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[FM14] I Gondolieri - A New Club in Italy

The follow up to mine and ASR's story, a new club takes centre stage in Italy
Started on 13 July 2014 by Tallery
Latest Reply on 10 July 2015 by Aaron
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I want to know how long it takes for you to get the exact screenshot you want haha!
2014-08-02 02:14#187728 Griffo : I want to know how long it takes for you to get the exact screenshot you want haha!

About 30 seconds hahah
Tallery's avatar Group Tallery
9 yearsEdited

2014 – 15 May Review

AS Venezia played six games in the final month of the season, playing Pescara, Spezia, Livorno and Carpi at home and Bologna and Perugia away.


Line Up: AS Venezia: (4-3-3) Kuszczak, Neill, Terlizzi, Sørensen, Alhassen, Bottone, Valenta, Espinosa, De Silvestro, Seijas, Baros
Line Up: Pescara: (4-4-2) Pelizzoli, Golubovic, Cosic, Capuano, Bocchetti, Bovo, Bjarnason, Nielsen, Politano, Belotti, Samassa

AS Venezia suffered a home defeat that threw the title race right open in front of 10,165 at the Stadio Pierluigi Penzo. It was an even game, but Pescara turned out to be the more clinical team, finishing one of their two shots on target. It was just before half time, when Bovo played in an overlapping Golubovic, who ran to the by-line and crossed it in. Kuszczak committed himself and missed the ball, only for Belotti to put it in to the back of the net after a goal line shuffle. Venezia then looked like they could get back into the game, but Pelizzoli and Capuano stood tall and prevented the Biancazzurri from conceding.

Andrea Belotti (44)

Manager’s View
A very disappointing loss in a winnable game. We were the better side, but the forwards had a bad game and just kept everything wide of the target. Also, it has thrown open the title race as well, but we still lead, just, and I hope we do not look back on this at the end of the season and think this was the game that threw it all away.


Line Up: AS Venezia: (4-1-1-3-1) Kuszczak, Seitaridis, Piccolo, Sørensen, Sini, Bottone, Espinosa, De Silvestro, Valenta, Seijas, Baros
Line Up: Bologna: (4-3-1-2) Stojanovic, Ceccarelli, Natali, Antei, Cech, Pulzetti, Pazienza, Ibson, Riverola, Bianchi, Moscardelli

21,447 people witnessed a bore draw at the Renato Dall’Ara. Both teams created very few chances and could not profit from any. Venezia controlled the possession and the amount of shots, but Bologna were less wasteful, having had four of their five shots on target. They also committed more fouls than I Gondolieri, which is something that doesn’t happen very often. Overall, the supporters went home unhappy after witnessing a boring game.


Manager’s View
Another disappointing game, in my eyes. To win the title and to make sure Catania does not over take us, we need to be beating the good teams. Otherwise it shows that your team is not up for the job, and that is not what you want.


Line Up: AS Venezia: (4-4-2) Kuszczak, Neill, Terlizzi, Sørensen, Alhassen, Bottone, Espinosa, Sinclair, Seijas, Toniolo, Baros
Line Up: Spezia: (1-4-2-2): Valentini, Lisuzzo, Bianchetti, Ceccarelli, Struna, Ampuero, Lollo, Sammarco, Viviani, Catellani, Sansovini

10,019 people filled the Stadio Pierluigi Penzo to see Venezia take the three points off Spezia. It took just five minutes for I Gondolieri to score the winning goal. Espinosa’s free kick played short to Neill, who ran, slowly, towards the eighteen-yard box and played it to Toniolo, who gave it straight away to Bottone near the penalty spot and fired home into the bottom corner, well out of the keepers reach. Spezia’s Marco Sansovini went off with an injury after half time. ASV went on to dominate the game, having the vast majority of possession, and shots, but couldn’t add to their tally to make the win look as comfortable as it was.

Davide Bottone (5)

Manager’s View
A good win. Even though the scoreline maybe shows different, I can assure you, we played well, and well done to the opposition to holding out and making our shots go off target. Otherwise the damage would be a whole lot worse, so credit to Spezia for that. I am happy for Bottone, he doesn’t score that many goals, but he deserves it as he is a key part in my team and it wouldn’t be the same without him and credit to Maldini for finding him.


