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ACF Fiorentina - The Crown Jewel of Italia.

My humble attempt to bring Fiorentina back to the top of Serie A.
Started on 12 June 2014 by Nathaniel
Latest Reply on 17 June 2014 by Nathaniel
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An Unexpected Phone call

Fabio touched the puncture wound, caused by the bullet that had coursed through his shoulder causing an explosion of pain. He had been rushed to hospital and had made it out alive and healthy. The excellent operation performed by Italy's finest surgeon had seen to that. He had started a new life or at least he had all the pieces of the puzzle, they just weren't all fitting together. As soon as he was out of the hospital he had grabbed Daniela and Andrea, his son, and boarded the first flight to Panama. He wouldn't be found by the infamous "Shade" there.

They had been in Panama for 3 months, trying to fit in and go unnoticed. Fabio was paranoid, he thought he saw things he didn't and he saw stuff that wasn't actually there. His life had become one big blur with fantasy and reality merging into one. His only solace was in the fact that his wife and son were okay and that they were enjoying a reasonably happy life in Panama. At least, it was happy during the day.

During the night, Fabio had nightmares. Horrible nightmares, conjured up from the very depths of Hell, haunting and taunting him. One face was omnipresent in these nightmares. That of "The Shade". Albeit it wasn't actually a face as "The Shade" had never revealed his identity. He hoped "Shade" had been hit by a bus or fallen off a cliff, something to end his pathetic life. He had tormented and killed some of Fabio's closest friends. He had held his brother hostage and shot A.S Roma's owner. If Fabio ever encountered him again, he would make him pay. He was going to lay low for a few months and then go after him.

The FBI had a protective detail watching Fabio for the moment, he had paid a large sum of money to make it happen. His son was homeschooled by a teacher they had hired who specialised in just about everything and his wife was always tailed by one or more of the agents when she left the house. They were always under the watchful eye of at least one agent and this comforted Fabio hugely as he knew nothing could happen to his boy.

Fabio's contemplation's were interrupted by the loud ringing of the house phone. He ambled towards it and lifted it from its holder, thrusting it to his ear. He waited for the person on the other end to talk.

? - "Hello?"

FC (Fabio Cannavaro) - "Hello. Who is this?"

? - "This is the president of Fiorentina F.C, Vittorio Cecchi Gori. Its good to finally here you and receive confirmation that you are alive."

FC - "How can you possibly know I am alive, how did you manage to find me?"

VCG (Vittorio Cecchi Gori) - "Relax, I know what you are thinking, if I can find you, so can your enemies. However, the only reason I located you is because I am very good friends with the top dog at the FBI. We have known each other since we were knee high to a grasshopper and he trusts me implicitly, I have told nobody that you are alive."

FC - "So why did you want to speak to me?"

VCG - "As I am sure you are aware, that is if there are newspapers in Panama, we have parted ways with our previous manager, Vincenzo Montella due to a dispute over contract terms. In short, we fired him and we want you to takeover."

Fabio was stunned into silence as Vittorio dropped this bombshell.

FC - "Be...your..m-manager? But why would I do that?"

VCG - "We will put a security team in place to ensure you, your wife and Andrea are safe. We will veto all supporters who enter games to ensure there are no types of malicious weaponry. We will make the glass of the dugouts bullet proof. We will arrange for a Limousine with bullet proof, tinted windows to pick you up for work every day. We will arrange for your assistant to take control of the friendlies and he will also be in charge of arranging training, you will lead the sessions though as we feel that is necessary to be successful as a manager. We will also give you a £5 million budget which is huge due to the level of debt Italian clubs are in at the moment. We will supply you with a £1 million signing on fee and a weekly wage of £25,000."

Fabio considered his life in Panama. He wasn't lacking in money but his reservoirs were running out and he knew that it would not last a year. The £25,000 was an enticing prospect and the signing on fee made his mouth water. The protection was a crucial deal sealer.

FC - "In that case, I'm in."
Good luck! Love the banner!
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Good luck love the Fiorentina stories !
Really nice start Nath :)
Good luck!
Well I'm already dead :/
Great start and good luck, I'll be following this!
Brilliant start! Cannot wait!!
great start mate!
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8 yearsEdited

Introduction to Fiorentina.

