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[FM14] I Gondolieri - A New Club in Italy

The follow up to mine and ASR's story, a new club takes centre stage in Italy
Started on 13 July 2014 by Tallery
Latest Reply on 10 July 2015 by Aaron
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Very impressive signings!

Venezia Announce another Two Deals

AS Venezia have announced another two signings today, completing deals for Ajax duo Ricardo Kishna and Kenny Tete for a combined fee of £16.7m.

19 year old winger Ricardo Kishna has joined I Gondolieri for a fee of £13m. The Dutch U21 international started his career at ADO Den Haag, before being asked to join Ajax. He never made a first team appearance for De Godenzonen, but was rated highly in an academy that has produced global superstars such as van der Vaart, Sneijder and Huntelaar. He played first team games for Ajax’s youth team last season, making 10 appearances and scoring a goal before being shipped off on loan to Swiss giants Basel, where he made 6 appearances, and again scored a single goal for die Bebbi.

Kishna made it clear he wanted to impress this season and become a fan favourite.

“I came here to impress the fans, and the manager. I want to do well here, because it is a career defining move, if I do not do well, I could end up playing for smaller clubs which is not good, I want to play for the biggest clubs in the world. Venezia might not be a big club at the moment, but I think, if I and all the players perform, we can do well and get that big club name. The club is very ambitious and I like that, it wants to go places. I was impressed with Nesta, he seemed very professional and he knows what he wants, and I had watched Venezia a bit last season, as like in a lot of countries, it was receiving a lot of publicity over in Holland. I think Nesta did very well to get them promoted, and deserves success. I cannot wait to work under him. Also, Kenny is moving with me. I have known him for many years and played in the same team as well for years, and I cannot believe he will be here as well, which will definitely help me settle in. But, I cannot wait to start learning Italian. I loved learning English in school, and I am looking forward to learning a new language and eating lots of pasta here! I just cannot wait to get started!”

Nesta said that Kishna was a player with a lot of potential, and that he hoped he could reach it here.

“Ricardo has immense potential and has the ability to become one of the best in the world. If he works hard and plays well, I have no doubt he can reach the level of Hazard or Draxler, but he has to work. I will support him anyway I can and help him to reach that level. But, he is still a key part of the team now and will play lots, which is important to his development. He will hopefully live up to his price tag as well, as the club played a decent amount of money to get him here. It might sound like I am putting a lot of pressure on him, but the best players need to cope with pressure, it would be bad if he got to the age of 23-24 and was one of the best in the world, and then he didn’t perform, and the press started attacking him, and he couldn’t cope – it would ruin him. So he needs to learn from a young age. Otherwise it would be the beginning of the end.”

The second Dutch player to sign from Ajax was wing back Kenny Tete. The 18 year old moved to Venice for a fee of £3.7m and looks set to play backup for Peruzzi and Biraghi this season. Unlike Kishna, he has played for Ajax for his entire career, and made one first team appearance last season. He played for Jong Ajax twelve times, getting named Player of the Match four times, which seemed to impress Nesta.

“I watched him play a few times live, and I was really impressed. For such a young player, he showed great composure and awareness. He was really solid defensively as well. When he develops, he will be a very good player, solid both defensively and offensively. I reckon he could become one of the best. I am also very happy with the fee we got him for, a player of his potential for just under four million is outstanding. He will be good for us, even now, maybe not playing week in week out, but he will be a very good back up and will learn lots off Cristiano, Giourkas and Gino.”

Tete revealed he hoped to help Venezia to Europe.

“My ambition is to help the club get to Europe. How long it will take, I do not know, but that is why I am here. I feel it is not unachieveable and the squad here is full of quality. When I had the tour round the club, the facilities were all brand new and in tip-top condition. I cannot wait to work around them. I also want to play. Nesta told me the fans here were amazing and that they will love me if I perform when I am called upon, which I want to do. Anywhere you go and do not perform, the fans are going to turn on you, so you need to perform, and I hope I can do that when I play. I know I won’t play often, as I know Biraghi and Peruzzi are in front of me in the pecking order, but that doesn’t mean I won’t, as there are cup games this year as well, and Nesta will have to rotate his team.”

Meanwhile, January signing Jake Sinclair has left the club on a season long loan to Leece, who are in Serie C1/C, the third tier of Italian football.

“I hope I can progress and learn here. The club is great, and I hope I will be ready for Nesta when I return to the club next season. My performances last season were not really that good compared to the rest of the team and I understand why he shipped me out. I hope I can do better this season, and then force my way back into the team at Venezia.”

Leece manager Dino Paglirai said he was a great capture for the club.

