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AS Monaco FC - The Quest

Started on 23 June 2014 by Nero
Latest Reply on 30 June 2014 by Nero
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7 yearsEdited

Hello there!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new story.
I've decided to start a new story, and this time it will be AS Monaco FC. I'm going to start this because I want to try something new in this game so I decided to try out Monaco.

In this story, the Syrian football fan Winchester will be looking to take AS Monaco FC to a glorious era.

I'm planning on getting this as far as possible, hopefully I won't get bored quickly this time. Wish me luck!

The Decision

Ater I obtained the professional coaching license, I jumped for joy. I was very happy, knowing that the beautiful game will be my job. I love football. Although I'm not the best at playing it, I enjoyed playing football with my local semi-professional club in Syria.

My first year as an unemployed manager was totally not as what I expected. During 2012-2013, I spent all of my time watching football matches, doing my own scouting assignments and analysis so I could learn even more whilst waiting for offers. I received offers from some U18 teams but my eyes were looking at something higher..

"The season has come to an end, let's see.. Manchester United, champions. Barcelona, champions. Wow, Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga & the Champions League, that is a great achievement for them, they fully deserved it .. PSG, champions..."

"Well, let's see what I have won this year."

I opened my e-mail to see who has been contacting for the past year. It looked like I received some offers from clubs in France and Germany, I was flattered to see some clubs interested in me, I've always dreamt of managing a club. I love football and managing a club would be my dream job.

I proceeded to look into each club, I realized I raised my hopes far from reality. All of them are struggling financially and with no good history, my ambitions are much higher. I closed my laptop with disappointment.

"I must start somewhere.. I'm being too ambitious and that will cause me a lot of problems one day. I have to choose one of the offers as soon as possible. I must not keep watching teams winning, I must get right in the action."

After spending the whole day reading about the clubs, I booked a ticket to France. I'm going to meet Stade Brestois 29's president Yvon Kermarec.
I have wanted to do an AS Monaco story for a while, good luck!
good luck!
Griffo: Thanks :D
AAN: Will need it, thanks :)
Good Luck... will be following closely
2014-06-24 13:28#181334 footymanonline : Good Luck... will be following closely

Trust me, you won't be disappointed ;)

Arrived in France

I landed at 15th of June, in the country that holds my future in the football world. I looked around, searching for Yvon Kermarec, the one I'm supposed to meet.

"Is this a joke..."
"Yes, this IS a joke!"

I couldn't find him. I tried calling him but he didn't pick up the phone. I panicked a bit, thinking of all the bad scenarios, all of them inside my head. I decided to go to a cafeteria in the airport, so I can chill and wait for him.
30 minutes later, I noticed Claudio Ranieri, AS Monaco FC's manager, himself. He was sitting right behind me. He was there all the time, "My bloody eyes, are they blind?".. I remembered something about him that I read a few days ago.

"Is he going to leave Monaco? I must find out!"

I decided to go and have a small chat with him just after he finished his phone call.

Claudio: "O-Hello there Mr.Winchester! I'm surprised to see you here!"

HE KNOWS MY NAME! That was my first thought. My heartbeats were increasing and I felt like my whole body was drugged. "How the hell he knew my name?!"

Winchester: "H-Hi there, nice to meet you!"
Claudio: "So what are you doing here in France? Did a club offer a scouting job to you?"
Winchester: "Oh, no no. I'm not a scout, I mean, I've been scouting for the last year. But how did you know?"
Claudio *laughing*: "Welcome to the football world, where scouts get scouted."

A 5-10 seconds of awkward silence took place between us, then he said something interesting.

Claudio: "It seems confusing, I know. You see, we do know how to differ between a person who wants to watch the match like any fan and a person who is analyzing what he sees."
Winchester: "Well, you are right, I was learning."
Claudio: "Tha-What? Learning what?"
Winchester: "You know, analyzing teams so I can improve my tactical side."
Claudio: "So you are not a scout? Are you a manager?"
Winchester: "I'm going to be, yes."
Claudio: "Well, good luck! But for who?"
Winchester: "Stade Brestois 29, I'm meeting their president soon."
Claudio: "That's a good start for you, good luck!"
Winchester: "Thanks, but I have a question. How did you know me?"
Claudio: "According to what I understood months ago, some French football clubs wanted you. So I've collected some information about you."
Winchester: "Oh, ok. By the way, are you leaving Monaco?"

For a second, I thought I shouldn't have brought that up.

Claudio: "Hell yes I'm leaving! It will be announced soon.."

He said it in a weird way, I immediately knew that the two things he requested to AS Monaco FC's president were out of line.

Winchester: "Well, good luck Mr.Claudio! It was nice to see you here."
Claudio: "Thanks Mr.Winchester, and good luck to you."
Winchester: "Thanks, bye."
Claudio: "Bye."

I was trying to guess the two requests whilst waiting for Yvon Kermarec, but I couldn't. What would the two requests be? And speaking of Yvon Kermarec, where the hell is he?!

A very good update!
2014-06-25 12:24#181440 AAN : A very good update!

Thanks :)
Very good update. Keep it up!
2014-06-26 12:24#181582 Jonte-23 : Very good update. Keep it up!

Thank you mate!

Tomorrow I'm going to post an exciting update ;)
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7 yearsEdited


The long wait has finished, the time has come! I saw Yvon Kermarec approaching me from a distance, I felt the relief..

