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PSV: Back to Glory Days

A story where I aim to take PSV back to success
Started on 1 June 2014 by Zed
Latest Reply on 9 June 2014 by Zed
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End of September summary

PSV-Viktoria Plzen, 17-09-2013, Line-Ups:

Finally, Borja recovered from his injury.

PSV-Viktoria Plzen Game Summary:

My Comments:
We got of to a flying start, as Locadia scored after 25 seconds! After this, I thought the team would get a bit complacent, but it turned out the other way, as Narsingh banged home the 2-0 after 16 minutes! When we conceded the 2-1, I was feeling a bit nervous. But we managed to get get the result in the end. In the second half however, they got more shot, but none of them were really that dangerous. All in all, I'm pleased woth the win. Star man was Narsingh, gettting involved in both our goals: a goal and an assist.

PSV-ADO '20, 24-09-2013, Line-Ups:

PSV-ADO '20 Game Summary:

My Comments:
Solid victory, where Simeone finally showed why Man City picked him up. We controlled the match and we had more shots, something you would expect against a team like ADO Heemskerk. Depay and Simeone played very well, Depay got a goal and an assist, Simeone got 2 goals. Both of them got an 8.8. In the 3rd round of the cup, we’re facing either VVV-Venlo.
great update!
thefmboss: Thanks! Later today I'll have another one out with 2 or 3 games, one of which being a trip to Chelsea, that'll be quite interesting, I think!

2 tough away games

Roda JC-PSV, 29-09-2013, Line-Ups:

Matavz is finally back from injury, meaning we've got some choice up front.

Roda JC-PSV Game Summary:

My Comments:
Finally! I have won my first away game of the season. We both had 15 shots, only we got 9 on goal, they 5. It was a good victory for us, I felt. They did get a penalty that was totally undeserved, nothing really happened in the box. Typical FM I guess... Star man was Narsingh, scoring 2 important goals. All in all, I'm pleased with the result and the performance.

Chelsea-PSV, 02-10-2013, Line-Ups:

Some interesting signings by Mourinho. And interesting line-up, with Ramires as right-back!

Chelsea-PSV Game Summary:

My Comments:
It was always going to be hard, a game at the Bridge. That’s why I don’t mind losing 3-0 to a team that’s so much better than us. We didn’t play very well, because everybody was nervous. I can understand that, the average age is about 23. Star man for me was Jeroen Zoet, making 6 saves. We only got 3 shots, one of which on goal. We should now focus on getting good results against Shakthar and Viktoria Plzen.

Standing in group B:

Eredivisie Update

PSV-Go Ahead Eagles, 06-10-2013, Line-Ups:

PSV-Go Ahead Eagles Game Summary:

My Comments:
Very solid display, a convincing win. But, it isn’t really that convincing when you look at shots: 14 for us, 13 for them. We just finished a lot more, and that is nice to see. We dominated the match, and slowly but surely, we’re making our way to the top of the table. Man of the match was Narsingh, picking up 2 goals and 1 asssist.

Eredivisie standings on 06-10-2014:

FC Groningen-PSV, 18-10-2013, Line-Ups:

Some positive news, as Schaars and Maher are back from injury!

FC Groningen-PSV Game Summary:

My Comments:
Good result, and nice to see that Maher finally made his debut. We came back from behind, but what matters is that we’ve won another away game! Matavz came back to haunt his old club, FC Groningen, and he scored a goal. For me, he was man of the match. Maher also played pretty well on his first-team debut.
Zed's avatar Group Zed
10 yearsEdited

End of October: 3 matches

Shakhtar Donetsk-PSV (23-10-2013) Line-Ups:

Henriksen got injured for 2 weeks.

Shakhtar Donetsk-PSV Summary:

My Comments:
Worst match all season. Period. We played like an amateur team, I was embarrassed by our performance. We deserved to lose this heavily, they had 27 shots, we had 2. There was no star man to be found in our team this match, obviously.

PSV-RKC (27-10-2013) Line-Ups:

PSV-RKC Summary:

My Comments:
It was a win, but not a very good one. Conceding 2 goals at home against RKC is too much, luckily we scored one more than them. We both had 10 shots. Man of the match for me was Bruma, he scored an important goal, but also defended very well. All in all, not a good performance, but I'm happy with the 3 points.

Eredivisie Table on 17-10-2013:

Edging towards the top of the table! If we win our 11th match, we will be top!

