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Hinckley- FM 13 Handheld

Can I save Hinckley United from inevitable relegation?
Started on 1 June 2014 by Specialist in success
Latest Reply on 5 June 2014 by Specialist in success
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In this Career I will attempt to save Hinckley from relegation. It will be writen in 3rd person with occaisional 1st person (manager's view).

Hinckley are under a transfer embargo (can't sign anyone) so I must make do with a weak squad. If I survive I will be happy. Enjoy.
Who am I?

Hinckley were taken over by former player Dale Larson. Larson is known for his great ability in front of goal but Hinckley don't have that anymore after Larson retired at the end of last season. Fans were delighted at his appointment as he was a fan's favourite, possibly due to the fact that Hinckley were his only ever club. He scored a total of 304 goals in 459 games for Hinckley, even scoring 55 goals in 41 games 4 seasons ago. Despite being fair, he is very snappy when he doesn't think you're trying your best. Larson said this:

I am thrilled to be at the helm of this club, I hope I can bring success.
Hinckley 1st team (roughly)and my rating of them (out of 10)

R.Peet 6
T.Brown 5 A.Brown 8 B. Richard-Everton 7 T.Baldwin 6
M.Marshall 7 J.Holt 4
P.Green 6 H.Headley 7 I.Abassi 5
A.Wint 8

As you can see, not the strongest team, but it's my best. Centre midfielder is a real worry. Holt isn't good enough. Anyway. I shall try and get the best out of this team for my friendlies to come.

As I only get 2 friendlies, I added some in, only the last 2 happened.
Vs Leicester Lost 4-1: Wint (1')
Vs Nuneaton Won 2-1: Dean og (34') Pickering (88')
Vs Barwell Won 5-0: Wint (5') (63') Headley (37') Pickering (77') Marshall (pen) (78')
Vs Basingstoke Lost 2-0
Vs Cambridge C Won 2-1: A.Brown (13') Pickering (90')

So, pretty decent! Won 3 lost 2. I'm happy. One player who shone was backup centre forward Jarrad Pickering. Hopefully he can do this in the season!
Nice start, good luck :)
Justice:Cheers! I enjoy clubs in awful situations, more fun.

Now that I have done my friendlies I have set some targets.
As the embargo will be lifted, Sign a bloody CM!!!!
Win a trophy
Get to Conference National.
Quite the challenge you've got! Good luck mate, I'm following!
Auguest Update:
Vs Solihull M Won 1-0: Marshall (Pen) (29')
Vs Gainsborough Lost 1-0
Vs Altrincham Won 3-1: Richard-Everton (7') Wint (57') (85')
Vs Vauxhall Lost 2-0.

Average month. That sums it up, despite very good goalscoring we were sloppy at the back.
The game vs Altrincham summed that up, we conceded a sloppy goal where their player was left unmarked, yet we scored 3 good goals. The low point has to be the game vs Vauxhall. I hate to blame keepers but Peet was at fault for both goals, fumbling a cross and a comunication breakdown.

Star man.
Hard one, I'll give it to former Elche man Matt Marshall. His set-piece prowess help us alot. I didn't have much choice so he gets it.
ASR-PSV: Thanks! I'm doing OK so far.
Questions you may ask
Why FM 13? I enjoy it as it has clubs such as Hinckley and Truro City, both are in pretty bad shape playingwise and financially.
Why Handheld? Probably because when I got FM 13 Handheld, I didn't know about the real FM and now I can't be bothered to get it.
How long are you planning to do this for? Hopefully, until I make Hinckley a success.
Why no photos? As I do this on a machine called an ipod touch, I can't download photos.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them
September update
In this month we picked up a quarter of the points on offer. 3 out of 12, 3 draws and a defeat. Not great
Vs Staylbridge Drew 1-1: Headley (90+3) (Peet sent off 82')
Vs Histon Lost 3-2 Green (4') Pickering (89')
Vs Worcester Drew 1-1 Headley (11') Pickering (18')
Vs Sittingbourne (FA Cup Qual R2) Won 1-0: Marshall (16')
Vs Corby Drew 1-1: Marshall (69') (Pen)

What do you 148 viewers think? Should I have done better or is that good (considering I've bettered their real-life point total of 7 points with 9.) One the brighter side of things I've finally found something that Jake Holt's good for! Saving penalties! that's right, You saw when Peet was sent of vs Stalybridge, they didn't score the penalty given away, I put Holt in goal and he touched it wide of the post. That saved us from the nearly inevitable fate of going 2-0 down. We got a crucial point in that game, we did superbly to claw our way back.
However, Larson is about to get some sickening news...
1st Person: Dale Larson

You turn on your radio to the non-league station, it is at the sports news that you hear something horrible: Two players at Hinckley United: Aron Wint and Tom Baldwin have spoken out about receiving no pay so far this season. If this is found to be true, Hinckley could be liquidated.

You are trying not to shout, you know about not getting payed, but do you give a monkeys?
It gets worse 2 hours later. you receive a message from the FA saying that Hinckley being given a week to pay 3 weeks wages to every player or suffer liquidation. You call the chairman, Albert Olsson. You tell him that the wages will soon be more affordable. After Wint and Baldwin are released!

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