“After some tough times in recent seasons, the Scommessopoli scandal and all, the club and the fans deserve something good, a fantastic player that comes under the name of Jake Sinclair. I hope he plays well for us and contributes largely to our promotion push. He is a great player, a good winger. I don’t really understand why Alessandro let him go out on loan, but there could be other things behind it that we don’t know, but he is a real coup and will make a huge impact on our team.”

And make an impact he did, making his debut in the Italian Cup 1st Qualifying Round, which saw Leece face off against Savona. Leece won the game 3-2, with Sinclair scoring a first half hattrick.

After the game, Sinclair told the local newspaper

“I am very pleased with my performance, it could not have gone any better, to be honest. To score a hattrick in any game is special, but to score one on your debut for your new club, while trying to impress the parent club’s manager, is amazing. I just want to play now, play week in, week out, and impress the fans and my managers with my performances.”

Leece next face Latina in the next round of the cup, which Sinclair is now expected to start.
Great images once again!
Oh. My. God! Two great talents irl, especially Kishna!
Your chairman must have a lot of dough to give out! With the team you're building, qualification for a top-half finish is a must ;) :P!
Slid3Tackle's avatar Group Slid3Tackle
9 yearsEdited

Interview with a Legend: Paolo Maldini!

6 months ago, we, La Gazzetta dello Sport, started a new rubric in which we interviewed a former football star but we never expected to have so much success with it! For that we have to thank to you, our readers and as a celebrations for the 6 months since we’ve started this rubric we have a present for interview with former AC Milan and Italy’s superstar: Paolo Maldini!
Paolo played his entire career at AC Milan, gathering a total of 647 matches for the Rossoneri! Paolo also is the recordmem of Italian national squad, as he is the only player to play at 4 World Cups, and 2 times to be the captain of the squad...but enough with the history, let’s move to the actual interview!

R: First of all mister Maldini, I want to thank you for accepting to do an interview for us with the occassion of the 6 months anniversary of the Interview with a Legend section!

P.M.: Actually, I am glad that I was offered this chance! I personally have read every Interview until now and am a big fan of this section!

R: You're flattering us mister...let’s start with a few words from your side and after that I will have some questions for you.

P.M.: Well...what can I say? I doing good, I feel very well with my new job, despite declaring in the past that I don’t want to come back in football on any role, I feel that being a Chief Scout suits me!

R: Glad to have you back where you belong mister! What about your personal life?

P.M.: We’re doing very well! My wife, Adriana Fossa, is supporting me in everything I do and it’s glad to have her beside me! My two sons, Christian and Daniel, are trying to follow their dad and are playing at AC Milan’s youth I am happy!

R: So, you are a Chief Scout now...I think that people don’t really now what that means, and you describe your job a little?

P.M.: Every serious club has a scouting team, formed of a number of scouts. They are the one that are recommending the players that we should sign, they are monitoring players, are attending youth competitions and everything about getting to know a player. But all this scouts have to be lead by someone, someone who is practically the connection between them and the manager / chairman! Someone which gives them lists of players to watch, lists they have from the manager of the club... so this is what I do!

R: Seems to be an interesting job..but why did you choose AS Venezia and not other club? We all expected to see you back at AC Milan...

P.M.: First of all I didn’t have an offer from AC Milan...and second, the manager of this club is Nesta, wright? We were best friends when we played together at AC Milan and we intend to remain like this all our lifes..when he offered me a place in his staff, I couldn’t say no! You always have to help your friends...

R: A seasons has already passed, and it seems that you did a great job, winning Serie B and getting promoted..what’s your opinion of the last season?

P.M.: We have to praise the players and the manager for that amazing season....they are the real stars! We had a tough season, Catania being a very strong team and they put some problems for us..but we managed to outcome them and won the league with 2 points in front of them!

R: How’s your relation with the chairman, Thomas Allery? We don’t know to much about him...

P.M.: We have a very good working relationship! If there would be more people like Tal (that’s how friends call him) the football would be different..he is investing a lot of money in this club and everything you see here, it couldn’t been done without him!

R: I wanted to ask you also about your relation with the manager..but you’ve already answer that question earlier. So let’s talk about the transfers...what do you think about all the players that joined the club?

P.M.: Haha! It’s you think that I could say anything bad about the signings?! I am the one that presents the players to the manager and chairman, and if a players is signed is because I stated that he is good! So if do you still want an answer: I am very happy with our transfers!

R: Thomas Allery is one of the members of the board of the new created club of San Francisco Phoenix in USA. What’s your opinion about this link created between AS Venezia an the American club?

P.M.: I think that this is a very good thing for us! The football, or as they call it, the soccer in USA has evolved a lot in the last few years and it’s still evolving! It will raise our club’s profile across the sea and we will be able to sign American good players more easily!