Hi Guys and welcome to my Fiorentina story. I have chosen to do this introductory post second as I was keen to have a dramatic storyline opening to reel in viewers! The storyline will be developed of course with the odd update and I am sure the elusive "Shade" will make an appearance. This story does follow on from my Roma one so if you want to take a look at that it can be found here - Roma - Conquering Europe Once Again


ACF Fiorentina, commonly referred to as simply Fiorentina, is a professional Italian football club from Florence, Tuscany. Founded by a merger in 1926 (refounded in 2002 following bankruptcy), Fiorentina have played at the top level of Italian football for the majority of their existence; only four clubs have played in more Serie A seasons.
Fiorentina have won two Italian Championships, in 1955–56 and again in 1968–69, as well as winning six Coppa Italia trophies and one Italian Super Cup. On the European stage, Fiorentina won the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup in 1960–61 and lost the final one year later. They finished runners-up in the 1956–57 European Cup, losing against Real Madrid, and also came close to winning the UEFA Cup, finishing as runners-up in the 1989–90 season.
Since 1931, the club have played at the Stadio Artemio Franchi, which currently has a capacity of 47,282. The stadium has used several names over the years and has undergone several renovations. Fiorentina are known widely by the nickname Viola, a reference to their distinctive purple colours.


Fabio Cannavaro

The newly appointed manager of Fiorentina. The ex Juventus, Real Madrid and Italy centre back, who skippered his national side to World Cup glory, is set to be handed a wage packet of £25k per week with a signing on fee rumoured to be in the region of £1,000,000.


Fabio has been handed a reasonably impressive £4 million budget. Despite it appearing to lack, Fiorentina had already signed Mario Gomez and Giuseppe Rossi. Due to the current state of the Italian economy, £5 million will allow him to bring in one high quality player and maybe one backup. Rumour has it he is looking to sell to generate funds by selling Martin Compper amongst others.

Key Players

Mario Gomez

The Target Man will be Fiorentina's main goal outlet and if they want to do well, he will have to play well. The German international is set to partner Giuseppe Rossi up front and the little and large combination could work fantastically.

Borja Valero

A player who's career got off to a slow start, Valero has now become one of the first names on the Fiorentina team sheet. The ex Real Madrid and West Brom (I Know right...) player who is as good at passing as Joey Essex on a quiz show, is an integral part of the Fiorentina side and looks certain to be a key player in the upcoming season.

Juan Cuadrado

The final of Fiorentina's star men is pacey Colombian winger Juan Cuadrado. The wide player has played for Udinese almost his whole career and is currently co-owned by Fiorentina and the Zebrette. He is a constant fixture of the Colombia national side and is sure to be a factor in whether Fiorentina have a successful season.

Major Honours

Serie A - Winners - 1956/57 & 1968/69
Coppa Italia - 6 Times Winners

This is an area I am keen to work on. The last time they won the title was 1969 as can be seen above and the last time they won the Coppa Italia was 2001. This is nothing short of a drought and I intend on ending this trophy famine.

Season Expectations

The Board have handed me the target of qualifying for the "Euro Cup". They have told me I have the squad and budget to achieve this. I agree, my attack is strong and I have signed a new defender as I felt the backline was lacking. This signing will be revealed later and I feel he can help me achieve the aim the board have set me.

Good start and good luck!
Lovely update Nath! :-)

Fabio Cannavaro Announced As Fiorentina Manager

Fabio Cannavaro has today, been announced as the new manager of A.C.F Fiorentina after the club released a statement, followed by a press conference.

The ex Juventus and Real Madrid central defender and former manager of A.S Roma (See the Introductory Post) has agreed a deal reportedly in the region of 25k per week, looks to already have his transfer targets planned and it appears he is also ready to offload some players.

Cannavaro has also announced his first signing, ex Roma player, Simone Perrotta as a Coach and has said he will be keeping on the current staff, maybe adding some more of his own also.

Cannavaro was also quick to signal his intent in qualifying for the "Euro Cup", stating that it was the bare minimum requirement and ideally he would like to compete for an illustrious Champions League place.

Fiorentina are competing in the "Euro Cup" this season and Cannavaro is hoping the side can at least get to the quarter finals, stating that anything less would be a failure.

Finally, he re-emphasised his gratitude at receiving the job claiming that he had been made welcome by all the staff, players and directors.

Questions hailed upon him and he answered with dignity and eloquence regarding his time at Roma, Winning the World Cup with Italy and if he would like to do the same as a manager.
As he was leaving, he heard these words uttered:
"Fabio, what about your elusive enemy, "The Shade"? What if he makes another attempt on your life?"

Fabio was stunned, he felt sick just hearing the name of that horrible man who had tried to kill him and ruin his life.

He mumbled something incoherent, visibly shocked, and was ushered out by his bodyguard entourage, put in place to protect him from this evil man.


