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Coventry City: The Sky's The Limit

Started on 4 June 2014 by NVDTahir
Latest Reply on 18 June 2014 by pompeyblue
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'minnows Pompey' How dare you? We beat Coventry IRL when we were in League 1 y'know! I can no longer like you :P
Just kidding, great update and a great picture of the beast Agyemang :D
what skin are you using for this?
I love this story and without the deductions u would be top :)
2014-06-07 20:04#179101 jasonvilla4ever : I love this story and without the deductions u would be top :)
Count yourself lucky, Jason! You wouldn't want Wolves, Walsall, and Coventry to make up the top 3, surely? :P
ASR: thanks buddy! :)

AlexTHFC: Thanks man, I think that's what I'll have to resort to now anyway lol :P

pompeyblue: hahaha, I put that word in there just for you mate ;) and thanks a lot, Agyemang really is a beast

Pauker: :P

The Northerner: Nuu Rebooted :)

Jasonvilla4ever: thanks man, it's a real shame though :/

The 510 series: Rivalry! :D

September Update

We're doing really well but we have to keep it up for the rest of the year to gain promotion, which what I have to aim for now:

This was a decent month, nothing spectacular and nothing too bad:

Portsmouth 2-1 Coventry City (A)

Johnstone's Trophy South 1st Round

Ryan Taylor (30')
Jed Wallace (68')
Nathan Delfouneso (70')

Ryan Taylor (Portsmouth) -- 7.6

Match Review
This must have been the worst match I have ever witnessed in my entire life. We should have recorded a huge victory over Portsmouth, but we found ourselves on the wrong end of the scoreline. We were aiming to win this trophy as well.

Coventry City 3-1 Colchester United (H)

Capital One Cup 1st Round

Denzel Slager (29', 78')
Nathan Delfouneso (44')
Jabo Ibehre (59')

Denzel Slager (Coventry City) -- 9.3

Match Review
A contrast from the previous match, we got our heads together and marched onwards and upwards in the league, taking 3 points in the process.

Coventry City 2-2 Gillingham (H)

Sky Bet League 1

Cyrus Christie (32')
Adam Barrett (o.g. 59')
Myles Weston (68')
Adam Barrett (89')

Adam Barrett (Gillingham) -- 7.4

Match Review
We were stopped in our tracks in this match as we became complacent and lost two points from 2-0 up, I have to ensure this does not happen again.

Port Vale 1-4 Coventry City (A)

Sky Bet League 1

Tom Pope (32')
Danny Seaborne (50')
Callum Wilson (82')
Carl Baker (88')
Dylan McGeouch (90+2')

Dylan McGeouch (Coventry City) -- 8.3

Match Review
Again, we found ourselves 1-0 down at half time. The main thing was to make them believe in themselves and it worked wonders, we equalised straight after the break and scored three late goals to ensure we took the three points home.

Coventry City 1-1 Brentford (H)

Sky Bet League 1

Denzel Slager (2')
Alan Judge (33')

Alan Judge (Brentford) -- 7.2

Match Review
A good result, in my opinion. Brentford were looking really strong in match but we managed to hold them off as we salvaged a point from this match.

Player of the Month

Notching up a rating of 7.32 over the past 5 games, Denzel Slager has been in top form this month. With three goals and two assists since the start of September, this man has carried our team. Let's hope he keeps it up for the season.

Manager of the Month

The Wolves manager Kenny Jackett once again won the manager of the month award, beating me to it once again. Fair play to him, he's won all of his games so far this month.

Here are the fixtures for next month, the match against Wolves will be a juicy one:

Author's Notes

A great month overall, we're still unbeaten in the league but I'm not sure that's gonna last long...
Looks great! I'll be following this, mate.
Bruhn: Thanks a lot mate :)
NVDTahir's avatar Group NVDTahir
10 yearsEdited


"Hello and welcome to 'Saturday Nights with Alexander Bruhn', I'm your host Alex Bruhn. We've had a great run on ITV4, and tonight's the night we celebrate our 1000th episode, and what could be a better way to start this milestone of an event off than inviting a legendary guest for a quick Q&A before beginning the bonanza? He's a man of integrity, a man that has taken the world of football management by storm ever since he arrived on the stage 15 years ago, please welcome Coventry City manager, Mo... HAWK!"

