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[FM14] I Gondolieri - A New Club in Italy

The follow up to mine and ASR's story, a new club takes centre stage in Italy
Started on 13 July 2014 by Tallery
Latest Reply on 10 July 2015 by Aaron
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Hopefully you can bring in some top signings in January, how long is Giourkas out for though? :/
2014-07-23 18:41#185933 Justice : Hopefully you can bring in some top signings in January, how long is Giourkas out for though? :/

5 weeks
Fantastic that the team is still unbeaten, keep up this form and promotion is in the offing!! :)
Keep up the great work :D

Roberto Cardinale Is On His Way

Cardinale holding his child, whilst playing at Avellio

Alessandro Nesta has announced that defender Roberto Cardinale wants to leave the club.

The 32 year old had an urgent meeting with the manager after he told his teammates during the last training session. It is thought that he is not content with the playing time he gets. Since moving to AS Venezia, he has made no appearances for the club. He currently trains with the Reserve squad, along with Marco Rossi and new youth signing Francesco Grazioso.

“He told the teammates today during the daily training session run by the assistant [Antonio Aloisi]. The assistant then came and told me, so I called him for an urgent meeting, in which we discussed the problem and possible solutions in a professional manner.”

said Nesta in his weekly press conference.

“I would like to thank Roberto for the contributions he has made at the club, and I wish him the best for the future, wherever that might be.”

This is the first kind of player unhappiness at the club, which was formed at the beginning of the season, and it was wondered how the club would handle it. Many supporters and journalists are impressed by the “professionalism” that the club has shown.

Roberto Cardinale started his career at Salernitana in 1998. He joined I Gondolieri after three seasons with league rivals Avellino.

It is not sure what clubs will come in for the quickly-aging centre back, but one thing is certain, a transfer will take place.
Unhappy players are always a hassle, better off without them imo. Let's hope you can get rid of him.

Nesta Signs On

Today, AS Venezia has announced that manager Alessandro Nesta has signed a new deal with the club. Club President Thomas Allery started negotiations two days ago, it has been reported.

The new deal, will see Nesta stay on to 2015, a one-year extension on his old deal. It is reported that Nesta will earn £4,800 per week. He had six-months remaining on his previous deal, which was due to end this summer.

President Thomas Allery released this statement

“I am very happy that Alessandro has agreed to stay with the club for another season. I know that other big clubs are monitoring his situation at the club and for him to sign a new deal is fantastic, and shows that he is not interested in joining those clubs. He is a great professional, and is always up for negotiation and that is why it was so easy for us to agree a deal.”

The former AC Milan defender, from the capital, Rome is also delighted at signing the new deal.

“I love this club very much and I hope that I can stay here for a long time. The deal shows that Mr. Allery wants me at the club, and isn’t looking to replace me. I will stay as long as he needs me here, and I want to lead the club to glory. My mission at the moment is to get us up a division, and to stay there. I feel that we can do this, and I am delighted that Mr. Allery believes that I am the one to do that.”

It is the 78 capped defender’s first non-playing role, which he has held since retiring from playing football.
Congrats on the new contract! Mr. Allery seems like a nice enough president ;)
Tallery's avatar Group Tallery
9 yearsEdited

Nesta’s Press Conference

Hello, and welcome to the press conference. We shall begin now.

Hello people, who is ready to ask some questions?

Do you think your team can finish first this year?

Yes, definitely. The form we are in is great and if we manage to keep it up, there is no reason why we can’t go on to finish first, but it vital we win the games against the big, strong sides, because getting three points out of those games are the points that matter, as they win you trophies

Which three teams do you think are going to promote to Serie A?

Us, if we continue like we are. Catania, because they were unbeaten until we beat them, and also haven’t lost a game since. They are a very good side as well, have a great attack and a very strong, solid defence that is hard to break down. And, going up through the play-offs will probably be Bologna, who had second place rapped up until recently, and they are a very good side, just like Catania are very good. But it is tight, very tight, it is really impossible to know.

Your squad is pretty old, are you planning on getting younger players into the squad as well?

Hopefully, yes. To become stronger, you have to improve at every chance you get. So I will try and improve, and especially focus on younger players. The league registration rules are forbidding us for registering anymore older players, so we have to bring in players under the age of twenty-one, otherwise they would not be able to play. The team is still weak, and we are doing well to be where we are at the moment.

Just how pleased are you with AS Venezia's form at the moment?

As you can probably tell, I am very pleased, and it was completely unexpected. I had the expectation at the start of the season to stay in the league. When we lost to Siena in the first game, I thought that was about right. But know, we can win the league. I have won many titles, so I know how to do it, and I believe that we can.

How is the atmosphere in your team at the moment?

The atmosphere is very good. Everyone is one, which I think is why we are doing so well. One broken part in the team can make it go downhill.

What do you make of the ambitions of the club?

The ambition is the same ambition of any team. To win the league, get promoted, and then stay up the next season. But I am making it higher. We will win the Champions League. That is the ambition. Mr. Allery asked me about the ambitions when we talking about the job. I said “we will win the Champions League”, and therefore, the promotion is one small step on a large staircase.

What are you planning to do about your unhappy player Roberto Cardinale?

When a club gives us an offer, we will look at it closely, but we aren’t afraid to reject an offer. Not because of the money, but what is right for him. If I and Mr. Allery and Paolo [Maldini] do not think it is right for him, we will reject. If we do not get any offers, then I will release him, as then he will find a club easily. All I want is for him to be playing first team football, which, unfortunately, he could not get here.

Where do you aim to strengthen your team in the winter?

Striker. We lack a back-up striker. If one of our strikers get injured, it means there is no solid back up, which is a problem, as it means we can only play one up top, which might not be appropriate for the team we are playing against, which means that the result will be harder to get.

Any more questions? No, OK then, thank you all for coming

Thanks, I have really enjoyed answering your questions today, and I hope you make a good story out of them!
Great update man :)
Nice to see you signing an extension :)
great update; really well written and the formatting was awesome too - great read!
Fantastic update!
With all those photoshop skills you have, surely you could have got a picture of him behind the microphones ;) Good press-conference anyway!
2014-07-24 20:21#186153 Justice : With all those photoshop skills you have, surely you could have got a picture of him behind the microphones ;) Good press-conference anyway!

I couldn't be bothered ;)

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