PSV-VVV (30-10-2013) Line-Ups:

PSV-VVV Summary:

My Comments:
Pretty easy victory for us, but that was widely expected. That's why I put up a bit of a weaker side, also because we're travelling to Utrecht in a couple of days, for a difficult away match against FC Utrecht. Great to see Park getting on the scoreboard, what a hero! We dominated VVV, we had 56% possession. We also had 12 shots, while they had only 5. Star man was Park, getting a 7.9. What a player. In the next round we will face Helmond Sport, a nice derby between Helmond and Eindhoven. Helmond Sport shouldn't be too difficult of a team to face.
You're doing well in the league mate, but the Brasillians defeated you pretty bad...
AAN: Yeah, I knew it was going to be hard in the CL this season, but this hard :(
Luckily we've recovered from that poor start in the league, if we start to win more confidently, we've got a good chance to win the league!
Even though I am a hardcore Ajax supporter, I will still follow this simply because I am intrigued by the Eredivisie! :D Good luck!

I hope Narsingh and Depay do well for you. BOTH of them are absolutely amazing :D

That result against Shakhtar tho. 5-1. Ouch :| You seem to have bounced back so no trouble ;)
AS4: Thanks! In European matches I do support Ajax, when they're still in the competition, but in the league PSV is my favourite team
Narsingh and Depay are already doing very well! They've scored quite a lot and their performance in general has been good.
Yeah, typical PSV, we're having a lot of trouble in the away matches ;)
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10 yearsEdited

Begin of November

FC Utrecht-PSV (02-11-2013) Line-Ups:

Wijnaldum is finally back. Brenet and Henriksen are also recovering.

FC Utrecht-PSV Summary:

My Comments:
We had the first place at our disposal, but in PSV fashion: we didn’t take the opportunity. A bad performance by our side, we’ve got to make it up in the next game. They had 11 shots, we had 11 too. I think I might slightly change my tactics, and see if it works. Star man was Hiljemark, getting a 6.8. It looks like we’re having the usual PSV-dip, we aren’t playing up to our potential.

PSV-Shakthar Donetsk (05-11-2013) Line-Ups:

PSV-Shakthar Donetsk Summary:

My Comments:
We beat the team that dealt us possibly the biggest blow yet. Instead of losing 5-1, we won 1-0. It was undeserved, seeing as we had 5 shots, and they had 16. But, we played on the counter, and scored one, decisive goal. It is nice to see that we’ve picked up this result, this puts us only one point behind Shakhtar in the Champions League. Man of the match was Locadia, scoring a goal that could prove to be worth a lot.

Champions League Group B Table on 17-10-2013:

We’ve piled the pressure on Shakhtar after our victory over them!

NEC-PSV (09-11-2013) Line-Ups:

NEC-PSV Summary:

My Comments:
A good result. We conceded a late goal, but it didn’t put our victory in doubt, because it was in the 91st minute. We didn’t play a very good match, it is because we just played on the counter, I really needed to get the victory here, and the team pulled it off. NEC had 12 shots, we had only 9. Also, NEC had 59% possession. It doesn’t worry me, because for now, this is the only way we seem to get points out of our away games. Star man in this match was Locadia, who is really getting himself quite a few goals. In the winter break, I will have an update dedicated to the stats of the first half of this season.
Some mixed results there, Europa League is still good considering the age of the squad!
tallery1164: Yeah, but for some reason I think we can still finish second, it'll probably not happen. But indeed, it would be nice to see how far we can reach in the Europa League as well!

End of November: some interesting matches

PSV-Feyenoord (23-11-2013) Line-Ups:

Hiljemark is out for a couple of days, he will be back for our next match.

PSV-Feyenoord Summary:

My Comments:
A very important match for the title race, we had to win this one to build up an advantage. And we won, in an impeccable way! 3-0 is a fantastic result, and it shows that we are on the right track in rebuilding this club. And this time, we actually dominated the match: 12 shots for us, 8 for Feyenoord. And we had a slightly higher possession: 51%. Man of the match, once again, was Jürgen Locadia, picking up another goal. The other big PSV-talents (Depay and Narsingh) are playing amazingly as well.

Viktoria Plzen-PSV (27-11-2013) Line-Ups:

Viktoria Plzen-PSV Summary:

My Comments:
I probably spoke to soon, because we lost this match. We also lost trail of Shakhtar, and we’ll probably have make do with Europa League football after the winter. We played badly today, we only had 6 shots, while Viktoria had 14. They also had 57% possession. I thought we had pulled out of this period of bad results, but we haven’t. Star man was Bruma, keeping the door shut at the back, expect for the one time they scored.
PSV-PEC (30-11-2013) Line-Ups:

PSV-PEC Summary:

My Comments:
Good performance by the team, in a match that should be won by a team like PSV. We delivered what everybody expected: a convincing victory. We actually played a good match as well: 12 shots, against 10 shots for them. But we had 57% possession, which is nice to see. Star man, with an 8.9, was Bruma: he scored the 4-0, but also defended against the PEC attackers. And, nice to know: we’re number one in the table for the first time this season!

Eredivisie table on 30-11-2013:

Things are looking up in the Eredivisie! After the result against Feyenoord, we’ve pushed them back to 3rd. And we're first at the moment!
great form in the league, and congrats for the win against Sakhtar, but wtf happened against Plzen?!

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