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Altrincham - The great journey

Started on 16 May 2014 by oddsiton
Latest Reply on 29 July 2014 by oddsiton
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Altrincham has had another strong month, but finally a team managed to beat them in the league again! Gainsborough managed to secure an impressive victory at home against the league leaders. After the game against Gainsborough the Manchester team came back, and won against Harrogate, Guiseley, Worcester and Barrow in the league, and progressed in the FA Trophy after a great victory at Moss Lane against Basingstoke. Even though they lost a game this month, Altrincham has managed to improve their gap down to Colvyn Bay to nine points. We are halfway through the season, and Altrincham seems to be the main candidate for the trophy in the Skrill North.

Has he played his last game at Moss Lane?

Rumors at Moss Lane is saying that Altrincham's star striker is on his way away from the club. Damian Reeves has told manager Lee Sinnott that he wants a new challenge, and handed in a formal transfer request. Whether or not Sinnott has denied or accepted the transfer request is not known yet, but there is no doubt that if Reeves is going anywhere, then the buying club has to come with a really great bid.

The 28 years old striker has been at Moss Lane since he joined the team in 2010 after a free transfer from Bradford Park Avenue. In his first season he played 43 games and scored 15 goals in the season Altrincham got relegated from Blue Square Bet Premier (now called the Skrill Premier). In the following two seasons he scored 80 goals in 84 games in the Skrill North. In this season he has already scored 18 goals after the first 21 games. That makes him the top goal scorer in the league so far, and there is no doubt that the player with 10 assists and an average rating of 7.53 (both is second most in the league behind Josh Sumner), will be given away without a really good bid.

This news has come as a shock for the Altrincham fans, as he has been a key player in the last couple of seasons for The Robins. Lee Sinnott has talked to one of our reporters after the news was known to us:

Reporter: "As we understands, Damian Reeves has handed in a formal transfer request. What do you have to say about this?

Lee Sinnott: "It's true that Damian wants to get a new challenge, but any formal transfer request has not been handed in. Damian has a contract with the club until the season is over, and he won't go anywhere unless a club is willing to pay a lot of money. The bid we want to get if we are even going to think about selling Damian is going to be really good.

Reporter: "Have you talked to the player about him wanting to leave the club? If yes; what did you talk about?"

Lee Sinnott: "Yes, we have had a great conversation about his future. He told me that he wanted to leave the club, and we discussed the issue. I told him that the challenge he has in front of him now, thinking about the eventual promotion, is one of the biggest you can ever face. He said that he was going to think about it. Nothing has been decided yet, but unless he hands in a transfer request we won't discuss this case anymore."

Reporter: "Thank you for your time. Good luck in the remaining half of the season!"

Lee Sinnott: " You're welcome, and thanks!"


Altrincham has been in good form so far this season, but in January they 'finally' has gotten a "down period". The month started great for the Robins, when they beat Staylbridge twice, 0-2 and 2-0. Altrincham didn't impress too much, but they got six points in those two matches. After the games against Staylbridge, Altrincham won 3-2 against Ilkeston after a late winner by Damien Reeves who sent them to the fourth round of the FA Trophy. After this match the "down period" begun:

Against AFC Telford Simon Richman became the only goalscorer for Altrincham, when Telford came away from Moss Lane with a point and 1-1. After that game The Robins lost 0-1 against Oxford City at Court Place Farm. The victory against Leamington wasn't impressing either, and when Altrincham welcomed Boston United they lost 0-1 for the second time this month. The 28th January Hednesford managed to secure a point when Altrincham played their second 1-1 game this month. Even though this has been a month of disappointment at Moss Lane, they're still at the top of the league, with a six points gap with one more game played. If they still want to promote without the play-offs they has to improve in the rest of the season. There is still 14 matches to go, and they still have some work to do.
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I keep my fingers crossed for a satisfying outcome with the Reeves situation. The down period seems to be unavoidable. Mine began in November but I think now it's under control. How did your teams game change? Will you take any special measures to tackle the situation or remain calm and stick to the original plan? Oxford City huh? Hate to say I told you so!
We have to do everything to keep him. He is one of our most important players, and he is the one that could lead us towards promotion.

Unfortunately you're right. You can't go a season without a down period. We are still playing pretty great football, but we are scoring too few goals. Loosing 0-1 twice is only unlucky, so the only thing we can do is to continue to play as we have done so far and hope players like Reeves and Sumner can raise them selves up again. You had to tell me, didn't you? I'm only blaming that loss on you! :D
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Damian Reeves is telling us what he want

A couple of weeks ago we got to know that Damian Reeves wanted to get a new challenge. Finally we have managed to get an interview with the 28-year old striker:

The Telegraph (TT):"Hello! There has been some rumors about you wanting a new challenge at a new club. What can you say about this rumor?"

Damian Reeves (DR):"There is nothing special to say. It's true that I talked about my future with Mr. Sinnott, and that I wanted to get a new challenge. The rumor that I wanted to get a new challenge was true, but after the conversation with the boss I have changed my mind."