He had been at the press conference. He had gone unnoticed, nobody suspected him. If he stayed out of the limelight he would be fine. He was untouchable. The whole country trusted him implicitly and most looked up to him. If only they knew... He was a highly functioning sociopath, under his calm outer appearance was a seething unadultered rage, threatening to bubble over. He wanted Cannavaro dead. He wanted to take out this man who had wronged him in so many ways. He would soon enough. He had an elite group called "The Corporation" supporting him. They had Judges, Jury Members, Police Officers, Federal Agent's, Doctors and Heads of the Military on their payroll. Cannavaro had inadvertently stumbled into the middle of their scheme and had something they needed. They just didn't know where it was.
I have a lot of respect for Cannavaro. Good luck :-).
Oooo, a great end to what was already a great update!
The introduction to Fiorentina was also a top update Nath, you have started this story very well and I look forward to more :D

2 In 3 Out As Fabio Plunges Into the Transfer Market.

Fabio Cannavaro has made 3 signings in the Summer Transfer Window while allowing 3 more to leave. He made the executive decision that Alberto Aquilani, Marvin Compper and Matias Fernandez were surplus to requirements and brought in 2 players of his own.


Giuseppe Bellusci

Cannavaro's first signing was Catania Centre Back, Giuseppe Bellusci who has joined for a bargain £2.4 million.

The central defender, aged 24, became a key player for Catania in 2011, after they sold Matias SIlvestre to Palermo.

Born in Trebisacce, Bellusci has signed a contract reportedly worth 19.5k per week and at the tender age of 24, as aforementioned, he looks set to be a central figure in the team for many years to come.

Cannavaro was made aware of Bellusci's excellent talent after witnessing him firsthand, during his time at Giuseppe Bergomi's Inter Milan. Whilst playing for the "King Of Calcio", Bellusci cemented his place as a first team regular and turned into a top notch defender.

He is expected to slot straight into Fiorentina's backline alongside Stefan Savic and Gonzalo Rodriguez making up a solid 3 man defence.

Manuel Fernandes

Signed from Besitkas, the ex Everton, Benfica and Valencia player has joined in the wake of Alberto Aquilani leaving and looks set to take his place in the team.

Joining for a fee reportedly in the region of £7 million, Fernandes is renowned for his creativity and his ability to pass consistently and excellently.

He is set to sign a contract worth a mammoth 77k per week but Cannavaro clearly feels he merits this large pay packet due to what he can offer the team.

Despite the fact he isn't the hardest working player, Cannavaro has reiterated his faith in Fernandes, saying he will allow him a central role in the team.

He will play alongside Borja Valero in the two deeper Midfield roles while Joisp Illicic will play just in front.

Expectations will be high due to the large fee, especially considering the economic state of the country and if he doesn't get off to a good start, the fans could really get on his back.


Alberto Aquilani

The most high profile of the departures, Aquilani leaving came as a surprise to most Fiorentina fans. He was expected to be the lynchpin in midfield, but was sacrificed in order to free up funds to bring in the aforementioned Manuel Fernandes.

He was sold to Benfica for £8 million and looks like he will slot straight into their starting 11 and become a key player.

At the age of 29, he is 2 years older than Fernandes but cost more so it could be said that Fiorentina have done good business in getting rid of him and bringing in a younger, fitter player.

However, having said that, Aquilani boasts 35 international Cups for Italy whereas Fernandes has a measly 9 for Portugal, arguably an easier team to get into.

Marvin Compper

Marvin Compper, who looks unerringly like the love child of FM Scouts own Neal Hasan and Marouane Fellaini, was offloaded to Stuttgart in a deal believed to be worth £2.8 million.

The experienced centre back failed to impress Cannavaro in pre-season or in training and was dispensed with as soon as a satisfactory bid arrived.

The 28 year old has featured just once for the Germany national team, in a friendly which ended in defeat for the Germans.

He has agreed a 21k per week deal with Stuttgart which is a slight increase on the 18k he was earning at Fiorentina.

Having signed for Fiorentina last season form Stuttgart, and having made only 7 appearances, he was clearly seen as below the required standard and as a result, was ferried back to Germany.

Compper could become a key player for Stuttgart but he wasn't cut out for Italian football and especially not Fiorentina, who have an abundance of centre backs.

Matias Fernandez

As One Fernandes arrives, one Fernandez leaves. Namely Matias, joining Dinamo Moscow for £2,8 million.

Matias, 27, was never really cut out for Fiorentina after joining at the start of last season, making 22 appearances and scoring 1 goal.

An attacking midfielder, Fernandez, joined Fiorentina from Sporting Lisbon for £2.6 million so Fiore have made a 200k profit, which is a small bonus.

Known for being a free kick specialist, Fernandez has failed to live up to this title during his time in Florence, having never scored a free kick for the club.

The sale was greeted with delight from the fans as they felt he was taking up excess wage budget, showing how far he has fallen since winning the South American Player of the Year in 2006.

You are reading "ACF Fiorentina - The Crown Jewel of Italia.".

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