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Paris FC- taking on the big boys!

Started on 8 June 2014 by TheNortherner
Latest Reply on 13 June 2014 by TheNortherner
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Hello there,

this is my first FM14 story and, before people complain, the shift key on my keyboard is broken so there will be a distinct lack of good old punctuation.

I will try to stick at this one, and any feedback or suggestions would be welcome.

I have requested on another thread for someone to design kits for me for this team, but if anybody reading this is able to then please do let me know.

Hope you enjoy,
let's get started!
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10 yearsEdited

Paris FC

Paris FC are the second team in the French capital and currently find themselves down in the third tier of their domestic league. The team have done very little in their history, but they narrowly avoided relegation from the French National league last season, and they then dispensed with their Christophe Taine with the board citing...

'a shocking season by a manager who couldn't organise an uprising in Africa could only end one way and, after the team rallied and stayed up, we feel that we need a new direction and a new figurehead at the club as we aim to gain promotion to the second tier. Long term, we want to find ourselves reaching the pinnacle of French football- Ligue 1- for the first time in our history. However, we are willing to give the new manager plenty of time, providing he meets our modest yearly goals; we want our new manager to be a big name, a big character, and a man who relishes a project, as this is what we now see our club as- a project.'

But who is the man who will be said figurehead? Some of the names linked are players who won the World Cup back in 1998- players still regarded as legends in their homeland.

Paris FC- the project has begun...
Good Luck!
The Appointment

After the media were whipped into a frenzy by the Paris FC owner when he told them that a big name ex French footballer was in line for the big job at Paris' second team, the news finally broke that ex France, PSG, Lille and West Ham goalkeeper, Bernard Lama was appointed as the man to guide Paris FC through this difficult time financially and, ultimately, to progress the team further than they ever have been before.

The outspoken Lama, who once said that PSG's Salvatore Sirigu would never be a goalkeeping great- already endearing himself to the Paris FC fans by putting down one of their local rivals' players- was set to undertake his first job since 2006 when, after two months in charge, he left as manager of Kenya's national team, citing a lack of professionalism as the main reason for his departure.

At the press conference for his arrival, Lama said...

'I am pleased to have been given the chance to guide this club to the next level. I know that many more experienced managers were linked with this role and turned it down before I was offered the job, and I believe this was because they are afraid of a challenge. I assure you, I am not afraid. This club is predicted to finish in the bottom half this season, the bookmakers say as much, but I guarantee that we will do our very best to exceed these expectations. I am here for the long run, and I will make difficult decisions- the players need to know that I am the boss and that what I say goes- and I will bring you results.

He left the room. Journalists murmered. Some looked stunned. Some were impressed. A bold entrance for the new manager.
Pre Season

So, July arrived and so did the pre season friendlies. Bernard Lama was settling in to his distinctly average office at the distinctly average training ground in the city, wondering what on earth he was doing here after accepting his first job since 2006. Of course, he wouldn't reveal this to the media- he has to maintain the bullish persona in public.

After having a mug of tea, out to the training field he went...

His coaching staff introduced him to his team and offered to take the first training session and to host a match between the players in order for Lama to gauge who his key players for the season would be and where to strengthen. Despite the financial issues the club had, the squad seemed rather capable- especially through the middle of the side- yet the number of players on the staff was too high for Lama to tolerate. Some tough decisions would have to be made here...

From this first session, it became clear that Fabien Tchenkoua, a player who can play anywhere up and down the right hand side of the team and Sandy Paillot, a rock of a centre half would be two of the key players through this season. They are probably too good for this level, yet I will try to keep hold of them. Elsewhere through the team, there is consistency through most positions and, attacking wise, there seems to be a lot of pace. This would be a key feature of the style of play for the team this season.

As for signings, Lama felt that a new striker, centre midfielder and centre half were needed to bolster the team, preferably French as this is a direction he felt strongly about- building a team full of domestic players...
Transfers in and the start of the season


1. Ritchie Makuma- CB
2. Hilaire Momi- ST/AMC
3. Jean-Baptiste Bescond- DMC
4. Bira Dembele- CB
5. Geoffrey Malfleury- ST/AMC

So after witnessing a few of the training sessions and friendly matches, Lama noted that the team were slightly leaky in defence and needed a bit of shoring up. Goals suddenly became quite hard to come by so two players were brought in. All of the players came in on free transfers bar Malfleury, who came in on loan. A partnership between the Ligue 1 club Evian was struck to enable Paris to sign players on loan, but none of their youngsters fancied a move to the third tier to aid in the battle for success, but hopefully this will be more fruitful in the future- if this continues though, I will be looking for different parent clubs. Momi is the only player who has come in who is in contrast to the club's new transfer policy of bringing in only French players, but his stats were simply too good and the scout's reports left him too good to ignore, and he has delivered on his promise so far with goals in the league- more to come later.