TT:"What did Lee Sinnott say to you?"

DR:"Thats none of your business. The only thing I can say is that Sinnott is a really great and understanding man. I won't comment that case further."

TT:"We are now more than halfway through the season. What do you think about Altrincham's chances of winning the title?"

DR:"We have been playing really great so far, and if we continue this way for the rest of the season we'll be real contenders! We're playing great football, and I enjoy playing with this team. I hope we can promote, because Altrincham belongs one division up!"

TT:"Thank you for your time. Is there anything you want to say to your fans before we end this?"

DR:"I want to thank them for their support. They have been fantastic to us so far, and they have a lot of energy. I won't leave you this season, I will continue to do my best to make them happy. Just watch me, I'll score a hat-trick for them in our next match!"

So to every Altrincham supporter out there: Relax, Reeves will stay at least until the summer, andif we are going to believe in him, he's going to score a hat-trick against Bradford PA, his former club.


What can we say about Altrincham? And what about their star striker, Damien Reeves? He promised to score a hat-trick against Bradford PA, and what do he do? He scores four (!) goals. Altrincham is, with no doubt, the strongest side in the Skrill Premier at the moment, just like they have been the whole season.

The month began with a massive 4-1 loss to Nuneaton (TSP) at Libery Wall. Even though Altrincham took the lead after Reeves' goal, did Nuneaton come back, and a hat-trick by Louis Moult plus a goal by Danny Sleath sealed the victory for the home team. Only four days after the loss in the FA Trophy was Altrincham going to face Bradford PA - Damian Reeves' former club. He became the only goalscorer from Altrincham that evening, with his four goals, and secured an impressive victory. Seven days later was Damian Reeves still on form, and scored the only two goals away from home against co-promotion-candidates Workington. The most important match of the month, maybe the most important match year, was a match at Moss Lane. Colwyn Bay took the trip all the way from Wales to Manchester, only to face three old Altrincham-players, named Richman, Reeves and Clee. One goal from each of the mentioned secured and impressive win, and a huge step towards direct promotion for The Robins.

With eleven matches to go Altrincham has a eight point gap down to Colwyn Bay. Something has to go terrible wrong if they are going to loose this lead in the remaining eleven games.
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Altrincham is once again showing us who the best team in the league is. This month summed up in some numbers for Altrincham: 3 goals conceded, 15 goals scored, 16 points earned and 6 games played. They've been outstanding the whole season, but now, in the end of the season, it's more visual. Their promotion contenders Workington didn't manage to take points at Moss Lane, either did Harrogate nor Gainsborough. 3-0, 3-1, 3-1 is impressing against top ten teams in the league. In their three games away from home they had to take almost every point, especially against Colwyn Bay, the team in second place. They managed 2-0 and 1-1 against Brackley and Solihull Moors. The last game of the month was going to be played in Wales. Colwyn Bay played rather poor for a title contender, but there was tention in the game almost until the end. Then Damian Reeves won the game for Altrincham with two goals within the last ten minutes.

The victory against Colwyn Bay almost decided the title race in the league. To score 33 goals more than Altrincham in the last six games and at the same time get 15 points more than them seems like an impossible task for Colwyn Bay at second. I want to congratulate Altrincham fans with promotion, but there still is a chance for Colwyn Bay to get direct promotion, but then things is going to go terrible wrong at Moss Lane. The league can be decided already in the next game for Altrincham. You'll see more from this team, no doubt. Just stay tuned!
you're showing a great form mate! keep it up!


Altrincham knew that they only needed three points from their remaining five games of the season. They showed some signs of nerves when they lost against AFC Telford, but even though they lost the game it was time for celebration in Manchester. No, Manchester United or City hadn't won the league (yet), it was a club in the Skrill North who was celebrating promotion, four games beofre the season had ended. After this game they never looked back, and wanted to end their season in the league like they had played all season. With style! Trashing North Ferriby, Stockport and Vauxhall 3-1, 3-1 and 3-0 before drawing against Histon in their last game (hopefully ever) played in the Skrill North! Altirncham are ready for the Skrill Premier, and their journey has just started!

Do you want to read more about Altrincham and their season in the Skrill North? More will come in the upcoming days. Be safe and stay tuned for more Altrincham! And until next time: Keep the party to a minimum and don't do anything you'll regret. For BBC sports, I'm Simon Brotherton.


From the pitch invasion after the promotion was secured.

Altrincham fans started to celebrate already before the calendar showed April. They knew that if Colwyn Bay wanted to secure direct promotion they had to win their remaining games (5) and altrincham had to lose theirs with three goals or more. In that scenario Colwyn Bay would have beaten Altirncham at goal difference. As you understand, they celebrated for a reason. There was no doubt; Altrincham was going up!