R: There are rumours that linked you with the managerial position at this club..will you be named the manager of San Francisco Phoenix?

P.M.: This is a stupid rumour invented by a stupid man...I declared hundreds of times that I am not interested in becoming a manager! Why people can’t get over it?!

R: Mister Maldini, thank you very much for your time and for answering that questions! We, Gazzeta dello Sport wish you all the luck at your club!
really nice update man, well written, and awesome detail! keep it up! :D
god I love Maldini!
Nice, detailed update! And good job on having Maldini on board, real legend!
Nice update man, quite cool to get an insight as to what's going on inside the club from other staff members other than the manager :P

New Crest and Player Unveiled

AS Venezia today announced the signing of Diego Reyes alongside the unveiling of the new crest, to be used from next season onwards.

Mexican Diego Reyes is the clubs final signing this window

Mexican international Diego Reyes has signed from Portuguese Giant FC Porto for a fee of £14.25m. The 9 capped player started his career in his home country in 2009, with CF América, and made 83 league appearances in 4 years, before being snapped up by Porto. He lasted just a season in Lisbon, playing 27 league games and scoring 2 goals, before moving to Italy. He is primarily a defensive midfielder, who likes to sit back and prevent attacks, but can fill in as a centre back if needed, and also can be pushed higher up the park, into central midfield.

Upon joining the club, Reyes announced plans to cement himself on the European stage.

“My ambition is very simple, to get my name on the European stage. But to do that, I have to be playing in a big league, which Italy certainly has. Portugal is big, but people start to take notice when you play in Italy, as it is covered more across the globe. I also need to impress, I need to play well. That is when people take notice of you and say “he is alright” and then start paying more attention. Venezia offer me that opportunity. I feel I can achieve that here. I am surrounded by legends in Maldini and Nesta, who had the same ambitions as me once, when they were my age, and players with ambition. We can go far as a group, and hopefully win things. Getting into Europe would be great, and I believe we are not far off, but this season, we have to avoid relegation to be able to push for Europe. Avoiding relegation is our aim for this season.”

Reyes, who captained his country briefly, after Rafael Marquez went off injured in a game against South Korea, has pleased manager Alessandro Nesta by signing for the club.

“Out of all the deals, this was the hardest to complete. Diego did not want to join originally, and I thought the deal was dead. But I, Paolo and Tal worked hard to persuade him. It took weeks, but I am glad that he joined us, he is a quality player. He is what we missed last season, a proper anchor man. Bottone did a great job, don’t get me wrong, but he is not Serie A quality. Therefore we bring in Diego. He is part of Mexico’s ‘golden generation’, which shows he has great potential, and to captain you country at twenty-one is a remarkable achievement. His tackling is also very good for such a young player and will develop into a star. I cannot wait to see him play in Venezia colours, it will be a huge moment for the club. The only downside of the deal is release clauses. Unfortunately, his agent – Raúl Vera - wanted it in the deal, and I am not sure why, but hopefully, it won’t come to a club wanting to activate it.”

Alongside the unveiling of Reyes, the club also revealed a new crest, to be used from next season.

The clubs new crest

President Thomas Allery explained the reasoning of the new crest, with the current one only being in use for two seasons.

“In my opinion, the current one was not powerful enough, it did not send out a statement “this is AS Venezia”. As much as I liked the last one, this expresses the club better, and it is modern, simple and professional, which I like. Also, it follows the same mould of the San Francisco crest, which makes them more marketable together, and shows that the two clubs have links, which they certainly do. I just love the new one, and was actually designed by a fan, and it was sent in. When the email team showed me it, I said that is our new crest. I hadn’t responded to the fan, but now he will be happy. I will get in touch soon.”

The new crest, which is a circular design, has Venice’s most famous bridge, the Rialto Bridge, across the middle, with AS Venezia written across the top and a star on the bottom to represent last season’s Serie B win and will be added to when league titles are won.

Nesta said he liked the stylish design.

“I like it. It is simple. It is effective, and as Tal said, it sends out a message. The fact one of our fans designed it is incredible, and it shows that the fans put in time and effort into the club, and makes me even prouder to be manager.”

The fans have reacted to the new crest well, with the official supporters group saying it was “a nice design and made it easier to recognise the club.”

The club are not expected to announce anymore major news this summer, but still be continued to be linked to big names by the Italian press.
First time I've read this story. Very detailed, going to keep up with this one :)
Brilliant signing in Diego Reyes, one of my favourite's personally. Really nice badge as well. I really like the connection to the American club :P .

Very nice new crest and a great update!
I love the badge mate! Classy and easy on the eye. A story with really great graphics and updates.

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