1. Frederic Herbert
2. Allan Merel
3. Thomas Veldeman
4. Anthony Coton-Pelagie
5. Moise Dipoko
6. El Hadji Assane Sali
7. Djamel Ibouzidene

All players were part of a ruthless Lama cull and were released on free transfers after being deemed not good enough apart from Ibouzidene, who was sold on to the partner club Le Havre for £20k to raise funds for the club.

Progress for Lama as his squad starts to shape up.

The Season

So Paris, now in mid November (sorry, I should really have posted this on a monthly basis), are sitting in 6th place of the 18 team league and far higher than the 14th place they had been predicted by the French media.

The league results are as follows...

Game 1; Paris FC 2-4 Vendee Lucon
Game 2; EFC Frejus Saint-Raphael 1-0 Paris FC
Game 3; Paris FC 3-0 USJA Carquefou
Game 4; Amiens 0-0 Paris FC
Game 5; Vannes 0-7 Paris FC (?!)
Game 6; Paris FC 2-0 USBCO
Game 7; Dunkerque 1-0 Paris FC
Game 8; Paris FC 1-1 ES Uzes Pont du Gard
Game 9; GFC Ajjacio 2-0 Paris FC
Game 10; Paris FC 2-0 Luzenac Ariege Pyrenees
Game 11; FC Bourg-Peronnas 2-3 Paris FC
Game 12; Paris FC 3-1 Red Star FC
Game 13; SR Colmar 5-2 Paris FC
Game 14; Paris FC 1-5 RC Strasbourg Alsace
Game 15; Le Poire-sur-Vie VF 2-3 Paris FC

These are the league games, and Paris FC's season started a bit shaky with a couple of losses, which is why Lama brought in another CB in the shape of Dembele and Momi in a bid to turn the form around, and he did just that with his assertive ways towards the players and attacking tactics- which, as you can see, sometimes leads to big wins but can also leave the team vulnerable at the back, but this is how Lama believes football should be played...

Also, Paris FC have advanced to the 8th round of the French Cup after getting through round 6 on penalties away to Dunkerque and then demolishing Palaiseau 8-1 at home.

Next update will probably be around January time, hope you enjoy reading...
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10 yearsEdited
Hopes and Dreams for the career

OK so I probably should have put this up before, but here are the hopes/expectations/aims for this Paris FC story.

The inspiration from the whole story came from Walter's Oriental Lisbon story (, so I will try to reach the same things he aimed for, the main difference being that the game is based in a different country!

On The Field

Win Promotion from 'National' within 2 years
Win Promotion from 'Ligue 2' within 4 years of being in that league
Consolidate 'Ligue 1' position
Reach The Final of the Coupe de la Ligue
Win The Final of the Coupe de la Ligue
Qualify for the Europa League
Qualify For The Champions League
Reach The Final of the French Cup
Win the French Cup
Win 'Ligue 1'
Win The Europa League
Win The Champions League
Become Manager of France

Off The Field

Make Paris FC Professional
Do this with a maximum of four foreigners on the pitch (subject to change)
Captain must be French
Currently: Julien Chevalier
Build State of the Art Youth/Training Facilities
Stadium of 40k capacity Currently: 3k
Produce the next big thing in French football
Have 5 homegrown players in a French World Cup/European Championships squad
Become the greatest team in Paris and finish higher than PSG in 4 consecutive seasons
Mid November-January

Game 16; Paris FC 2-2 US Colomiers
Game 17; Paris FC 4-4 Orleans Loiret Football
Game 18; Paris FC 1-2 EFC Frejus Saint-Raphael

2-0 up, 3-0 up and 1-0 up... Like a bad dog walker, we just can't keep hold of a lead! Atrocious defending, and as Lama sat in his office the morning after the home defeat to Saint-Raphael, he looked out at the training session being taken by his assistant and really started to wonder if this was an impossible task- 'we just can't get a run going', he thought. He immediately got on the phone to his Chief Scout and ordered him to 'find some players to improve this dog's dinner of a season, we are in danger of blowing any chance of getting to the top three, and I want to be going to the Ligue 2 party next season!' Before the scout had a chance to say anything, Lama had hung up and was trotting outside to oversee training in what was rainy conditions at the turn of the year in the French capital. 'Happy 2014', his assistant said.

Current league position- 7th, 6 points off 3rd.

