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Started on 25 June 2014 by JordTheDesigner
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Good luck mate!
Good start mate! Looking forward to this one :)

Exclusive sources around the Everton Camp have today told us at BleacherReport that Roberto Martinez has resigned and has called a press conference for 10:30 AM this morning. However Roberto accepted our interview offer and here are the details:

BR: Thank You for accepting our interview , is it true that you are leaving?

RM: Yes , after a board meeting yesterday I decided that It would be best that I left after a disagreement with Bill over the transfer budgets

BR: Bill Kenwright is a man of his word , there are rumours he promised you at least a £20M budget if you came 5th?

RM: Bill told me before the Manchester United game that if we performed well to the end of the season and came in the top five he would personally finance a move for Lukaku and Barry. Unfortunately he has no recollection of this and has refused to answer me over this issue.

BR: However you've had a wonderful season wouldn't you agree?

RM: We played very stylish and attacking football all season and the fans should be proud of the progress the club has made, Romelu and Gerard were very good young signings this year and I hope the new manager gets better support than I did this season

BR: One minute Roberto, Neil Lennon has just called us about the Everton issue

BR: Hello Neil?

BR: Yes ,ah okay , a 3 year deal and a £15M budget , starting from tomorrow?

BR: Very well Neil , good luck at Everton and we wish you well

RM: El viejo gordo bastardo scouse

BR: Roberto , please remain calm , there are recent reports you are under consideration for the vacant Italy job, what are your thoughts on that?

RM: We will see what happens , but I want to manage in Europe with Champions League Football

BR: If you could choose that club?

RM: Juventus

BR: Thanks for the interview Roberto, hope to set up another interview when you've got yourself a job
Nice update mate but some problems with your coding!
Great update mate!
Martinez at Italy will be interesting, what tactics you are planning on using?

Managerial Merry-Go Round in Italy

The Italian FA have today confirmed that Antonio Conte will be appointed as manager as of July 2nd when he has agreed to leave Juventus after hosting a celebration match between the Serie A Allstars and Juventus as a mark of respect of his fabulous tenure as manager.

In there first season under Conte Juve went the whole season unbeaten thanks to an impressive defence of Buffon and Chillieni. The manager had clearly got a taste for success and went on to secure the league again in 2013/14 and reached the magical 100 point mark. However Conte's team buckled under the pressure of a potential home tie in the Europa League final after losing to a inspired Benfica Team.

The former Bianconeri midfielder watched his side beat Cagliari 3-0 at the Juventus Stadium at the weekend as Juve became the first Italian club to win all their home matches - 19 - in a given season.

The title was wrapped up two weeks ago, with second-placed Roma ending the campaign a distant 17 points behind their rivals.

Conte had been mentioned as a possible replacement for David Moyes at Manchester United before outgoing Holland boss Louis van Gaal was installed as the new man at Old Trafford on Monday.

His confirmation in the Italian dugout also distances him from the Arsenal job, which could become vacant should Arsene Wenger decide to move on after the World Cup.

Meanwhile Juventus themselves have moved quickly to secure a world class manager , following delegations with Jurgen Klopp , Roberto Martinez and ironically Prandelli , the man Conte slated for calling up Chillieni earlier this season despite carrying an injury. Reports in Italy suggested the Juve board are considering making an approach to Sampdoria for their Serbian coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, They will hold a press conference at 10:00 CET.

Roberto Martinez is firm favourite while Bet365 have suspended betting on the Spaniard.
First I thought this would be an Italy national team story, but this is a nice twist. And there aren't any good Juve stories at the moment, so it's nice to see one starting here. Good luck at Juve (at least, I think so haha)!

Martinez: A Man in Demand

I looked up at the clock , the time was 01:00 AM, Sarah still hasn't returned from her wine night. I couldn't sleep , I was expecting a phone call , the phone call of my dreams , the phone call to invite me to Turin. I turned the Television on and started to watch A-League Football , Victory vs City was on , my concentration was weak all I wanted was to get to Turin and sign the contract.

My phone beeped , adrenaline ran through my veins , was this the message I wanted? No unfortunately it was the reminder to buy my mother a birthday present for the following week. My laptop sprung into life and on the screen appeared a man, of Brazilian descent.

UK: Hello Roberto
ME: Good Morning , how can I help you?
UK: I have recently bought a franchise in the MLS and would like you to manage them. We have many upcoming Brazilians interested in playing and I'm working on signing a world star that's Brazilian and plays in Serie A.
RM: My gosh , we'll , erm , I'm sorry but I'm currently only looking in managing in Europe , thank you for the offer though. I'd be more than happy to fly over in our off season to look round your club
UK: Roberto , £100,000 a week not interest you?
RM: I'm not a man that chases money goodbye.

