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FMScout Interactive Story

Started on 2 September 2014 by Trop
Latest Reply on 10 September 2014 by InvertedWingbacks
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Recently I've found myself brainstorming for a creative, interesting idea for a story. I had little success, as almost all types of story have been done on FM14. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a story where something similar has been done before, e.g. building up a lower league team and progressing through the leagues. However, when I tried to do so (for example, with me Leicester story) I find myself unmotivated as we're almost at the end of FM14, I'd rather wait until FM15 to start such a story.

So I thought an interactive story would be a great way to not only compose an interesting story, but get a few members of FMScout involved in something together before FM14 comes to a close (besides the chairman games).

How will it work? - I will manage a club, and try to build them up to be as successful as possible. FMScout users will decide what happens at the club, and I take care of tactics, staff etc (they'll be the directors). A list of people taking part will be created, every time a situation occurs the next person on the list will be asked (the order of the list will be drawn at random). When some sort of decision has to be made in the save you'll be given a number of options, e.g. who to sell, whether we should sign a new player or upgrade youth facilities etc, and when it's your turn you just pick one of the options and give a reason why. The options will be different every time, just depends on what needs done at the club. That's it really. Pretty easy to understand right?

Of what style will the updates be? I will be posting updates like a regular story, how the team is progressing, results etc. When a scenario occurs where a decision has to be made, I will post a preview of the situation and what the options are. The person making the decision will remain anonymous until their decision has been posted. There will then be an update on the choice made, and the person who made it and their reasons for doing so will be revealed. Then if the other directors wish to they can discuss the decision and give feedback on how they feel about it.

(Yet to come up with a title and a banner as of course a club hasn't been decided on. We'll be voting on which club we manage as soon as the directors are decided. Beginning with country, then league, and then of course club.)

Well, it's not much of an application... Just let me know you want to take part, whether it be via the comments, PM or PC.

Rules (must read):
- If someone chooses to sign a player, they must play a minimum of 25 games per season unless they are injured or sold.
- The director chosen to make the next decision must not reveal their choice, or that it's their turn, until it is announced on the story.
- Directors must reply within six hours. If they don't, they'll miss their turn and I'll move on to ask the next in line.
- If you're making a signing, I will send you the save, then you must add a manager as our team and find out the asking price for the player rather than going by their value by getting a scout report on them. As of course, I can only sign them if I'm actually able to. It's not like a chairman game where you can sign anyone as long as you pay twice the value.
- You will have six hours to reply when asked for a decision on something, if you don't reply you will miss your turn.
- You must give a reason to back-up your decision.
- New directors can join at the beginning/end of every season.
- Votes for group decisions e.g. whether we sell our best player or not, or if we use our whole budget one player (the major decisions basically), will last 2 hours. Waiting for everyone to reply can take days, so I've went for a short time so I can get the updates out quicker. Sometimes you won't be able to reply, so you've got to have faith in your fellow directors to make the right decision!
- If a group decision is released within 12 hours, it is because there were so many votes for the same option, the remaining votes wouldn't affect the outcome. So don't get angry because you think I didn't give you the time to vote.
- There is a limit of 20 directors at a given time, so that directors don't have to wait too long for their say.

*Important* To answer group decision and single director decisions, two and six hours and always the deadlines, only if I'm only at the time. Once the time is up, the deadline will be extended until I'm back online. So don't feel like there is no point in replying with your answer once the time is supposedly up, because it may not be!

The Journey:
It's pretty simple really - we will be choosing a country, then league (it cannot be the top division), then a club to manage. Together doing our best to take them to glory. I'll be taking care of the reasonably easy job of choosing tactics, team talks etc, the directors will be doing the harder tasks. Whether it be choosing between signing that key man, keeping our money, signing a lower cost player, talking to the board for an increased transfer budget or better youth facilities, and much more...
So, once a club is decided, the updates will be flowing. Hope you all have a great time reading!
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I am interested.
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@Zed Of course you're in! You PM'd me saying so. I ekpt track of anyone who PC or PM'd me saying so as well, not just who commented :)
2014-09-02 15:24#192918 Trop : @Zed Of course you're in! You PM'd me saying so. I ekpt track of anyone who PC or PM'd me saying so as well, not just who commented :)
Ok that's nice, I was worried for a sec :P
Looking forward to this!

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