We are now into the 9th round of the French Cup to play the affiliated club Evian away, which could be the end of the cup dream.
Great detail, add some pictures, headings, and other BBCode to really make this brilliant!

thanks for the feedback, it's my first one so I am not brilliant at all the etiquette etc, but when i finish this season, I will start uploading month by month with pictures! ta, and thanks for the kits
Nice start with some good writing mate but as Tallery said you could really improve this with the use of BBCodes, pictures, etc. As I said nice work so far mate and hopefully this feedback helps. Here is the link to the page about BBCodes's, here.
End of Season 1

Staggering, absolutely staggering. These were the sorts of words leaving the lips of journalists after Bernard Lama's press conference immediately after the club had finished third in the French National League after an incredibly fortunate collection of results in the last two match days which took the much unfancied Paris FC team into the French second tier for the first time in years.

Bernard Lama had done it. The ex Kenyan national manager had achieved his first goals at the club. He had gained promotion at the first time of asking and, as a result, the board ensured that Paris FC became the second full time professional football club in the French capital of Paris.

Lama also announced at the press conference that he would now allow the media more access to his club after his first season, which was mostly conducted behind closed doors with very little getting out to the media.

After promotion, the Paris FC board announced that they had been granted planning permission for a new stadium, the capacity of which is as yet unknown, although it has been said that it is going to be considerably larger than the Stade des Docteurs Dejerine, which currently holds 3000 people.

Next post- pre season and transfers. It's going to be a busy summer...
Pre Season

In a staggering start to pre season, after seeing many of their Ligue 2 rivals start their preparations with pre season friendlies, Lama was shocked to hear of his assistant manager's failure to line up any pre season friendlies. As a result, he was given the sack immediately and Lama set about hiring a new man, and the first signing of summer was Djiby Badiane came in in that role.

After gaining promotion, Lama had set about sorting his squad out for the coming season. His first move was to release a handful of players who weren't even benchwarmers in the National and, thus, would be nowhere near the line up for Ligue 2. The players in question were Noui Laifa, Thomas Aupic, Vincent Demarconnay, Abdoulaye Diawara, Freddy Rocher and Yacine Ouazene and this freed up space to bring players in for the challenge of staying up. A lot of contracts were loud to expire as well to basically empty the reserve squad of deadwood and to free up a bit of money.

The transfer budget Lama was given was £1.4m, which he immediately thought was quite impressive, before realising that this would have to cover wages as well due to the fact that the wage budget hadn't been boosted at all. When he found this out, Lama immediately stormed to the Chairman's office asking for an explanation...

"Don't you know where we are going to be playing?! We are in Ligue 2, I need more than 28k as a wage budget to get players in to keep your team in this league!!"

"I am afraid that you will have to utilise your transfer budget for this as well then, I'm afraid. We are building a new stadium as we feel we need to for the club to progress, so there isn't a lot of money available elsewhere until this has been completed. Now, I suggest that you get to work, get your scouts on the case, and bring in the players you need. You have done well, Bernard, but the project is still ongoing. We want you at the helm, but there are plenty more where you come from."

Extremely miffed, he went back to his office, threw his baguettes and croissants all over the room and dialled a number...

"Sylvain, I need you."
Pre Season continued

Sylvain Wiltord had fallen upon hard times after his departure from Arsenal. He never reached the heights he achieved there as a player, but Bernard Lama had kept in touch with his ex France team mate and had faith in his ability to spot the players that Paris FC needed. So he came in as Chief Scout, and immediately set to work on identifying targets for Lama to sign...


Ten players arrived at Paris FC this summer, the vast majority of whom had been recommended by Wiltord, and all bar one arrived on free transfers due to the transfer budget being used basically for wages. The men to arrive...

Mickael Nelson, CENTRE HALF. Lee Yong-Jae, WINGER/CENTRE FORWARD. Romain Beynie, DEFENSIVE MIDFIELD/CENTRAL MIDFIELD. Phillip Heerwagen, GOALKEEPER. Therry Racon, CENTRAL MIDFIELD. Martial Riff, CENTRAL MIDFIELD. Jonas Martin, RIGHT WINGER. Nicolas Perez, STRIKER. Gael Vena, CENTRE HALF. Fabian Bordagaray, STRIKER.

All apart from Perez are permanent- he is on loan from one of Lama's ex clubs, Lille- and Bordagaray is the only one who has commanded a fee- £50k.

The spine of the team needed boosting after the exits of the summer as strength in depth will be needed for this league. Jonas Martin, released by Montpellier after finding himself in the reserves last season, looks exciting from his statistics and, along with Tchenkoua- player of the season in the National league- could form a menacing partnership down the right flank this season. Tchenkoua is a player who, if his stats and coach reports are accurate, could be a player to stay with the club all the way to Ligue 1, which could be exciting.

Before the start of the season, Paris FC faced Dijon FCO in the Coupe de la Ligue and won 1-0 thanks to a Hilaire Momi goal, another player who was key in the promotion campaign as top scorer with 19 in 34 games- Lama hopes this form will continue into the league.


You are reading "Paris FC- taking on the big boys!".

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