*applause and cheering*

"Thank you very much for inviting me out here Alex, it's an honour."

"You've been hitting the spotlights for years Mo, you've led Coventry to the top of the world and that's where you've kept them. Year after year, title after title, let's start off with a nice and simple question... why Coventry? They were drowning in debt, on the verge of administration, yet you knew you were the right man for the job and things are, well, completely the opposite."

"There's only one reason why, Alex. Coventry is and always will be my home. I love everything about this place, it's where I grew up, it's the only place I've ever lived in. Everything about me screams Coventry, if you cut me -- I kid you not -- I will bleed sky blue."

"And what made you choose Coventry City straight after obtaining your coaching badges? You were only 24/25 when you decided to apply for the job, I mean you could have done ANYTHING else at that point but you ventured straight into the world of football management."

"Good question, Coventry City is the club I grew up supporting. We used to be in the top-flight a few years before I started and we found ourselves in League One. It hurt me a lot to see us get relegated twice and I felt that as a qualified coach, I was obligated to try and do something. Rumours were spread that the club received no applicants for the managerial job, further defaming us. I knew I had to apply, and then that's where it all started."

"Of course, it would seem like the best thing to do at that point, Mo. How were things when you first started off at the Sky Blues?"

"Well, we started off with ten less points than all the other teams so I guess it wasn't the best of starts! We only had one physio, one coach and a few other backroom staff, there wasn't many people for a League One club. That possibly could have been one of the reasons why we had finished 15th before that."

"And how was the team? What was the squad quality like?"

"Well Alex, they had the potential to go big in the game. Most of the squad were youngsters so it was easy to win them over to my side, so only a few problems were caused at the start, but those were resolved ASAP. Within weeks I had respect, I gave respect and we were one happy team working together."

An hour later...

"A lot of people knew you as a rowdy young guy, who took no nonsense from anyone and was confrontational. Was that true, Mo?"

"That's an understatement my friend. Back then I was a different person to who I am now, I used to smoke weed, I was the leader of a little group that me and my pals started up -- a gang, if you must-- in high school. We used to get involved in fights, some of my mates got involved in bad things etcetera. I can honestly and truly say with utter confidence that football management changed my life, saved my life to some extent. I'm forever grateful to the club for giving me the oppurtunity, I wouldn't have been sitting here as a Champions League winning manager had that not have happened."

"You know man, I'm glad you accepted our invite to this show for the 1000th episode, thank you very much for answering my questions here. Let the celebrations commence!"

I smiled, shook Alex's hand and strolled off the stage as the crowd cheered me off the stage... This stuff was being broadcast in 121 different countries around the world, a record. The celebration party is going to be great! 40 years of age and look at what I'm doing... fuck it, #YOLO! As I smiled to myself at the thought of it all, I passed a mirror and stopped to check my appearance was in shape. I brushed my hand, my slightly wrinkled hand through my greying mohawk. Wrinkled hand? GREY HAIR?!

I awoke with a rigid jolt. It was the middle of the night and I was back in my apartment in Northampton. It was all a dream, or a nightmare if I'm going to talk about the grey hair and the fact I said YOLO. I steadied myself as questions flooded my mind. Was this a sign? Was I going to become successful?

Will Mo Hawk ever be a household name?

Fuck yeah it will.
Really nice update mate hopefully your dream does turn out true and you do become successful, I'm sure you will ;)
Great Update - love the writing style too keep it up
Pompey: I certainly hope so mate, thanks a lot! :)

Jord: Thanks Jord

A Big Thank-You

Thanks to everyone who has read my story so far, it gives me the confidence to carry on with it and it motivates me. I've reached 1000 views already within a couple of days, and I hope to carry on with it until I've reached my goals... hell, I might even go further than that :P

Once again, thanks a lot folks! :)
Congrats! Great story so far!

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