I loaded up Google and started searching for new franchises , New York? Orlando? Yes Orlando , just three minutes before the call Kaka had agreed to sign for them.

I rolled back over and waited for the morning to arrive. Sarah trailed in a couple of hours later , she slumped to the bed. I got up and made us coffee , I slipped into the living room and turned on my old work phone , there were three missed calls and seven emails , two calls from one club and an email and a call from a different one , but 6 clubs wanted to speak to me about their vacant managerial job , this was going to be a long morning.
Roberto Martinez... you sly dog... his wife Beth will not be pleased if she discovered Sarah!
This story is awesome so far bro! I like the first twist :)

The Five Offers Revealed

Club One

Dear Mr Martinez, We are very much interested in securing your services if our manager leaves at the end of the World Cup , although we performed very poorly at the World Cup we would like you to know the potential in our young vibrant squad is very high. This has been demonstrated by our spirited performances by certain individuals , including a variety of players you know extremely well. We will expect you to qualify for Euro 2016 and use the potential of our nation to gain us the success that the nation demands

Club Two

Dear Mr Martinez, Following your resignation from Everton , we would like to move quickly to secure your services. We are an upcoming Dutch team with many young players that we believe you can make some of the best players in the world. Our manager left us last week to take over a premier league team. We are happy to give you £10 Million and we will allow you full use of the excellent youth facilities and great training facilities. We will send a representative to meet you at Amsterdam Airport , and drive you to our training base outside of Rotterdam later tomorrow if you accept our offer of the interview.

Club Three

Good Evening Roberto, To keep it short we've just been taken over in the A-League and would like you to maintain our challenge. We have good affiliations with Manchester City and will get a high majority of their young upcoming players to play for us every year. We realise you may not value a move this early in your career but we can offer you Asian Champions League football and the views and scenery will be perfect for your wife. Our offer is open until the end of the 2013/14 season.

Club Four

Hi, Roberto, it is time for you to return home , we've followed your whole managerial career and would like you to come manage us. We have had many years of dominance here in Spain and believe you are the right man to put us back top of La Liga. The Club is a very much world leading club and can offer you a large budget of £50 million to move here. We will supply a Porsche and a penthouse in the Catalunya area. We may have a slightly ageing squad but I believe we have the best youth system in Europe , Sergi Roberto and Dongou stand you in good stead for the future. We have organised a trip to Florida for you to discuss personal issues , if you don't agree , we have sent the tickets through the post for you and your wife to enjoy a two week trip at your convenience.

Club Five

Roberto, this is simply an enquiry , we are a very high profile team in Germany and would like to invite you to a tour of the club. Unless you knew Jurgen Klopp had agreed in principle to take over the head coach role of Juventus. We can offer you £17.25M and a generous wage budget. We would like you to challenge for the title.In principle we have agreed the following pre season fixtures:
Ajax (A)
Sporting (H)
Halvese (A)
Nantes (A)
Friendly Cup (Leicester , Nimes and Reggina)
Lazio (A)

You are the only manager on you shortlist , We have booked tickets to Dortmund airport and they'll be found in your post tomorrow morning. We look forward to meeting you Roberto , have a good day.

Offer Six

The offer six wasn't from a club , it was from my wife Beth, unknown to me Sarah was her personal trainer and she had describe the night of passion she had with me to her. Que 50 abusive texts , screaming and shouting , tantrums and the bitch hitting me. Beth is a really sweet girl but she wasn't the best romantic person she didn't understand what I meant by my love of football and she'd often moan that I wasn't there when she needed me most. In fact I only met Sarah when Romelu took me to see his private gym and my good she was beautiful , tall blonde and extremely well toned , we started talking immediately and it carried on to a couple of so called dates , we moved in together at the back end of the season , Beth understood I had stopped loving her but she didn't realise I had moved on behind her back. Of course I accepted and have now began planning life with Sarah.

The Decision

I strolled around the city centre looking for Costa Coffee , where I'd be meeting with Sarah and my agent Javier Silva. The heavens opened , a taxi flew door slammed , Sarah walked upto be me and grabbed my hand. She whispered " Roberto make me proud , make us proud , choose somewhere that we can have family ".

I met Javier in the corner of the coffee shop. He dwelled and looked at me , my eyes bloodshot , my hair scruffy , I hadn't shaved in a week. The tiredness oozed from my veins , wow , just wow , 6 contracts , 1 manager , 1 life changing moment. I read through them carefully , making sure every detail was as quoted in the emails , my phone buzzed alas Sarah had forgotten her key and needed me to get back to the house as soon as possible. I grabbed the pen and signed one of the contracts , Javier will deal with the rest , he'll tell the clubs that I've kindly declined but first me and Sarah had a trip to Florida to enjoy for two weeks.
I hope you have chosen Barcelona mate :P I'll be following whoever you choose to manage! I'm loving this story!

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