Line Up: AS Venezia: (4-1-1-3-1) Kuszczak, Seitaridis, Piccolo, Sørensen, Sini, Bedin, Espinosa, De Silvestro, Valenta, Seijas, Anelka
Line Up: Perugia: (4-3-3) Koprivec, Vitofrancesco, Prestia, Goldaniga, Celcer, Giandonato, Filipe Gomes, Giorico, Boniperti, Fabinho, Misuraca

A thrilling game and a debut for fifteen year old Bedin took place at the Renato Curi in front of 5,417 people. The game did not take off until the second half, where both teams forgot to defend. Javi Espinosa netted a free kick from twenty-five meters, quieting the home crowd. But Perugia went level after Valenta tripped Prestia. Boniperti stepped up and netted confidently. I Gondolieri took the lead again, after Valenta gave the ball to Adorján, who gave it to De Silvestro, who netted confidently. Then the home side pulled it back to two all, after Pucciarelli gave the ball to Giandonato, who found Boniperti, who gave the ball to Franco. He pulled it across the box, and Filipe Gomes got on the end and finished. ASV won the game after an Adorján corner was played short to Toniolo, who crossed it to Valenta, who knocked it on to Piccolo at the near post and he put it in to the back of the net.

Javi Espinosa (52)
Filippo Boniperti (pen 59)
Elio De Silvestro (63)
Filipe Gomes (79)
Felice Piccolo (81)

Manager’s View
That game was a brilliant game from the supporters view, but it was hell for me and Andrea Camplone. Credit to him for making it such a difficult game, and I am very happy with results. Espinosa’s goal was outstanding, and we may not see anything better, and it shows that we have a really good player on our books.


Line Up: AS Venezia: (4-1-1-3-1) Kuszczak, Neill, Piccolo, Sørensen, Sini, Bottone, Espinosa, De Silvestro, Valenta, Seijas, Anelka
Line Up: Livorno: (4-3-3) Rubinho, Del Prete, Valentini, Trevisan, Ggemiti, Biagianti, Moretti, Luci, Siligardi, Vitale, Paulinho

A crowd of 10,084 came to the Stadio Pierluigi Penzo to see their team win three nil. Jiri Valenta netted his first goal after twenty-eight minutes, after Espinosa received the ball from Seijas, and he played it to Anelka and he played through Valenta, and put the ball underneath the keeper, and in to the back of the net. Valenta’s next goal came from an Espinosa free kick, which was played short to Anelka, who put the ball into the box, but it was cleared, but the ball fell to Valenta, who blasted it in. The final goal also came from a set piece. Espinosa played it short to Anelka, who gave it back, and Espinosa crossed it in. The cross found the feet of Piccolo, who scored. Both teams committed numerous fouls and picked up many yellow’s throughout the game.

Jiri Valenta (28)
Jiri Valenta (43)
Felice Piccolo (75)

Manager’s View
Livorno are a very good side and a win of this manner shows that we are worthy title winners. It is getting closer, the title, and this proves that we should win. We played very well, to score three against such a good defence is very pleasing. Jiri had a very good game, and I think I will keep him for next season, in the top flight.


Line Up: AS Venezia: (4-1-1-3-1) Kuszczak, Sini, Piccolo, Mio, Alhassen, Bottone, Barillà, De Silvestro, Valenta, Seijas, Baros
Line Up: Carpi: (4-4-2) Petrachi, Letizia, Pesoli, Poli, Sperotto, Concas, Bianco, Porcari, Di Guadio, Caccavallo, Borja

A crowd of 9,967 witnessed a dramatic final day of the season, and saw Nesta’s team lift the Seire B trophy. They had to at least draw the match against relegation-threatened Carpi to go up as champions. It wasn’t until near half time that I Gondolieri scored, despite dominating the game. A Seijas free kick was whipped in, but was cleared by Sperotto, and Seijas ran to retrieve the ball. He gave it to Piccolo, who played it out wide to an advancing Sini, who found De Silvestro, who controlled the pass beautifully. He ran down the by-line, beating three defenders at the same time, drawing the keeper out and then passing it to Valenta, who put it into an empy goal. This goal was enough to give ASV the win, and the title, to the delight of the chanting Venezia fans.

Jiri Valenta (42)

Manager’s View
We did it. It took to the final day, and at times I doubted it, if we would win it. Catania are a very good side and they didn’t make mistakes like we did. But that doesn’t matter. I lifted the trophy, and cemented my place in the history books. I want to say thank you for all the supporters for the support they are showing in the team. I like the fact that we proved the media wrong. And myself in fact. I thought mid table would have been good, but to win the league in the clubs first season, wow. Has it ever happened before, I do not know, so it is an incredible achievement!



AS Venezia finished the season as champions, with 101 points. They scored 70 goals, and conceded just 24, leaving them with a goal difference of +46. They had won 31 games, drawn 8 and lost just 3.


