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Looking for a job

I am just a man
Started on 17 June 2014 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 15 July 2014 by Diazepamll
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+18 - this manager is taking drugs

Diazepam IV looking for job


Diazepam First Statement

It is big sadness that Vauxhall Motors FC have found themself in problems at seven match till end of season and with chance to be relegated and i will do anything in my power to save them from relegation... after that if we made it we will look how to fix the club because of the lack of players and history which was went wrong after Justice has moved to Luton.

Also Vauxhall Motors, like many other football clubs in this position are confronted with the reality of low gates and ever-increasing costs and with that we will again be in problems when season ends so there is much to work on before and after season.

Also it is anticipated that this season resulted in another sizable financial loss eating into a legacy of finances of this club and we will need to work on that with little fortunate to inherit that problem. To do nothing would be foolhardy and catastrophy. I urge to all fans who have money to buy Vauxhall cars and then i players and whole club will be in more better position and play for fans because we need them in this situation.

So me with board pyramid will now must restructure how much we can and resource we have. So stabilise and rebuild again Vauxhall how he was.

Diazepam IV

I am also thanks for this Justice and Alan Bartlam. Also i will give more information after i talk with whole boardroom and players in club.

Dinamo New Boss has been given car by Chairman but refused and giving his car to one of random fan on next match.





Football is a battle cry sometimes... if you want to prevent it faster call is equal fast action and stay away for entire club to live. Every player that is ever going to matter knows the burn of that all consuming drugs, deep inside. It fuels them into battle. Wielding speed, energy and control, that's what i want from my team. I d o not want go on all in or nothing, i just want to prevent worse and that's why i am here.

Good luck!
2014-06-18 00:13#180438 captainbrickarms : Good luck!

Thanks mate
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After talk with players and board room with still much work ahead and little time i went to my new house which i get from boardroom with car too. I also remember when i was going into town trying to find Rivarce Park and i was nerveous when tryed to find it.

Of course i all the time had in mind how Vauxhall find themself in this situation. First which i noted was too many players played many positions and also there was no power at front of pitch and i was to find out how to setup that. Also i forgot who was in charge but whoever was he did some strange rotations.

Anyway i went with my new car into a city.

Well yea... this surely give'n me some morale.

So little about Ellesmere Port.

When i was going back home all was almost closed, even Mcdonalds... Also there was no people on street so i was sceptic about is this town really what i want but i was druged like my clone Diazepam ll.

I check once more papers before sleep and thinking, fck but isnt it too risky? I mean there is no time... after few smokes i fall in sleep.

After i wake up i had dream of quality stuffs so i needed it.

Still didn't remember what was in that day but it was obvious why...

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For more information of course check:

Past Positions

Some more information i knowed.

Good luck!
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2014-06-27 12:55#181724 Josh_MU : Good luck!

Thanks Josh and thanks on album! Da Killas!
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Next day i went few meters to Tropico bar to take coffee. Went into car and to job. Also i was talking with my neighbor Tomy. I asked him about town and he saye'd that if he had money he would runaway to any other town with no thinking at all.

I also ask him what was with Mcdonals since i know that i will need something for eat on job because of job. We were 6 days before going to Colwyn Bay.

On Mcdonalds, Tomy told me that there were many talking about McDonalds after he was close too and not Mc but KFC too closed down now.

Why did you get Julian Clary to do the voiceover in my head? Did i already have some disease? Well any way i taken coca-cola and went to job.

Before entering in offices i seen peoples on stadium and avoid them...

"Man whats wrong with you, they welcomed you to club?!"

"Oh, fck, sorry, didnt know, brb"

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7 yearsEdited

So i get to club and was little late because i still didn't get it how to get exactly on stadium.

So first i went in boardroom and check training and will it fits to survive relegation and after check i was total confused. I was not sure is my formation going good without not looking tactic. There was sure place at flanks and much players up. So then i found mess about, what if i am going too far... 361 ... i was nerve's and who would not be if you were living on family account.

I parked at entrance and send players to little fitness till i went to talk with board about next fixtures. The key which i wanned to find out can we went into game Wainwright in defensive mid. He was greatest scorer and assist in club and i was sure that he can get more if i put him to right flank and probably would do it if i had Lee not injured. building this was looking complex for me because there was question who is scorer at front.

Also i was thinking is this a really good chance to get three points. It was obvious that Colwby has falling down and my team looked much better when i came and also take one step up on table... Was there too. With injured Colwy players was two important, 20 year old AMC Louis Moss and 19 year old Josh Graham. Last match 20 year old GK Andrews having debut and it in that match they saved point against great Chester with 0:0. Sean Williams was injured too with Connor it was sure that Franck Sinclair will need to get some player from bench in.

After i studied a little i found that they had great harmonized team or it was look like that... So they had few rotations in front but in mid and denfence too.

So, it was obvious,they will have a space at flanks and it was looking that formation will not work so it was time to make next one to cover all to goal and wait for their mistake. With much training on defense few tweaks and formation i could easy change if will all go to plan, so i needed somekind of standard defensive play with.

Key Employees

So, compared with my team this make change and it will probably be fixed very fast.

Colwyn Stadium

In Office, Rowe has sayed to me that he considers 39 year old striker Ade Akinbiyi dangerman so i sent scouts to check more about him too.

Ater that i asked board room if they can stay tomorow more at work so that we check all not to finish at relegation zone. After that when i send scouts to check few players and i went on to start get use to players and they to me. Before that i was get used to Nicholas, Bentham and Williams but i went to captain Hannigan to speak with him because he will need to be most influent with other's in this situation where the club is right now.

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7 yearsEdited

Next day on training i was telling to my players that i am here for saving the club from relegation but also i say to them that i it will much be on them no matter formation and tactic i made, also i explained that its too little time. Also i say that we must be carefull in all aspects of game but that i will not judge them if they fail because with situation right now we can fall down or go up, end with relegation, stay out of it or try best we can to show that we can do more. I also was talking with Hannigan asking him to calm down players if we went down a goal and explained that it is possible that we will have problems at a back and also sayed to him why we will play formation and tactic which we will train not too because we are out of time. After fitness training i say to player's why our first game before Chester are more important than any other and if we do not make good resutls at start we would not be in position to attack which can be possible if we take something from first three game... So it was clear, its mess at bottom and for more we need points or we will stay in lot of mess and also adding that we could end up bad. I also say that they must play like one but noting that all teams will look for win over us and with view we are underdogs. After that i asked Hannigan and Williams to office to tell the that they are the one's who will play main role on pitch because morale is still not on level to fight against bigger teams... I also added again that i will not make pressure on any player so that they are need to control players passion.

After all made training i stayed with few in board room to make tweak tactic. Better two than one because i was very clear to all, there must be no pressure on team at all. McGuire was very determined and i like his style, i asked him to help me set second tactic.

He taken all we can in account and started to work... after 3AM before birds sing we went on coca-cola and home with papers.

In morning i was not too much nervous like before. Two tactics, three matches with big price and five days left. I went to tropico for coffee and again to work.

We were focusing large on defense and ball control to try beat Colwyn.

My first day to meet media, i cannot say i was calm coming on press with many flashes and answering question so i taken some amphetamine to remove pressure from journalist's.

Two new transfers

more from scouting Cowlyn Bay

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7 yearsEdited

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