Yvon: "Hello there Mr.Winchester, I'm a bit late, sorry."
Winchester: "No, no, it's okay. We aren't in a hurry anyway. Sit down and let's start."
Yvon *sitting down*: "Yes, I know. But that's not the case."
Winchester: "What is it?"
Yvon: "I've had a meeting with the directors and the staff members of the club today, we discussed more options for the managerial role. Most of us agreed on one thing, and that is the manager should be experienced enough to take the club to the next level."
Yvon: "I'm sorry, Mr Winchester. We've decided to not sign you, we will be signing Alex Dupont. He has the experience and has the ability to do what we are trying to do."
Winchester: "I'm disappointed but I understand."
Yvon: "I'm also very sorry to have told you to come this far to France. I must book you a flight to wherever you want to go."
Winchester: "I'm fine Mr Kermarrec, thanks."
Yvon: "Good luck, I'm very confident you can secure a job one day. You have what it takes."

I was very disappointed but I knew I had to let go and start looking for a club quickly. I started to think about what should I do, I'm in France, I know nobody here, I'm looking for a job and I don't have much money left. I rented a room in a local hotel, where I can sit down and think better.
I picked up my phone to call my personal assistant Alfred Pennyworth

Winchester: "Hello Alfred, change o-"
Alfred: "Mr Winchester, you won't believe it!"
Winchester: "What happened?"
Alfred: "I've just been told that AS Monaco FC are looking for an inexperienced manager to take the managerial role!"
Winchester: "Wait what? Why would Dmitry Rybolovlev and his members sign an inexperienced manager?"
Alfred: "Sir, with all due respect. This is your chance."
Winchester: "Oh, ok. I got the hint, haha. Where can I meet him then?"
Alfred: "Do you want me to schedule a meeting with him?"
Winchester: "Yes, please."
Alfred: "Al right, give me a minute or two."

Four minutes later
Alfred: "It's set, tomorrow morning Mr Winchester. Good luck my friend!"
Winchester: "Thanks a lot!"

I was happy, but I didn't raise my hopes so I won't be disappointed. I was also sure that I'm not the only one who is looking for a job. Success rates are low this time.

The next day(17th of June)

Right now, I'm here, about to knock Dmitry Rybolovlev's door, I feel nervous, but also excitement is running in my vessels.

Winchester: *knock knock*
Dmitry: "Come in Mr Winchester!"
Winchester: "Hello there, nice to meet you!"
Dmitry: "Nice to meet you too, how are you?"
Winchester: "I'm good, thanks!"
Dmitry: "Good, so let's get straight to the subject. As you can notice, Claudio Ranieri left the club and we are looking for someone who is young and willing to spend his career with us."
Winchester: "That definitely means there is some sort of a project you would like to start with the club."
Dmitry *laughing*: "I've been told you are smart."
Dmitry: "Anyways, yes. Simply, we are looking for someone who can do that project for us."
Winchester: "What's the project?"
Dmitry: "Mr Winchester, I want this club to become one of the biggest clubs in Europe, I want us to be the favorites to win the Champions League, I want people to start betting in favour of AS Monaco FC. To do all of that, we have to build this club financially and footballistically."
Winchester: "Sounds like a great project, how do you want to achieve that?"
Dmitry: "If we play good football, we will grow financially. The manager must play beautiful football."
Winchester: "That's right."
Dmitry: "We also want to develop young talents. We've got superb youth facilities and we would like to make the most out of it."
Winchester: "That's also right, developing young talent will definitely help us in the long term."
Dmitry: "That's right, but I also want us to sign high profile players. Our squad should be a mixture of youth and elites."
Winchester: "Signing high profile players will also grow our reputation as a club. I completely agree with this."
Dmitry: "Exactly. We are also planning on building a new stadium. We have a small stadium and we will need a much bigger stadium to match our future stature."
Winchester: "This is an exciting plan, I now understand why you want an inexperienced manager, you want them young so they can stay here for the long term."
Dmitry: "Not exactly, I've already enquired about a lot of experienced managers who are a bit young. None of them agreed with us."
Winchester: "Why is that?"
Dmitry: "They want the club to spend more and more. They're demanding a very high transfer budget AFTER we bought too many players. I want this club to start spending the money it generates, not fully depend on my money."
Winchester: "Al right then. So far I agree with the philosophies. I would like to become the manager of AS Monaco FC."
Dmitry: "Good, I will talk you later then. I will study the situation and then decide. But first, can you tell me why should we pick you?"
Winchester: "Simply because I'm sick of watching teams winning trophies whilst I'm jobless.. I want to get right in the action. I know that there are people out there who have been jobless more than me, but last year was very, very slow. I learned a lot in that year and I'm confident that I can use that knowledge in AS Monaco FC."
Dmitry: "Al right fair enough. Just to let you know there are 3 other managers who applied, so far you are the best candidate!"
Winchester: "Thanks a lot! See you later, bye!"
Dmitry: "Bye."

I'm the best candidate so far.. Could this be it?


Writer's Note:
The introduction to this story is very long and I apologize for that. Hopefully you liked it.
In the next post we will start ;)

Looks really good! If I'm not wrong then you have a star in your hands by the name of James Rodríguez. Really good player who I'm interested to see how he goes under your management.
2014-06-28 16:06#181882 pokarioboy : Looks really good! If I'm not wrong then you have a star in your hands by the name of James Rodríguez. Really good player who I'm interested to see how he goes under your management.

Thanks! And yes, he is definitely a talent! We will see how he will perform :D

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