Team of the Season:(4-1-2-3) Kuszczak (AS Venezia), Peruzzi (Catania), Legrottaglie (Catania), Spolli (Catania), Monzón (Catania), Lodi (Catania), Kone (Bologna), Ricchiuti (Entella), Bergessio (Catania), Leto (Catania), Anelka (AS Venezia)

A lovely goal from the Canarini striker, as he scores an accurate finish

Manager of the Season: Alessandro Nesta (AS Venezia)

Player of the Season: Sebastián Leto (Catania)

Top Goalscorer: Gonzalo Bergessio (Catania)

Goalkeeper of the Season: Tomaz Kuszczak (AS Venezia)

Defender of the Season: Gino Peruzzi (Catania)

Midfielder of the Season: Francesco Lodi (Catania)

Striker of the Season: Nicolas Anelka (AS Venezia)

Story of the Month

I just want to thanks my readers for getting me this. This was the aim of the story all along, just like most, to get a nomination, but it is you guys that have made me want it so bad. You are the ones that make me update this, as I do it for you, so thank you. Long may this story continue, and let’s hope it is successful too!

I just want to make a special mention to three members, ASR-PSV, AlexTHFC and Justice. I want to thank you all for the support you have given me with this, and had to put up with the endless “will you comment” and plugging. And a special thanks to ASR, who has helped me, improved and written sections to this.

Also, I want AAN to take some credit too, as he is part of this. He may have a small part, but to me it is a significant part of this.

Again, thank you all for the support!
Congrats on your SOTM nomination, well deserved! And well done on going up to Serie A and champions! :)
Very good season, congrats on both the SotM and the league title! Both are great achievements :D
What a season! Some brilliant individuals in your team here and it's all come to a great conclusion, good luck next season!
Absolutely brilliant season, and a SOTM nomination to show for it, congrats, running it close with the King of Calcio both in SOTM and next season :P
Congrats, it's well deserved, same with the promotion.

Kits Unveiled

AS Venezia’s kits for the 2015/16 season in the Serie A have been unveiled today, via the clubs Twitter Account. It features the promotional slogan of #goingalone.

This comes from dropping sport giants and kit manufacture Nike, and making the kits themselves. Club President Thomas Allery said

“Dropping Nike is something I have regrets about, as it put the club on the international stage. I would like to thank Nike for the partnership, although a short one, and helping us launch the club in style.
The reason we, as a club, dropped them is so we can become a self-sustainable club. The aim is to win the league with players completely from our youth academy, which I am investing a lot in. I am quite lucky in the fact that there aren't many clubs to compete with for youth players, so we can get the best, but going alone is a step towards becoming self-sustainable club.

I think that the designer that we employed to design the kits has done an incredible job and I really hope the fans take to them as we have at the club.”

The home kit features the club colours, with a red base colour, with a white line separating the gold. The club crest, which sits on the white line with a white border, adds to the stylish design. UNICEF, which the club promotes, has its place on the shoulder of the shirt, a new feature. The clubs main sponsor, still Italian clothes company YOOX, is in the centre of the shirt, in white.

The away kit is completely black with three red cuffs on the sleeve. The collar, which is also red, offers a stylish cap to the shirt. Both UNICEF and YOOX gain feature on the shirt, and are both red. The UNICEF and club logo are higher up on the shirt than usual, which offers a fresh look. UNICEF is where the kit manufacturer would usually sit. It is reportedly modelled on the Juventus third kit of 2013/14.

The third kit features the same colours as the club, is gold with thin white and red stripes running round the bottom of the kit and around the cuffs. The collar is circular, and comes high up around the neck. It is white, with gold and red strips running round the front. Both UNICEF and YOOX again both feature on the shirt, and again, are both in the club’s red.

AS Venezia manager Alessandro Nesta said he liked the kits.

“I think the new kits look good. They are stylish and utilise the clubs colours very well. I like the away kit the most, it is smart, yet simple, with is my kind of design. I think that the club is very brave doing it alone and probably will lose a lot of promotion because of it, but if we want to become a self-sustainable club, it is a step we must take.”

While doing the official photo-shoot, a few players told the clubs website their opinions on the kits.

Striker Vincenzo Iaquinta said

“I can’t wait to play in these; they are the classiest kits I have played in for a while.”

Luis Seijas also praised the kits

“The kits are great. They are stylish and the colours go so well together. They have been designed really nicely and I hope they go down well with the fans, just like they have with the squad.”

You can buy kit replica’s from the clubs official store at New Venice Com - Nuova Commerciale Veneziana S.R.L. on the main island for 25.99€ adults and 12.99€ for a child replica. They are also available to be personalised for an extra 10€.
Tal, congrats for the amazing season you had mate! Also, I love this kits!!
Very nice kits!

AS Venezia Release 9 Players

Lucas Neill during the 2014 World Cup, is one of the players to leave

AS Venezia have announced that they have released 9 members of the playing staff, after their contracts came to an end. Some of the 9 players include Lucas Neill, Nicolas Anelka and Antonino Barillà.

