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Buckinghamshire Bisons: A Club of Crime, Conspiracy and Dishonesty

You may remember me. I used to manage Oxford until Gareth Pack came along. He wanted me to join his new club. But Danny Rose got in the way. It's all sorted now, though. And what a good season it should be.
Started on 15 July 2014 by OUFC2k14
Latest Reply on 22 July 2014 by OUFC2k14
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Bishops Stortford 0 – 2 Bucks Bisons
A strong performance all round gave Bucks Bisons 3 points in today’s match; anything less than a win would have been unacceptable against 20th placed Bishops Stortford. The game got off to a good start with the Bisons applying pressure and, on the 32nd minute, Nathan Eccleston put them ahead with a calmly take one on one. Central defender Shelton Martis doubled the lead later on, scrambling a near-post corner over the line.
Eccleston – 32
Martis – 54

Bucks Bisons 3 – 0 Eastbourne
The Bisons recorded a solid 3-0 victory over Eastbourne Boro. The highlight of the game for us, though, was an outstanding performance from Neil Etheridge between the Bucks sticks. He was called upon a number of time and never failed to provide, pulling out some world class stops. Hopper and McKenna created a 2-0 lead but, on the 89th minute, Steven Purches scored a great goal, his first from the club. He sent an outswinging corner into the box and, somehow, it managed to beat everyone and find its way to the back of the net.
Hopper – 25
McKenna – 70
Purches – 89

Bucks Bisons 5 – 3 Sutton Utd
Showing true fighting spirit, Bucks came back from 3-1 down to beat the U’s by two goals. It was clear things were not working at the start, as the Bisons were unable to penetrate the Sutton back line and, thanks to a magnificent debut hat-trick from Cosgrove, Sutton took their chances excellently. When the approach was changed, though, the Bucks Bisons soon got the crowd behind them once more and they salvaged not just the 3 points, but also an impressive victory.
Brown – OG 59
Eccleston - 65, 89
Gittings – 74
Daniel – 84
2014-07-16 18:25#184646 AaronHJFT96 : This is a great start! Nice to see Eccleston performing well, even if it is at such a low level. Miss him at Liverpool, I always thought he could be a great player!

Cheers :)

He practically runs the team. I'd love to see him come to Oxford in real life, but even with our newly-found contacts, it feels a step down too much... I hope he finds a new club soon though..
Ooh, 5-3! What a match that must've been!
Good match ! Marchant goals and that's good! You victories to a good score!
Good luck !
What a game and some other really good results
Some great results there! Your story is great, keep it up!
Cheers guys :) Much appreciated...
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A Reluctant Amicable Agreement

I was sat, now, in the presence of two of the most wanted organised crime leaders in the world. Gareth was to my side, and there were two security guards on the other side of the door, in addition to the unusually male secretary typing away in the corner. When it comes to crime, men are much more trustworthy than women. They don’t crack as easily; are rarely swayed because of sexual encounters and, on the whole, get the job done without asking any questions. That isn’t to say that women have no place in crime, they do. A big place. But it’s important to understand that it is in a completely different quantity: women provide logical thinking, an ability to argue any point and, I quote Gareth now, ‘a bloody good sandwich’.

Anyway… the man to the left of the table was Jose Martono. That was his real name, I was one of the few people to know it; he is generally known as Pedro. He wore a thin-striped tailored grey suit, accompanied with a tri-colour tie, alternating from a thick silver line to a thin ruby red trim and this repeated every few cm’s, on a deep black background. To my right, the figure below. You may recognise him already; but for those of you not familiar with the world of crime, it's Sun-ko Ping.

I assume he’d chosen it for the occasion. It was, I decided, a football tie. Not the sort of thing you’d expect at this club, but any red-coloured counterpart. Maybe Bucks Bisons weren’t the only club involved… was the Bison Project just a side branch? Surely not. There was no way even this could be on a bigger scale. Or was there…It was a worldwide operation. Contacts around the globe. This might not even be a big part. It could be a whole lot bigger; a whole lot worse.

I must have spent a minute or two, sitting, staring at the fields outside the window, considering all the possibilities. An awkwardly long 1 or 2 minutes, as well. When I eventually became conscious of the 8 individual eyes staring back at me, I figured that it was my turn to speak, what about, though, I was unsure.
This is brilliant so far! Keep it up!

