dressed and we went up there, he finished up the contract talk quite quickly and - bang! I'm the new manager of Arsenal.

I expected they would give it a week or so before announcing it to the media, but this a shock - almost as much as the one I got when they offered me a contract.

My mug o' coffee almost slipped out of my hand when I read that. I put it down on the table and stared at the wall. I had no freaking clue what to do as a manager.

The vibration of my phone alerted me. A new message. "From whom, I wonder?" I said to myself.

Good luck, like the layout!
awesome graphics mate and nice update!
good update, i love the graphics! hopefully you can take jamie further than his dad or cousin ever went in football!
Great layout, great start, but what a cheap-ass phone mate!
A great start Arvind. Long may it continue!

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