The club released this statement upon announcing the news

“AS Venezia regret to announce that the club will not be renewing the contracts of ten players, and therefore will be leaving the club when the contract expires. We wish them all the best on their future endeavours and thank them for being a key part in our clubs maiden season and winning the championship.”

The 9 players that have been released are Carlo Cudicini, Milan Baros, Pantelis Kafes, Marco Rossi, Antonino Barillà, Lucas Neill, Nicolas Anelka, Marco Pisano and Felice Piccolo.

The club also confirmed that Christian Terlizzi had also been released, but then signed another deal with the club, until the end of the season.

In an exclusive interview with the clubs website, he revealed why so many of last season’s players had been released.

“We had to release them because we couldn’t afford their wages while we were considered a Serie B side. The wage cap of £4,800p/w in the division was stopping us from giving the players their demands, and I would have retained a few if given the opportunity. I would like to thank them for their fantastic work last season and I wish them luck for the future.”

Nesta was then asked about his transfer plans, and why the press weren’t allowed inside the clubs training ground.

“We aren’t having the press inside the training ground because we have new signing training with us, but we don’t want to reveal them yet. From tomorrow, we will reveal two signings a day, via the clubs Twitter account. They all are very good players, and improve the quality of the club for Serie A next season. I hope the fans like them as well, and hopefully they will provide memorable moments for the club and the fans next season, just as the ten players that are leaving have done this season.”
Always good to create some space for new players, and most of the players you released weren't even first team quality for a Serie A team like Venezia, so good job on releasing them!
great carrier! good luck for the new season in Serie A
Tallery's avatar Group Tallery
9 yearsEdited

Two Signings Announced

AS Venezia have announced the first two of their eight signings have joined the club during the transfer window. Moi Gómez and Luciano Vietto have both joined the club for a combined fee of £12.25m.

Moi Gómez, the second Spanish national to join the club, has signed from Liga BBVA side Villarreal for a fee of £6.75m. The creative midfielder started his career with Villarreal, but only made one league appearance for the club last season, and has spent most of his career with the B Team. Upon joining ASV, the club released an ‘interview teaser’ on the club’s website.

“I am very happy to be signing for the club. It is a massive step in my career. I am only young, and I am developing, and I feel this is the best place to do that. I will learn a lot here, and play lots of league games. I am very much looking forward to delving in to the Italian culture and learning the language. Italy was a massive factor in making the move, I love the country and I cannot wait to get settled. Nesta was also a massive factor on the move, as at first, I was not keen of leaving Villarreal, as I feel I could have offered a lot there. But he said to me ‘you have the potential, and here is the place to reach it.’ I heard a lot about Venezia and how Nesta was doing, and from that, I knew I could trust him, and I hope to achieve what the fans want of me, and what I want of myself here, and also help the club progress up the table, and maybe one day, qualify for Europe.”

Nesta told the website

“Gómez is a sensational player already. He has bags of potential and I hope he reaches it here. He is a key part of the squad I am building to serve the club for years and will be fantastic. I feel that he and Espinosa will do very well together. Both are young and hopefully play with each other for years to come. He creates a lot, which is what we were missing a lot last season, through the middle. His technique with the ball is brilliant, and so is his passing. I cannot wait for him to play and impress the fans.”

Argentine forward Luciano Vietto also joined the club from Racing Club in his home country for a fee of £5.5m. The twenty year old, who has appeared five times for the U20 Argentina team, and scored 4 goals is rated as a massive prospect in Argentinian football. Starting his career at Argentinian giant Estudiantes, he then after a season signed for Racing Club on a free transfer, where he made 63 league appearances and scored 25 goals, before moving to I Gondolieri.

“I am very happy to be joining this club. To achieve what I want out of my career I had to move to Europe and Venezia gave me that opportunity. I made a name for myself in Argentina, and now I need to do it again here in Italy. I hope that I can score lots of goals and impress the media and fans alike with my performances and be very successful here. I feel I will do well, and lots of Argentinians do well in Italy, and I hope I can do the same. I am looking forward to meeting all the fans here and hopefully we can share some great moments, and goals, together.”

Racing Club interim manager Fabio Radaelli said he was disappointed to lose a player with such potential.

“Luciano has lots of potential, and I think he could have been the player to fire the club back to where it should be, at the top of the table. He possesses great striking abilities, showing that by scoring so many goals at such a tender age. I am sad to lose him.”

Alessandro Nesta was pleased to have signed a player of his quality for a reasonably small fee.

“I think that five million for his services is very good. He has bags of potential and will be a star of world football, and hopefully, he will play for us for a long time. But I cannot guarantee that a big club like Juve or Barça could come knocking with a big fee, and I cannot say we will reject it, and he wants to go, but I know he will perform for the club while he is here at a top level, and I really hope that he will stay for a long time.”

Venezia will reveal two more signings tomorrow, so stay tuned for more news.

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