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VFB Speldorf - A club on the rise!

Started on 2 August 2014 by TaroMisaki
Latest Reply on 9 August 2014 by TaroMisaki
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VFB Speldorf - A club on the rise!

VFB Speldorf is a club who is currently playing in the german Niederrheinliga and ended last season on the 11th place. Speldorf is a club in Mülheim an der Ruhr and has some big clubs in our near region, such as MSV Duisburg in the 3.Liga, 2.Bundesliga club VFL Bochum or Bundesliga clubs Dortmund or Schalke!
The biggest succes for Speldorf was the win of the Niederrheinpokal against Rot-Weiß Essen in 2008/09, which secured the team the qualification for the first round of the DFB-Pokal the season after.

The Stadium

VFB Speldorf plays in the Ruhrstadion, which has place for around 2500 people. The stadium had a hugh make over in the year 10/11 and has now a more modern look.

The squad

The squad isn't that hugh, but we can't afford to sign that much new players. The wage budget allows us only to spend 35k/year!
We want to build on our youth in order to stay financialy healthy.

Our goals

We want to rise from a semi-professional team to a professional team really soon.
We want to get to the 3. Liga as soon as possible, but it will be a hard task with the money we have. We are now in the 5th tier and we surely need a couple of years for that.
Some players from the hugh clubs in our area such as Dortmund, Duisburg or Schalke may miss some talents, which we really want to bring into our squad!
Maybe we can get into the DFB-Pokal once in a while, that would be amazing!
Maybe some friendlies against the high profiled teams can bring in some money into the clubs bank!

Pre-Season Update


We were able to sign two young talents for our squad, and we had loads of opponents for them, as they had both over 30 clubs, who wanted to sign them.
A loads of talks with them finally convinced them to sign a contract with ous

Both players are unavailable right now, because they're too young and need to gain their 16th birthday, before they area allowed to play.


We were really surprised by our Pre-Season form, as we played against a few higher reputated clubs, such as Ahlen and Meppen and we didn't lose against them, also pleasing to see was that we gained back 3 goals against Hamborn.

I want an affiliation!

As we are short of players right now, I tried to loan a few players, but not one of them wanted to play for such a low leagued team!
I tried a lot to convince them, but it didn't work.

Therefore I had a talk with our Chairman Felix Kaiser, that I want him to find a club which could send players from their U19 squad or 2nd squad to us to gain some match experience.
I gave Kaiser a list of teams which could be interested in an affiliation!
1. Borussia Mönchengladbach
2. MSV Duisburg
3. VFL Bochum
4. FC Schalke 04
5. Borussia Dortmund

August Update


The start in the first game was not that good, after receiving an early red card in the 11th minute, but we dealt with that in an awesome way by scoring the lead in the first half. We weren't able to bring that home and only got a point out of the match.
The second game was a deserved win. A good way to start the season with 4 points out of 2 games.
The third and fourth game were not exactly like we wished it would go as we lost both of them.


The table standings are not saying too much right now, as we only played 4 games and the top of the table and the end of the table are only a win away from each other!

September Update


Well that was not what we hoped for! Not one win was brought home this month and at least we got points out of the last 2 matches, we can build on that!
We are looking to keep the unbeaten run, but we will surely try to end the run with games without a win which is too long by now (6 games)!
3 loses in a row and 3 draws in a row. Hopefully it will go on with 3 wins in a row!


At least we are still above the relegation places, but it is a very close call , as we are only one point above the 20th and last place!
It will be a though campaign, if we don't step up in our game performance!
At least a lot teams seem to struggle a little bit and there are 7 teams in between 2 points at the end of the table!

VFB Speldorf fans riot!

After the last few disappointing performances the Speldorf supporters are really angered about their Manager. The Chairman Felix Kaiser said that in October they need to step up, otherwise he has to do something.

Speldorf had been on a not winning run of 6 consecutive games and there is something to be done.
The Manager claimed that we are working night and day to step up in our performances.

Speldorf Managers wife angered!

Rumors say that the family of the new Speldorf Manager Zimmermann is angered about his work at Speldorf, as he is spending all of his time working to build something special. The family seems to feel that he is "losing the connection to us and only focuses on his work in Speldorf and totally forgets his family" said our source.