Throughout this season the club from Manchester has been very stable, even though they had a tough start, with only three points in their first three games. After this Altrincham was in the zone, and they only lost four points in the next 13 games. They had clean sheets in five of those 13 and four of those clean sheets was in a row! December 3rd was the date when their streak was going to end. Away against Gainsborough they lost 2-1 after two goals from Westleigh Rush early in the game. After this they had a period with strong results against teams like Harrogate (3-2), Barrow (4-1) and Staylbridge (2-0 twice!). In the end of January they had a down period with losses against Oxford City (0-1), Boston United (0-1) and a draw, 1-1, against Hednesford. In the last five games of January they only managed to secure five points. Every team has a down period during a season, and the winning team is the one that manages to keep the period to a minimum. And that’s exactly what Altrincham did!

After January there was 14 games remaining of the season, and Altrincham once again hit a great streak. They only lost five points in those 14 games, and results like those against Workington (2-0 and 3-0) and Brackley (2-0) showed what team that was heading towards promotion. When they also won against their main contenders for the promotion, Colwyn Bay, twice in a month (3-2 and 3-0), the few persons that doubted in Altrincham was close to extinction.

April 5th was the day when Altrincham could delete all doubt. Only a point against AFC Telford was enough to secure the title, but the game turned out to be disappointing. They lost 3-1 away, but the odd thing was that nobody cared. Instead of sitting on the grass disappointed every Altrincham player celebrated. Even Lee Sinnott had lost his mind. Because, at the same time at St. James Park Brackley had won 1-0 against Colwyn Bay. Not even in the theory was it now possible for Colwyn Bay to promote direct, and Altrincham celebrated their return to the Skrill Premier. They were finally back, for the first time since 2010 (then the league was named Blue Square Bet Premier). The only thing we can do now is to wish Lee Sinnott and Altrincham the best of luck in the Skrill Premier! See you next year!

Happy fans during the pitch invasion!
Nice update and well done on a great season!
Thanks, mate! Next update will come soon, and it'll be a short season summary from Europe.
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The season is now over in europe, but what has happened in the 2013/14 season? We in The Telegraph want to give you a short summary of the season in the leagues in England, and the five great leagues in Europe. The two European leagues will also get some space and we'll end the whole summary with the World Cup that has just been played in Brazil!


League: Winner: Runner up:




Anything you are wondering about? Anything you want? Something that is missing from this story? Please tell me!
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Thanks to @Bantams for this brilliant banner!

Stuart Coburn and James Lawrie, two of the players that has to find a new club.

Next season Altrincham will be a Skrill Premier team, and they need to reinforce if they want to stay in the league. Their team are already strong, but some players has to join them in their struggle to stay in the league. The first player to put pen to paper was Liverpool born John Dillon. He came on a free transfer from Southport after scoring 2 goals and 2 assists in 31 games for the team from Skrill Premier. John has played for clubs like Crewe Alexandra (ENG), Sligo Rovers (IRL) and Dundlak (IRL). The 25 (soon 26) year old midfielder is very quick, and can cause huge damages for the opposition team. His experience from Skrill Premier could be one of the most important differences in Altrincham's first season in Skrill Premier since 2010.

One of the players that impressed last season for Altrincham was young Matty Dixon. He was on loan to Altrincham during the last season, and played 31 games. During these games Dixon managed to score 8 goals and get 8 assist. In addition he won 3 Man of the Match awards. With an average rating on 7.01 he was one of the most important players in the club last season. That's the reason why Lee Sinnott and Altrincham has extended his loan, for another twelve months. The level is going to be higher in the next season, but as manager Sinnott said during the press conference; "This young man plays like he was 30 years old. He is very wise, and if you told him, he would jump off a bridge for you. Thats the kind of players you want as a manager, and I look forward to see him play in the Altrincham jersey for another twelve months, and so should the fans!"

Thats the first two signings for Lee Sinnott after the promotion. But unfortunately some players had to leave too... Among the seven players that didn't get/want to renew their contract is their goalkeeper-legend, Stuart Coburn. He was i the club in 1997-2002, but then he left Altrincham for the Skrill Premier team Leigh. Luckily for Altrincham he returned in 2003/04 after playing 52 games for Leigh. Since then he has played for Altrincham, and during his carrer he has played 474 matches (and one goal!) for the Robins. If you want to read more about Coburn's Altrincham career you can check out this link, and go to the bottom of the page (recommended). Lee Sinnott said to the Telegraph after it was known to the media that Coburn didn't get a renewal of his contract that it was sad that a legend like Stuart didn't get a renewal, and he wished the old goalie good luck in his new club after thanking him for his help during his Altrincham-career. The other players that has left the club can be found on the list under:

NOTE: Sorry for the Norwegian in the picture. Gratis means Free, and fri transfer means, of course, free transfer. Again: I apologize for the Norwegian in all of my pictures. I prefer to play the game in Norwegian, and don't want to change language only to take a screenshot. If there is anything you are wondering about, feel free to ask. I'll try to answer the questions you might have! :) Hope you enjoyed this part and this story so far. I'm not sure if I'll manage to post too much on this until Monday because of training camp, but I'll try. Stay tuned for more! :)

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