Ebsfleet 0 – 2 Bucks Bisons
When he scores one, he scores two, say Bucks Bisons’ fans, about star loanee Nathan Eccleston; today was no different. After withstanding couple of Ebsfleet attacks, the Bisons progressed up the pitch and managed to find the back of the net, courtesy of Tom Hopper. The Bisons then sat back slightly, but broke quickly whilst in possession gifting Eccleston with two breakaway goals which he finished exquisitely.
Hopper – 42
Eccleston – 81, 87

Bucks Bisons 0 – 0 Boreham Wood
The Bisons will be very disappointed with their performance earlier today as the failed to score against Boreham ood. Despite multiple chances, the Bisons were unable to find the back of the net and a lot of the waste came from on loan – and usually clinical Nathan Eccleston. His mind clearly wasn’t with it today, as he squandered his chances on multiple occasions and I’m sure he’ll now look to bounce back immediately.

Chelmsford 1 – 4 Bucks Bisons
Showing his class and ability, Bucks striker Eccleston bagged himself a hat-trick today, after an apparent change in playing style from the Bisons manager. Switching Tom Hopper from a ‘Shadow Striker’ to a play maker, allowed Eccleston much more breathing space and many more chances. He took full advantage of this, finishing off his chances wonderfully.

Eccleston – 37, 42, 45
Daniel – 75

Disaster No.1

The meeting was, to say the least, eventful. Entirely informative and useful, though. I was given a low-down on the Danny Rose case, they explained in further detail that a few more trialists had been added to the list and, most importantly, we discussed the transition of our training ground into a trial/testing centre. I wasn’t happy about these changes, but I’m not yet in a position to doubt them.

Maybe in a couple of months or so, maybe then I’ll be at liberty to raise an issue or two but, for now, if I mentioned anything, I wouldn’t only be putting my life in danger, but Lauren’s too. And I couldn’t cope with that. I know it sounds bad, but that’s how these kinds of people operate. Humans are objects, chess pieces, on this earth to be manipulated, twisted, and deformed until those in charge get what they want. Organised crime wouldn’t exist without them.

It appeared that Danny had settled down well. He was playing for Achilles’29 and they seemed like a decent outfit as well. It was important to me that he was happy. I hadn’t really wanted him to be in this position, but his inquisitive and questioning spirit got him to where he is today. My biggest challenge was to stay objective , regardless of his status, I had to keep my mind on the task at hand… I wasn’t doing a bad job so far.
As I mentioned earlier, they’re thinking about developing the training site into a test and training facility. That’s fine. As long as they want to be caught. This is a worldwide organisation. They own more land than the top 10 agriculatural businesses in the world. Put together. I see where they’re coming from, keeping the whole community with one another, but they seem to fail to understand the implications…

That amount of extra traffic will not go unnoticed by the authorities; and when people start asking questions, so does everybody else. I’m not talking about members of the public… well, yes them too, but primarily the players at Bucks Bisons. There is no way we can keep the whole facility out of the eye range of my players and most certainly not earshot. I suppose we could make up some excuse, a new landfill site nearby, but ultimately, the constant rattling of machine gun fire will be exposed for exactly what it is.

And this means people start talking. To each other, at first. Then to their friends, family, and eventually the police. The police will then make their checks, our team will do everything we can to slow them down; but the end result is inevitable. We might not be captured; the leaders will definitely leave the country, for Gareth and me, however, I’d say chances of freedom would stand about 30%.

There are so many other places we can keep the centre. Our training ground can’t be one of them. I wish I had the guts to offer resistance. Or do I? If I did, I’d be dead right now.
Some great, well written updates here!
tallery1164: Cheers :)
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The FA Trophy Draw

The draw for the English FA Trophy 3rd qualifying round drew Buckinghamshire Bisons against divsionless Chorley. Chorley are a strong northern side but the Bisons will probably put out a weakened team against the magpies, still expecting a comfortable win.

Buckinghamshire Bisons V Chorley

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Arrest of Bisons Boss 'an Aberration' says Pack

Earlier today, BBC Oxford caught wind of the arrest of Adam Woodage, currently manager of Bucks Bisons. It is believed he has been taken in for question with regard to MISA - a leading organised crime syndicate.

It is unclear yet how substantial the allegations against Mr. Woodage are, but it appears that his club have given him their full backing. This is rather unusual under the circumstances as Woodage is a relatively new manager; many had assumed that the club would make no comment, at least for now.

A spokesperson from the Thames Valley Police Force today gave the following statement:

'We can confirm that we have arrested Adam Woodage today on suspicion of a number of different offences. These include conspiring to harbor an absconded prisoner, the illegal possession of a fire arm and substantial money laundering.

Mr. Woodage has refused his right to a lawyer. As this is a case of large public interest, we urge members of the public to come forward with any information they may have but we unconditionally do not condone nuisance or prank calls, and we will be dealing with matters in this light firmly.

Thank you very much, we will continue to update you with more information as and when it is appropriate.'

There have been a couple of individuals who have linked today's arrest with the strange events regarding the disappearance of Danny Rose, but Woodage's agent thoroughly denies this, claiming that it was an 'unfortunate coincidence'.

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