October Update


After the game against Homburg, which we lost 1:2 the Chairman Felix Kaiser said to me that i would be sacked, if I couldn't lead the team to a win in the next game! The game against Rot-Weiß Essen II really got on my nerves, as it would be all or nothing for me and the Team delieverd! We won 3:0 and we could've even won much higher! The next game against Hilden saw our team were we was before, we dominatet the game, but the opponent scored 2 out of 2 shots and we only scored 1 out of 17! That's not OK! The Team got that better against a top team, such as Hiesfeld and we won 3:1, but we need to make some better home performances!


We steppped a little bit up positionwise, but we are still only 3 points ahead of the last place and need to grow that difference between us and the relegation places! The relegation could be a real thriller, as the 9th place is only 6 points ahead of the last place!

November Update


10 points out of 5 games, that's what we are capable of! We seem to find our form and now we need to remain that one!
A win against the great MSV Duisburg, our big neighbor, even if it only was the reserve squad, but that could raise our fan basis!


We climb and climb! I'm afraid that we won't climb a lot from here on, the first three teams are too far away espacially Wuppertal and I think that Wuppertal seems to go into the only playoff place.
Place 4 is the highest we can achieve, as far as I'm concerned, but we are now a 9 points clear of the relegation places and we can now aim to get a better place than last year (11th) and this could be a succesful first season for me in charge!
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End of the Year Review


A though months for us, as we played against the first (Wuppertal), second (SW Essen) and fourth (Baumberg) placed team! The game against RW Oberhausen II was really dissapointing, as they had lost 6 games in a row before playing against us and my team seemed to take this game very easily and didn't seem to be focused at all.
3 points in a month is not enough for what I want to achieve!


12th place, but we can fight up for the 4th place, if everything went according to plan! The relegation places are 10 points behind us and it is unlikely that we struggle that much in the last half year, that we drop into the relegation zone again!

Player of the year

Miles Adeoye

Miles Adeoye is our right winger, 21 years old, who played 19 games this season and scored incredible 9 times and assisted 3 other goals.
Adeoye gained 4 times the player of the Match award.

VFB Speldorf fans get warm with Manager!

After the first three months the VFB Speldorf supporters wanted him to leave, but he was persistand and wanted to build something and he stand by what he said.
Now another three months later the team is fighting for the 4th place and the fans seem to be happy with Zimmermanns' achievements!
The team brings the tactics finally on the pitch and the pass ratio is getting better and better and their one of the best teams in the Niederrheinliga at the moment!

January Update


9 Points this month, I'm happy about that, even though the loss against Hö/Nie was not deserved as we were the dominant team! But wins against Kapellen-Erft and FC Kray were good, as both teams are contenders for us and our goal to get a Top10 place.
This goal was set at the End of December, as we're in the pack who is fighting for the 4th place!


7th right now and the 4th place is only a win away, but the 14th place is only 4 points away! It's a really close pack of 11 Teams fighting for the 4th place and all of them are only seperated by 7 points!
The Playoff place can claim only 3 Teams, as they're far away from the 4th place. Hiesfeld, Wuppertal and SW Essen are really giving all to win this battle for the 1st place!
In the relegation zone Wesel-Lackhausen are some way behind (8 points and 3 Goals) the 18th place, which is necesarry to stay in the Niederrheinliga.
Great improvemt in the league mate! Keep up the good work :P
Radders2109 thanks mate. I'm doing my best to impove the team!

February Update


Another good month, we found ourselves and keep getting good performances! Sadly we lost against Homburg a team which is fighting with us for a Top10 place!
If we remain that form until the end of the season, I'm very positive that we can achieve our goals (Board: Safe midtable position; Mine: A Top10 place)!


8 games are up to play and 24 points are still in the contemption! We only need one wind to secure that we remain in the Niederrheinliga, I'm very proud of that and what this team achieved!
I'm very ambitous and want to get a very high league place, to make this team more attractive for some players!

March Update


Every single game was lost! That's unaccaptable! I made this perfectly clear to the team, that we have other expactations to fulfill. We just won the fans again back to cheer for us and now this, I'm totally dissapointed from what happend this month!


Where could we have been, if we didn't lost all matches? We could've fight with Kray for the 4th place, but now the 4th place is not something we can achieve, if everything is good we could go for the 5th or 6th place, which is still good enough, but we could've gone for more, if we were concentrate enough in the last matches!

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